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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys got some parts laying around and looking for offers on it all as I'm not totally sure what they are worth. Apexi Power Intake (http://justjap.com/a...an-s14-s15.html) s15 T28 Turbo s15 Stock Cams s15 Stock Valve Springs s15 Stock Retainers s15 Stock AFM s15 Stock Fuel Pump Will post photo's on request. Happy to post anywhere in Australia as long as postage is paid for, shoot me offers, worst I can say is no! -Jumunji
  2. Hey guys just need some advice on some work I'm looking at doing. It needs new cams, so we're going with Camtech 260 and new valve springs. Is there anything else that will need to be changed along with this. They quoted me 2093 for cams and valve springs that includes labour. Also I currently have a haltech PS1000 and I still have the stock computer as well. They recommended I go with a nistune on the stock computer and sell the haltech, to improve the cars driveability, idle, cold start. So on top of the $2000 another $1100 for the nistune, bringing it to $3100. Does this sound reasonable or am I getting ripped off?
  3. FOR SALE: Garrett 3071 turbo Sitting on s15 stock manifold with 44mm Tial External gate welded onto the manifold. 1k for turbo, manifold and gate (will sell seperate) inbox for price Varex - Twin 3" inlet twin 3" outlet muffler. Comes complete with all wiring, 2 remotes. $200 4x Nismo 740cc Injectors 100% working order. $450 Tomei CAMS Tomei Drop in cams 256/264 $500 Can provide more picture or information on request. Contact me on 0431 three three three 595 or via pm
  4. I would like to upgrade the cams in my car sometime in the near future Was thinking about poncams or un1cams I understand that being a step 1 cam you don't have to upgrade the springs, however with my car now pushing 13 years and the intention of running more boost 20+ psi down the track the added insurance in my opinion would be worth while. Due to a lack of tools/skills I would get a workshop to do the install, I understand that dropping in the cams is easy enough but the valve springs are a pain in the ass if the head is not coming off the engine. I was wondering if anyone has had this done to their car and how many hours of labor to expect to pay? Checking that the workshop chosen had the correct tool for removing the valve springs/experience doing it is of course going to make the job faster.
  5. Need some help! Did a search but couldn't come up with anything related to my specific issue. Probably for good reason Have been working on a project s14a with the intention of running a stock set up for the time being while focusing on reliability mods, current mods listed below. The car was modified previously but i bought it without complete hot side, ecu, exhaust, fmic and other small bits. Slowly collecting parts and building it in my spare time. Anyway now the dilemma, pulled of the rocker cover to install some rocker arm stoppers and to my surprise found a set of HKS 264 cams. Now originally i thought the engine had stock cams, so i was going to run a T28bb turbo (12psi) with 370cc stock injectors and stock ecu to get me up and running while i saved for more power later on. Future mods planned for the next few months were 550cc injectors, Z32 AFM and Nistune for a reliable responsive set up (aiming 190-200kw). Current Mods: T28bb turbo (14411-91F00) S15 injectors Walbro fuel pump FMIC Koyo radiator 3" Exhaust Stainless intake with pod RAS Braided turbo lines Oil cooler Baffled sump Nismo mounts Major service Question So now I have to reorganize my priorities with not being able to run the HKS cams on a stock ecu. What are peoples thoughts on running the T28bb with 264 cams, will obviously need injectors (550cc minimum), z32 AFM and Nistune done. If I found 256 cams then it would have be a no brainer and got the setup tuned asap but now I'm abit worried with 264 cams. Don't really want to upgrade turbo either at this stage as i'll be pushing those mods above up the time line, so moneys tight! Thoughts on how it'll run?
  6. Hey guys first time posting but ive done alot of reading over the past few weeks. I spun a bearing at wakefield a few weeks ago and Im currently rebuilding my s14 aiming for a 300kw+ drift car. My aim is to get the widest poweband possible with 300kw+. I have searched trying to find info about when certain turbos start running out of puff and when certain cam sizes will stop making power. Friends have advised me that with supertech double springs and retainers an SR head will rev to 8250rpm if not higher so my aim is to build a high revving setup that will still make power above 8000rpm but obviously with the least amount of lag. Hopefully a powerband of 4500-8250. I am looking mainly at garret 3071, 3076, 3576 and precision 5558, 5858, 5862, 6262. and anything from 260 to 280 cams. obviously assuming adequate fuel, exhaust, 6 boost mani, built bottom end. So what turbos can still make power above 8000rpm? What cams can produce power above 8000rpm? Will a stock s14 low port manifold (with larger TB) with supertech double valve springs + retainers handle above 8000rpm? Is further headwork required? I was thinking 3076 with Kelford cams 268/272 12.00mm/11.50mm lift??? any comments...... I know this is alot of questions but i have done alot of searching and cannot find this sort of information. Most guys running that power do so between 4500-7250 which seems like too small of a powerband for all the work. Any advice from Donny and the powertune boys would be greatly appreciated as you guys really know your stuff. And if what im chasing is even possible? So far: Funds are tight so at the moment I am putting in a virgin crank, nitto rods, wiseco 9:1 pistons, ACL bearings, front and rear main seals, new oil pump, Tomei 1.2mm HG, supertech double valve springs + retainers, and possibly new oem rocker arms and hydraulic lifters (some rocker arms currently have wear marks on them). Already has ARP head studs. when funds become available i will complete the rest of the build including cams, adj. cam gears, turbo, wastegate, 3.5" exhaust, 6 boost mani, 1600cc injectors with e85 fuel setup, etc. The car is still road rego for the moment so atleast i can get it back on the road with built bottom end and valve springs in a few weeks then save up for the rest of the build over the next 6-9 months. I originally wanted to go stroker with a small turbo for a responsive 280kw with 3500-7000 powerband but its too expensive so instead going bigger with a laggier setup.
