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Found 19 results

  1. Ultimate goal is for a responsive 250-270rwkw on e85 on a stock engine with poncams. The GTX gen 2 looks amazing but it would cost at least $2500 to get one of these bolted up. Meanwhile you can buy a whole turbo kinugawa kit for like $1000 that will achieve this. Problem is I want something responsive. I don't want a turbo that takes 4000pm to kick in. But I also don't want to pay a lot of money lol. Looking at the dyno graphs of these turbos installed on s13's the top power margin is good but without the vct gear they seem to lag very badly. Anyway. Has anyone running one of these cheapo turbos on the street? What's it like? I wish I could drive one to see if i'd be happy with it. Right now I got JDM s15 T28BB hooked up. But I don't want to tune it then have to pay more later for another tune with another turbo. Coz I know I will get bored with it.
  2. Having recently done a RB box conversion I am looking at doing a flex tune upgrade on my car in the not too distant future. Currently running a nistune with a set of nismo 740cc injectors and a walbro 460 Turbo setup is a precision HP5130 and I am running un1cams +springs Car is currently making 310hp @ the wheels on a "safe" 98 tune I know everyone is going to tell me to throw out the 740s and go top feed etc, however I was wondering if anyone on here has seen how far the Nismo 740s can be pushed on E85 with a bit of help from a fuel pressure regulator ? Not wanting to go top feed I guess the other option is to go some five O 1200cc side feeds which seem to work ok for the SR20 but are rubbish when it comes to RB engines. I'm thinking that Dose pipe might be the man with the most nistune flex experience who is active on the forums so any input would be appreciated
  3. I received an email from my tuner today about flex fuel setups. I have the setup in my car, but ran out of time to tune the E85 component of the tune. He just saw a video run by Wolf EMS about flex fuel sensors and how they might not be what they are advertised as. What are your thoughts on the below and has anyone had any issues with their flex fuel system? http://www.wolfems.com.au/events/mixing-fuels Cheers,
  4. i was wondering if anyone could give me a some information on what size injectors they think would be needed to make 360rwkw on E85 without being at 110%? from what i have read i would be looking at a minimum of 1400cc injectors. does anyone have some suggestions on brands aswell? i have been looking at the ID range they are redone bosch injectors but they are quite pricey any input would be greatly appreciated
  5. Every once in a while I get a PM regarding E85 setup, tuneability, etc. Best I bang my ramblings into a post Just to give you an idea, I'm just an enthusiast with some tuning knowledge & experience. I mainly just tune my own car and my mates for shits & giggles. To date, have not blown a motor Here goes! Q: Power should never dictate E85, there are so many benefits of E85..I often here people say you're not making 200kW+ why would you want to run E85 for? Let's start off with a few things. Being a 4 banger Nissan motor, they have relatively a longer stroke vs. their bore size.. nothing wrong with that, however this creates loads of torque and hits max VE quite early but also noses over, i.e. torque decays vs. RPM much quicker. Now this means the timing map would have a dip where max torque/where max VE is achieved.. Let's make up some timing values vs. RPM: 3600rpm - 15 4000rpm - 13 4400rpm - 12 4800rpm - 12 5200rpm - 14 5600rpm - 15 6000rpm - 17 See how the timing value drops where max torque is made? now with E85 you have these benefits: slower flame front, i.e.takes longer to ignite - awesome, means you can dial in more timing burns cooler - awesome, means you can dial in more timing and EGT and cylinder temps are low knock resistance, awesome just dial in timing till it makes no more power So let's revisit that timing map again, with E85 you could potentially do this (once again making up timing figures): 3600rpm - 17 4000rpm - 17 4400rpm - 17 4800rpm - 17 5200rpm - 17 5600rpm - 19 6000rpm - 21 So now regardless of power achieved, etc. you've just altered the motor's torque curve.. this also equates to more power before max power is achieved. Your torque curve will drastically look different and not to mention you'll be baking tyres quite easily. Q: I want to convert to E85, but is it really worth it? There's no real cost to going E85, just need to address old crumbly fuel hoses, a decent enough flowing fuel pump & injectors that will flow more fuel. Say if your injector setup is flowing at near max - with E85 you would need around 30~40% more "injector". i.e. 550cc on 98RON you're going to need 715cc+ for E85 thus a good choice would be 740cc Nismos OR just fuark it and convert to top feed 1000cc injectors. However say on your current setup you're only hitting 50% duty cycle on your 550cc injectors then going E85 means you'll just operate them at 80%+ duty cycle.. i.e. happy days! Being old Nissans, I recommend you change your fuel lines to new ones (not necessarily ethanol compatible ones but might as well) just for piece of mind. Also when you first convert I recommend changing your fuel filter every 2/3 tanks for the first few months (if you have a dirty fuel tank). Other than that, convert now and bake tyres!
