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Found 3 results

  1. 1984 Nissan 720 Ute Amazing original condition. This truck has never been restored. New L18 Motor and New Clutch - Only 149,000km on the body. Have brand new seats for the back. I imported them from the USA. Also have full Air Con system ready to bolt in. Has sunroof and back window slides open. Even the tonneau cover is original that's how good this truck is. Registered until 7th December 2015. Bad Points: - Clear coat coming off in a couple of spots. - Couple of small stains on the carpet. YOU WONT find another like this. So don't bother with silly offers.. Looking for $8,000. Please feel free to call or text me, inbox me for my number.
  2. So Nissan have a master plan to bring back the Datsun. http://www.news.com.au/business/companies/for-sale-2014-datto-2900-call-nissan/story-fnda1bsz-1226486930607 It would make a perfect Daily... What about a one make drift series!!!
  3. im bored so i figured i might aswell post my car up here since ive never done it before. OK i bought it off simon michelmore about 12 odd months ago with the intention of turning it into a street registered drifter, in the past 12 months i haven't really done alot to it but i have been stocking up on parts to take it upto the next level of what it was when i bought it . As it sat it was a very competent package coming with a fair list of mods: rb20det, 5 speed, kkr430 turbo, gtr fuel pump, gtr intercooler, jic coilovers, unknown brand castor rods,locked hicas, steering rack spacers, 3in exhaust from the turbo back momo wheel, uras body kit and a set of 17x9 drift6's . heres a link to simons thread: http://www.nissansil...p...9&hl=cefiro in the past 12 months i havent had much of a chance to do alot to it (ive driven it all of 6 odd times ), those times ive driven it have been to the local tassie tracks (ok only once to symmons), the first time out in it i burst a brake line into turn 2 at baskerville raceway making it very interesting for a couple of seconds and making it a very slow trip home (luckily only 15 minutes away) after fixing that we had the first "official" practice day at symmons raceway (2 hour trip) where on the third lap i managed to explode 3rd whilst raping the clutch (i knew it wasn't going to last long). after purchasing another just in time for the first round of the jds tasmanian drift series, where i managed (i don't know how because i suck) to qualify in the top 16 ,being knocked out straight away by a good mate giving me time to reflect on how the car performed , i found it quite laggy at the time catching myself off boost quite easily on the tight corners of baskerville. So hearing that sam cornell (dr drift) was coming down to tune some cars very soon i decided to start emailing him asking what he thought i might need to make it make responsive, after many emails (i think i was starting to bug him a little ) i decided to buy a set of cam gears, z32 afm and put a dr drift bleed valve on it. On the way to dropping it off to the place that sam had brought his dyno to the temp sensor decided it didnt want to work (stupid sensors ) i sorted that out and it was time for the doc to do his work . I left him to do his magick on the car while i went back to work , he called me up an hour or so late saying its done and ill love it, he only got an extra 8rwk out of it (first dynoed at 192 and finnished with 200 safely ) upon picking it up i didnt expect alot as it hadnt gained alot of overall power but i was litterally stunned apon first squirt , it felt sooo much more responsive than it was with HEAPS more midrange, i cant speak highly enough of sams work, worth every dollar imo (he remapped my comp incase i didnt type that already), i didnt get to drive the car (apart from back to my house) untill the next drift day where i failed miserably breaking a front rim on my first qualifying run (i think) and having nothing to replace it with at the track, so i was out for the day as i had no rims i could put on the front (or no tyre changer in memory i think) luckily in 3 weeks there was a praccy day where i went out and had a ball frying off brand new 595'ss in 4 laps and running out of tyres before mid day , next up was the jds series finale ive gotten a little better and i managed to qualify 12th i think where i came up against a lightly modded ke70 ( not 100% on ke70, its the square box corolla) were i borked myself on the first run not being used to the slightly slower speed (id never tandem'd with a n/a car before) and in the next run the vlsd decided it wanted to be a vssd ( viscous single spinning diff) and i straightened so i ended up 12th in the series . Since then i havent really touched the car but ive been scraping every last cent together to buy parts for modification/maintainence, to date ive bought: a 2 way mech lsd hicas lock bar , ancillaries to make a 1 piece tailshaft, various trim pieces, a few panels and a complete (damaged) r33 for an rb25 conversion and brakes but before i convert it im currently making it look as stock as i can to get compliance and rego and a good tidy up for the body (its looking ghetto spec)... here are a couple pics, ill take a heap more very shortly .