  7. Hi all, I have for sale a set of brand new 20v camshafts. They are the best OEM choice for a turbo VVL build. I bought them brand new for my build but am toying with the idea of going a set of Kelfords instead. These aren't available from Nissan anymore and are getting harder to get. Located in Brisbane - Willing to Post $700 ONO
  8. Just taken out of my s15 due to upgrading. S15 Stock cams $70 S15 ADM injectors in a standard s15 rail(working fine when taken out) $200 S15 Stock AFM $50 S15 T28 ADM turbo only has 120,000 on ODO- usual amount of shaft play for a bush bearing worked fine and very responsive $250 Can post at your expense.... Please PM me to arrange inspection/sale
  9. ISC Adjustable cam gears on sale for $75 each!! http://www.isccoilovers.com.au/isc-adjustable-cam-gears ISC PU engine and gearbox mounts to suit Silvia $255 http://www.isccoilovers.com.au/engine-and-gearbox-mount-kit ISC PU engine mounts to suit Silvia $125 http://www.isccoilovers.com.au/engine-mounts ISC PU gearbox mounts suit Silva $125 http://www.isccoilovers.com.au/gearbox-mount
  10. Hey Guys Have started to notice a slight knock from under rocker cover mainly at idle but can still here if when I rev the motor. The knock speeds up with the motor. I am a mechanic myself but don't have too much experience with these engines. Im thinking it could be sticky lifters but usually that will go away once oil pressure builds and is usually louder. It is slightly worse when cold but its still there when hot also. Maybe there isn't sufficient lubrication getting to the cams? Is there and electronically controlled oil valve? it doesn't sound likes its to do with vct or chain. Its not that bad but I want to nip it in the bud before something bad happens Any help would be AWESOME!! Cheers!
  11. Took my cam cover off today expecting to see tomei poncams... What I found, I assume is stock cams, but I cannot be certain... Doing some research led me to believe that stock cams should have a 53J imprinted on them, which these do not appear to have. I tried to measure them, don't really know how to do that, but here are some measurements: INTAKE: 24mm shaft diameter, 38-39mm Lobe length, not circumference. T with a circle around it stamped at 3 cyl. has R1 stamped on it at the 4th cylinder (front to back). EXHAUST: 22-23 shaft diameter, 38-39mm lobe length. has a T with a circle around it stamped at 3 cyl. engraving on back end - NO50R 054, with 014 on opposite side. So I guess if these are stocks, then this car is turning into one big overpriced heap! I have some pics here on photbucket but I don't know how to embed them, these uploaders aren't helping... http://s702.photobucket.com/user/Joey92_4020/media/20131014_135616-1.jpg.html http://s702.photobucket.com/user/Joey92_4020/media/20131014_181244.jpg.html http://s702.photobucket.com/user/Joey92_4020/media/20131014_181235.jpg.html http://s702.photobucket.com/user/Joey92_4020/media/20131014_135624-1.jpg.html
  12. The best cams for disco potato?

    Hey I got a s14 black top from s15 wanting to make a safe 300 hp so I already got some of the parts, I decided to go with the Garret gt2861rs disco potato turbo but was wondering what cams best go with this turbo on the sr,and would 550cc injectors be inoff or 750cc would be a better choice? I don't wanna Boost it any higher then 16 psi. Things I already have Z32 fuel filter Z32 AFM Bosch fuel pump Big inter cooler Race radiator 3 inch exhaust Rocker arm stoppers Apexi power fc ecu Any help is much appreciated on this topic thank you.
  13. http://driftingsa.com.au/ heya guys and gals. just raising a little bit of awareness, about the new drifting SA CAMS approved drift club... id rattle off what its all about but ill let the info posted on the FB group summarise it (as it can do a better job than i can!) so quite basically, if you want to help improve the South Australian drift scene, actually have someone take on board any positive and constructive feedback in regards to events. get on board! theres a few cool things in the works, and it can only get bigger from here in. anyone wanting membership forms, or to have a chat about anything in regards to it. follow the following link for information. or look out for the driftingSA crew at the mallala matsuri event! http://www.facebook.com/driftingsacarclub