  6. Hallo, Selling my 1200cc Five-O Motorsport Injectors from my car - they are currently on my car running E85. Happy to show you them in working form. Now you're wondering why the flying cows I have 5x used, 1x near new & 1x new injector? I bought the original 6x injectors used from a forum member here (not mentioning names) but turns out only 5 were working and 1x was dead - he clearly didn't tell me anything and we've lost contact. Anyhow - shit happens so I ended up ordering 2x brand new injectors (1x to use to complete the set and 1x as a spare). Currently on my car running and probably making somewhere in the 300kW+ region, injector duty doesn't even go past 57% on full noise at 1.5 bar. Happy to take prospective buyer for a ride and demonstrate they are working and point out the idiosyncrasies - Pretty much these are highflow injectors, so kiss your economy goodbye however if you're building something you don't care about economy then it will run fine as you'll always be above 1.8ms pulse width. Will come with: 6x running 1200cc Five-O Motorsport Injectors (5x used 1x near new) 1x brand new spare 1200cc Five-O Motorsport Injector Factory fuel rail Factory fuel pressure regulator Contact: PM or Reply Here Location: Canley Vale NSW (after hours) OR Milsons Point NSW (business hours) Pricing Structure: $480 for everything, 7x Injectors, FPR, Rail, Straight out/in affair $400 for 6x Injectors, FPR, Rail, Straight out/in affair $380 for 6x Injectors $300 for 4x Injectors $100 for 1x Injector (new) $80 for 1x Injector (used) $30 for Rail & FPR
  7. 180sx upgraded fuel system e85

    hey guys due to chasing more power im now selling my stealth e85 fuel system which consists of: 4 x ID2000's with rail powertune billet twin intank bracket twin aeromotive pumps (340lph each) inline filter speedflow fittings and all the braided lines from front to back -10 $2750 the lot Contact Troy on 0403 131 921
  8. R32 GTR - $21500

    http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/canley-heights/cars-vans-utes/1989-nissan-skyline-coupe-420kw-/1048279361 Hi, Unfortunately, the time has come to say goodbye to my GTR. I have been building this car over the past year and a bit, but it is time to move on. List of mods are as follows Car has been tuned on E85 in April 2014 - 422KW @ wheels Cp forged pistons Tomei poncams type B Acl gasket kit Argo rods Arp main studs Arp head studs Acl bearings Nitto oil pump Full reco head with baby cams Custom made exhaust manifold (not eBay shit) Garrett Gt35/40 with 60 mm turbo smart external waste gate screamer Greddy intake BOSCH 2200 cc injectors Power FC + remote Sard fuel regulator Greddy Turbo timer Walbro aftermarket fuel pump TIAL blowoff Splitfire Coilpacks ****many more to list, jsut cant think of it all off the top of my head Handling wise, I have Full set of HKS coilovers, will come with standard shocks and springs at the right price. Cusco front strut, also have after market rear strut. I also have a full set of ADVANS RG's which will come at the right price. I will also throw in a full set of standard r32 wheels. the negatives - The body is not a show spec body, i do drive the car. But with that said, it still looks good, just a few minor scratches here and there, it is washed every week, even though it is only driven twice a week. the interior - everything is there, the headunit however is not installed, but will come with the car. The only downside is the drivers seat has a tear, this is very common with r32 GTRs. Please feel free to arrange to meet. i work weekdays and dont get back until 7pm. so weekdays would be the best, or late on weeknights. No test pilots untill deposit is taken. Price and price conditions: $21500 Pictures: located in link Contact Details: 0426876899 - dan Location: Canley Heights, Sydney ##please note number plate is not included in sale
