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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys, I just picked up my S15 on Saturday . I've been waiting weeks and weeks through the whole importing process but it's finally in my hands! I bought some JJR weather shields (as I read some good reviews in these forums) from Just Jap and tried to fit them on but to no avail. It seems that the double sided tape it comes with did not stick down properly for me. I have tried the following: Made sure the rubber door seal surface was cleaned prior to applying the weather shield and tape Looked in bunnings, autobahn and super cheap auto for alternative tape however there was nothing strong enough for outdoor, weatherproof and automotive mounting Went to a panel beater who told me they could try but advised me not to waste my money as the weather shields would end up coming off I ended up buying this heavy duty Tarzan's Grip mounting tape however it isn't low profile and the orange tint can be seen through the weather shield I wanted to double check some things: Is the weather shield supposed to be mounted on the rubber door seal? Should I try to exchange my part with a new one from Just Jap? Am I better off sourcing the OEM weather shields? Do they mount differently? Do they use brackets? Does anyone have any suggestions? Or has anyone experienced this issue and resolved it?
  2. Okay so I'm sorry if this is stupid and doesn't belong here but I really don't know where to go next. I live in Adelaide and I am really craving a pair of S13 brick style headlights but can't seem to find them anywhere. If anyone has bought them self a pair and could tell me where from or anyone who has some for sale that would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  3. Did a DIY Head light restoration the other day. I tried to put this in the bodywork DIY section. It wouldnt let so hopefully a Mod can move this,I take no responsibility if you decide to copy me. BEFORE - The ugly yellow tinge. AFTER 1. Bought this at Repco. $40. Pretty expensive but it came with enough stuff to do a couple cars. Only things its missing is maybe a disposable rag. Ill explain its use further on. 2. Use the paper and tape provided to mask up the surroundings of the headlights. Dont skimp on this, in retrospect my prep work could of been better. It be good it you got that extra wide masking tape. Outline the whole thing with it. 3. Once the tape is all done, sand it down with the sanding block. This is to remove the top layer of crap. Its not too rough, just enough. 4. It should look like this. You are probably thinking WTF. It looks even worse. You can see the top layer turning into yellow dust. 5. Oh dear god what have I done ... 6. Use some 600 grit sand paper. To smooth it all out. I wet mine so it didnt gum up. When you think you are done, get a wet rag and wipe it all over. Once it dries run your palm over it. It should be smooth. If its rough, or some parts look untouched, do it again. 7. Should look kinda like this now, after your done with application of the 600 grit. Wipe over it with a wet rag, paper towel thing and that sticky cloth thing. Make sure there are is no contaminants on the surface. 8. Now apply a layer of the Repco UV sealant. Shake it up for about 1 min. On the box its says 2-3 mins. Then spray a puff into the air, to make sure its good to go, I stuffed mine up a bit cause I didnt do this. Apply a 'dry' layer. Which is pretty much a thin layer. Dont let it get runny. Spray from one side to the other not back and forwards. Best technique IMO. 9. Wait 3 mins. Put your phone on stopwatch and do it again. Decent layer this time. But dont go over the top. Less is still better. 10. After the second application wait 5 mins should look like this now. I did one more layer just to because I could. The lights look real good now.The sealant should come on with kind of like a wrinkle paint texture. You may still see blemishes on the headlight. Thats on the inside. Took me about an hour to do maybe? Soon as I woke up drove to repco bought it, had some breakfast, then did this. Also got some mother's wash and wax and a repco chamois. There's a sale on.
  4. Hey guys. So my car has heated side mirrors and one has a crack in the mirror. Now ive pulled it off and taken it apart, and in the process destroyed the mirror. Now my question is where would i get a replacement for it? Would nissan be able to provide the mirror only with the heater pad? Ive managed to scrape the heater pad off the old mirror and its in fine condition, could i just get a non-heated mirror and stick the pad to the back of it? If so what type of glue would people recommend? Would prefer to keep the heated option instead of replace it with a standard side mirror.
  5. I just bought a Nissan Silvia s13 and I was driving back from Brisbane and the auto gearbox shit itself so I'm looking at making it a manual.so I was wonderin if anyone on here has done one before or who knows anyone who would be intrested In doing a manual conversion and how much I'm looking at for parts + labour If close to Maroubra would be good
  6. Hey guys. So ive got a set of rims that came covered in white paint. The paint is absolutely terrible, full of hairline cracks and going yellow. My plan was to use a paint stripper to strip the paint back and the sand and repaint (this was just a temporary plan as i wanted to get them powder coated in the near future). So i went at it today and i was able to use a plastic scraper and slowly chip away the paint to reveal the original factory paint work below in perfect condition. My question is there an easier way to remove the paint without damaging the factory paint below and not have to sit there for hours chipping away at it?
  7. While driving my car home the other night i hit a road work patch and crunched my drivers side strut tower. My local panel beater has asked me to source a spec sheet showing all measurement dimensions for my S13 Silvia. PLEASE HELP
  8. Has anyone done a clear cover on a series 1 s14? tried searching couldn't find anything Just wanted to know what involved in getting the old lens off
  9. Hi all, Seen quite a few s15s with window visors. Does anyone know if the only visors available are Nissan OEM ones, or do people run aftermarket ones too? I am keen on purchasing a set, edging towards the OEM nissan ones. Anyone know the part number for the OEM ones? Cheers
  10. Hey guys i wondring if anyone can tell me what is the best 180sx to go for like the s13 or the type x or just a plan 180sx and also is it possible to get mod plats to but a rb26 engine into one over in OLD, if so is it a huge dramer? cheers Jason..