  9. **Price Drop** - Be quick, will not last long at this price! 250rwkw, showroom condition, full service history, low KM, Only the best JDM parts. 2002 Nissan 200SX Spec S GT This car has been my pride and joy for the last 5 years and I have spent well over $20,000 in modifications. Mature owner, serviced every 5 thousand km’s using high quality fluids & parts, washed & polished regularly and driven only on weekends (always garaged). Would love to hold onto it, selling due to getting a company car The car makes 300kw (250rwkw) at 21psi on e85. Built/Serviced and tuned by Sabbadin Automotive Australia. All modifications have been purchased new and installed 6 months ago with receipts (Modifications comply with Victorian laws and thus a RWC will be provided) Never been on a track This is a very powerful road registered car- not for the faint-hearted. Car can be tuned on 98 octane if requested by buyer. Engine has perfect compression and is showing no signs of wear and tear, mechanically A1! Car has been tuned conservatively with engine safety in mind. Modifications: Tomei Rocker Arm Stoppers Tomei Type A Valve Springs ARC turnflow intercooler CES 3inch full exhaust with high flow cat CES dump pipe Walbro e85 fuel pump with e85 fuel lines 740cc Nismo Injectors Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator Stock airbox with K&N filter and cold air intake. z32 AFM with custom built pipe GFB Deceptor Pro Blow off Valve Koyo 53mm radiator Splitfire Coilpacks Turbosmart eboost-street controller Turbo: Custom built low mount TD06SL2 - 20G with billet flywheel - Very responsive Braided oil and water lines HKS Heavy Duty Actuator Driveline: Standard 6 speed NPC organic heavy duty clutch & flywheel~3000km old Wheels/Suspension: Limited Edition Rays Engineering 350z rims (235/40/18) Lowered Springs I have the GT wing (boot lid) in storage, will be provided with sale as well as all other stock parts One of, if not the cleanest on sale - will not disappoint, first to see will buy. The sale includes factory wheels (other parts available) FULL SERVICE HISTORY WITH LOG BOOKS and RWC, serious offers/buyers only – no test pilots. Please feel free to contact me for any questions regarding the car Carsales Link: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-200SX-2002/SSE-AD-2693239/?Cr=11&sdmvc=1
  10. Brand new Walbro E85 500hp Intank fuel pump kit. This was bought for my BNR34 but never got used. $200 Having trouble uploading photos on phone, will upload once I get to my computer. Sheldon Gold Coast
  11. Bosch E85 EV14 1000CC new injectors $650

    Brand new set of x6 Bosch E85 EV14 1000cc short injectors, these come with plugs/adaptors and new filter baskets to make them fit 3/4 11mm rails. Everything is brand new in boxes. These are a high impedance item. I need larger ones so these are no good. Having issues uploading photos on my phone, will edit the add when I get to my computer. I can mms for the mean time. Sheldon Gold Coast
  12. Hey guys Have been reading around some sr20 builds, and have seen a few people running fairly high static compression with good power results and still responsive. just wondering if anyone on here is running a highcomp turbo setup? i know you need to run E85 and will need a good tuner to get it right, but are there any downfalls from a set up like this? (ie drastically reducing engine life, really high running temps etc?) am aiming for around the 300kw mark on a forged blacktop sr20 with brian crower 264 degree cams and a gtx3071 twin scroll set up, but still want it to be as responsive as possible which is the main reason i'm looking at running a higher compression. what do you guys reckon? cheers guys
  13. Hey folks just looking for to see what everyone is laying out for E85. I filled up 100 litres + worth yesterday and ended up paying $1.24 a litre....... from united servos in Sydney here For reference 98 octane is 1.61 a litre When i started using 85 it was commonly less than a dollar a litre when 98 was still up around the $1.55 Anyone noticed a big jump in price recently? (not that it matters as its only a few bucks) but im curious to see if all the new E flex and commodores are pushing demand up. Alternately do you even have pump E85 in you town/ readily available. (i wish we had more outlets id run my daily driver on the stuff if i could) as i want to see how they are going rolling it out. Pump is getting close to the price of drum fuel discuss.
  14. What you want from a high performance racing oil? The modern engine designs of today need lubricants that can handle higher running temps to ensure viscosity consistency, while reducing consumption and oil film breakdown. Have you not noticed how modern engine run hotter? They are generally running 10-15deg C hotter or more when supercharged/ turbocharged. This is to improve combustion and reduce emissions. So how hot is hot when a car overheats? Enough to break down most oils and melt soft metal bearings, that’s how hot. Everyday oils are not able to handle excessive heat though and will reduce in viscosity by as much as 40% once it reaches 130 °C which means a 10w40 will perform like a 10w25. Motul’s high performance Ester synthetics are designed to handle higher temps without affecting the viscosity. High Performance engines always increase the load pressures placed upon moving components. High lift cams and stiffer valve springs load up the lifters, rocker arms and valve ends. Newer designs incorporate gear driven overhead cams which bring a new challenge. More internal gearing will shear the engine oil faster. High performance engines also need a balanced friction modifier package so that the ring seals stay strong, roller and ball bearings roll in the race and plain bearings have as little drag as possible. Because of this, Motul adds Extreme Pressure (EP) additives such as Zinc (ZDDP) and a STRONG EP additive, called a Sulfurized Ester to handle the shear/meshing of the engine. EP additives come into play at the instant an extreme pressure is applied and high temperatures are created. ZINC lays down a barrier that prevents metal to metal contact and the SULFURIZED ESTER produces a sacrificial film that is destroyed during very strong extreme pressures. The key advantage of Sulfurized Ester is that it prevents SEIZING. EP additives are generally corrosive especially those used in car gearboxes. The other advantage of Esters is that it is far less corrosive and more environmentally safe. Advertisements for oil products being tested with a ball bearing under 100,000 pounds of pressure fail to mention that most EP additives are corrosive. Performance engines used in endurance types of competition need strong ANTI-ACID (BASE, TBN, total base number). Condensation (the steam that you see coming out of your tail pipe in the morning) is a natural by-product of combustion in an engine. This condensation, which is acidic water, passes by the rings under compression into the crankcase and mixes with the sulphur, SULFURIC ACID is created. ANTI-ACID (Base) neutralizes the acid before it can cause any damage. E85 engines have it worse. E85 creates a greater acidic dilution than conventional ULP so look for a higher TBN is you run E85. High revving engines need strong Anti-Foam Additives. Higher RPMs aerates the oil more and bubbles will cause damage to your engine. Why? Foam is air; air will compress and also insulates. Air being compressed under load will separate oil and permit metal to metal contact. It also doesn’t transmit heat from hot metal parts to the oil very well or vice versa. Oil temp’s can rise due to inefficient heat exchange. Another major problem is oil pumps are not designed to pump air and your oil pressure will drop. Endurance engines need strong dispersants to suspend materials and combustion by-products which are created and rubbed off during normal operations. If you find worn components in your older race engine, ask yourself a question: Where did the material go? It has been compressed and the material is still there, just in a different place; or The materials were rubbed off and washed right into the oil! You want the material to stay in tiny pieces and stay mixed in the oil so that the oil filter can do its job. There are many devices on the market now that surround the filter with a magnet to capture some wear metals. Race engines need a strong detergent. With more heat generation (more horsepower per ci) trying to fry the oil onto the engine parts, carbon build-up and other by-products from combustion need to be washed away quickly so it doesn’t end up clogging the oil galleries. These are only some of the points Motul considers when designing high performance fluids. As discussed earlier, synthetics can handle much higher running temperatures than conventional petroleum oils and can withstand more stress. Many people ask, so what! I don’t push my vehicle that hard and I change oil every 3000kms. I don’t need expensive performance oil in my car. This type of thinking is wrong! Picture this; it’s a hot summer’s day and you are in peak hour traffic. For whatever reason, your car starts to get hot, real hot (Thermo fan stops working or a radiator hose breaks, whatever it may be). What oil would you like to have in your car? A mineral oil that acts like butter which burns up and evaporates very quickly, coking up your piston rings and lifters with carbon. Or Motul Synthetic/Ester oil that can handle super high RUNNING temps without the resulting damage (160°C to 190°C)? Motul High Performance Synthetic Ester oils are INSURANCE not just maintenance. The same is true about brake fluids and gear oils. Brake fluid only fails you when you need it the most – when braking! Same goes for engine oil. For further information regarding the Motul range, visit www.motul.com.au! Join us on FB https://www.facebook...323033041043007
  15. Hi fellas I've been on this forum longer than I can remember. I was put off having a member's ride thread as I sometimes find it off putting as I'm quite a private person. Anyway I've changed my mind and just want to share my car that I've had for quite a long time. It's nothing special really, just your garden variety here. Car is 93 180SX Engine and Driveline: FMIC Garrett GT2871R Nismo 740cc injectors ID1000cc injectors Walbro E85 fuel pump Aeromotive FPR Tomei Poncams Rocker Arm Stopper Brian Crower Valve springs Nistune Trust Style oil sump 3 inch front pipe metal cat Trust catback exhuast Stock Airbox with Blitz filter NPC Heavy duty clutch S14 5 Speed box Interior: Stock R33 GTR seats Suspension & Brakes: Tein SS with camber tops MCA Blue supension Kazama Castor rods S15 5 stud conversion S15 front LCA Evo 8 Brembo calipers Pro-concept 320mm rotors HFM BM57 BMC R33 Gts-t rear brakes JustJap rear camber arms JustJap rear toe arms HardRace rear camber arms HardRace rear toe arms Cusco front strut brace Cusco rear strut brace Drift Teks 18x8.5 + 30 front Drift Teks 18x8.5 + 30 rear Works Meisters S1 3P 18x9 +18 Works Meisters S1 3P 18x10+18 Federal SS 595 235/40 front Federal SS 595 235/40 rear Future plans: Exterior respray Type X side skirt Type X rear light assembly GP sport rear spoiler (maybe) Nardi Steering wheel Some better guages ------------------------------------------------------ Koyo Radiator Tomei poncams Brian Crower Valve springs GKtech (Tomei style) oil pan GKtech RAS ----------------------------------------------------- Work Meister S1 3p 18x9 and 18x10 ----------------------------------------------------- Improve ones driving abilities Here is what the car currently looks like. It needs a lot of improvements.
  16. I sold my last project to another member on here, picked up his old shell and decided to throw my motor/gearbox/turbo setup into it. 90 S13 SR20DET Silvia 293RWKW's at GT Auto's dyno Wilwood superlite front brakes, 12.9" rotor, R33 rear R33 rear cradle and front control arms GK tech adjustable arms offset cradle bushes Apexi N1 coilvers 7kg f, 5kg r Whiteline sway bars Mech diff PBM modified knuckles CAMS cage with removable side intrusion bars for rego
  17. About Us ALPHA OMEGA Parts and Services is a high performance parts designer, developer and manufacturer. We are a specialist group of certified automotive engineers and experienced industry experts who will bring you new technology and exciting products for your racing needs and street modifying enjoyment including drift, drag, circuit, motorkhana, hillclimbs, skidpans, supersprint and time attack. ALPHA OMEGA Parts and Services is proudly made and owned in Australia, supporting local forums, local clubs and local businesses. If you have any suggestions, would like to propose sponsorship, interested in wholesale or want to organise a group buy, we'll be happy to hear from you. Please feel free to Contact Us. --- FUELING: Injection We are holding a pre-release sale on the new (top feed) Fuel Rail Kits for our favourite car the Nissan Silvia/200sx. Engineered and made right here in Sydney Australia we have both 1000cc and 2000cc kits available to suit the s14 and s15’s standard intake manifold without the use of spacers. This is perfect for those that are looking for more power whilst keeping the low/mid range power the standard manifold is known for, and for those going to E85/eFlex ethanol fuels. For more info on the top feel Fuel Rail Kits please see our website: http://www.ao-ps.com/fuelrail.php Contact Us for pre-order special pricing. --- FUELING: Ethanol We are also pro dealers of the award winning Zeitronix products. Just arrived we have the Ethanol Content Analyzer kits. This product uses the genuine Siemens ethanol content sensor which is OEM factory fitted to eFlex/e85/ethanol cars. Combined with the Zeitronix analyzer and wiring kit you can now see the exact percentage of ethanol your car is running in real time. Use this to get the best performance from your ethanol car as well as making sure it's running safely. More exciting is that this product can talk to your car's ECU so that you can tune the car to run regular pump 98 (zero ethanol) all the way up to e100 (100% ethanol) and anything in between! No need for switches and dual maps or dual tanks, no need to plan road trips, no need to keep a map of ethanol petrol stations or bringing stacks of jerrycans. Run any mix of fuel you want, when you want. Contact Us for introductory pricing In stock now. --- ENGINE: Camshafts UN1CAMS, the subject of many a discussion. From what many have seen and some have experienced they are the best overall/area under the curve set of camshafts available for our much loved SR20DET. It’s pricey but well worth it. For more info on the UN1CAMS please see our website: http://www.ao-ps.com/camshafts.php Contact Us for promotional pricing. --- DRIVETRAIN: Gearboxes VERSION 2 of our Z32 gearbox conversion kits now available, which feature re-engineered components, revised tolerances, new jigs, individual hand finishing and inspection and sharper pricing! For more info on the Z32GCK please see our website and select your car: http://www.ao-ps.com Contact Us for package deal pricing. --- One off special: SR20 gearbox We have one and only one 5 speed manual SR20DET gearbox left by a customer who upgraded to the Z32GCK. Contact Us for the we-want-the-space-back special pricing. --- NEWS: We’re now on Facebook: http://www.facebook....artsandservices We’re now on Twitter: https://twitter.com/.../alphaomega_aus We now blog on the homepage: http://www.ao-ps.com We sponsor the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation.
  18. 1JZ Cefiro

    So basically I had a daily S13 which I sold mid January. Also had an R31 track only car which I was learning in and was just starting to actually set it up but then this popped up. I have always wanted a Ceffy, just something about them that I really like! There was no point in having 2 track cars so I sold the 31 in 3 days, stoked! Picked this up the weekend the 31 sold. So basic mod list at the moment. It has been dynoed at 187kw on 14psi. I have dropped it down to 8psi though. Now got 235kw on 16psi and 249kw on 22psi Engine / driveline Redtop SR SR gearbox (noisy) GTR Gearbox with custom tailshaft and crossmember T28BB turbo GT2871R Nismo 740cc injectors Tial 38mm external wastegate Z32 AFM E85 3 inch straight through HKS Oil cooler + relocation block with all braided lines FMIC Still FMIC but in the engine bay now Rocker stoppers Bosch 040 fuel pump R200 diff locked S14 set up in the front (knuckles etc), with R33 LCA's R33 rear brake set up Suspension and handling JIC coilovers in the rear and ISC front Front strut brace Hicas lock bar Extra lock spacers New steering rack Solid rear cradle bushes Interior All seam welded (also the engine bay is) Bride fixed back Velo GP90 Hydro handbrake Takata harness Full 7 point roll cage GKTech steering wheel Nardi with sparco quick release boss kit Trust gear knob Stripped except for sound deadning (JOY) Fully stripped now Water temp, oil temp, oil pressure and boost gauges Exterior Stock body Roof spoiler GTR wheels all round Plans are all the usual shite. Project Mu handbrake shoes, get new front right guard, probably another set of bumpers, decent rear wheels, TD06 with all supporting mods, all adjustable arms, proper 2 way etc etc. Basically I want 230-250kw safely and a decent suspension set up. Some pics... When I first got it Rear end Engine bay (dirty at the time) Mallala And how it finished after Tailem the other week
  19. Big Bird RB25 Neo S15

    Howdy, http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=491953&st=60 RB Swap starts here... Pressure plate exploded start of the year, royally fked my car so decided to give myself a big project. Not a mechanic, just learn as I go. ___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___---___ Long time lurker, finally bought my S15 last week. The car is a 2001 ADM Spec-S, after looking at quite a few and not being overly impressed with the JDM models I found this clean S15 with a few mods. Pressure plate exploded start of the year, royally fked my car so decided to give myself a big project. Not a mechanic, just learn as I go. I plan on doing some drift and track days but also use it as my daily. Plans for it arent too crazy for now, replacing lots of suspension bushings, gaskets and just general stuff that would be worn out over 10 years. Especially since its been tuned and I drive it quite hard. Needs moar low too, and I would like to remove the rear spoiler and reflectors to make it reallllll smooth looking. - - - - Whats on it now - - - - Tein Circuit Master Type RA Coilovers + Cambertops Lightweight Steering Arms Silk Road Rear Camber Arms Silk Road Toe Arms Silk Road Castor Arms Cusco Strut Brace under bonnet and in boot Cusco Front and Rear Swaybars HPi Engine Damper Gearbox Damper/Brace Whiteline Uprated Subframe Bushes Superpro Swaybar Bushes GKTech Subframe C-Collars Whiteline Front Diff Mounts Solid Rear Diff Mounts Standard S15 Brakes with Slotted Rotors Up Front Rays Gram Lights 57S Pro 17" Kumho KU-31 235/45/17 Rear 215/45/17 Front Defi Link Defi VSD Hud Defi Link Display Apexi AVC-R HKS Turbo Timer Type 1 Yashio Factory Gear Knob Heavy Duty Organic Clutch GKTech Bellmouth Dump Pipe 3" Down Pipe and Hi-Flow Cat HKS Hi-Power Silent Catback HKS SSQV BOV (minus gay sounding fin insert) HKS Front Mount Intercooler STR8E180 Custom Metal Intake Pipe Trust/Greddy Airinx Pod Filter + Enclosure Grex/GReddy Oil Cooler + Oil Filter Relocation Cusco Oil Catch Can Walbro GSS341 Fuel Pump Earls Braided Turbo Lines Nistune installed and dyno tuned @ MRC Dyno Castle Hill 198.6rwkw at 16psi