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Found 7 results

  1. Just received a letter from my insurer, guessing this will affect a lot of us on here. The following was taken from the Just Car Facebook page: JUST CAR NEWS: As a member of the Just Car community, we wanted to let you know that Just Car Insurance policies will no longer be issued from 13 January 2017. If you’re a Just Car Insurance customer, nothing changes until you’re up for renewal. You just won’t be able to renew with us from 13 February 2017. Existing customers may receive alternative insurance offers, so watch your mailbox. For more info, see our FAQs, send us a direct message or give us a call on 13 13 26. Thankfully I have just renewed, but I'm interested to hear people's alternatives for modified car cover.
  2. Hey guys, just a general post. I got into a car accident couple of weeks ago as a passenger. My friend who is the driver was at fault. It was a pretty heavy accident but we survived with only minor injuries. Another friend of mine who is the owner of a panel beater shop where the crashed car was sent to was telling me about an "opportunity" to use this incident to get compensation from the ctp apparently. At first i was skeptical, because of the fact that my mate was the one who caused it. But he's telling me that you can still claim money from that incident by reporting any injuries by which the CTP will pay for. I took on the opportunity, only because i dont have to pay a cent, all the solicitors etc were provided by him, he has friends who are lawyers, paralegals etc. I know the process of how this all works and what to expect and do. My application is not finished yet for them to begin the case. So i want to take this time to get some feedback from the community as to whether i should go on with this and if this will benefit me or bring me unwanted issues.
  3. I moved from Canberra to Melbourne and had to renew my insurance for the year just recently... I changed my address to my new one in Melbourne and my premium went up from $1050 to $1970!!! There isn't much of a different due to the suburb i'm in, it simply seems to be that victorians dislike silvia's more.... because i can insure a 200sx for only $1300. When i first bought my jdm there was only like $50 difference between it and an adm in canberra, but the difference in melb is huge! Anyone else found themselves in this situation? Is it worth comprehensive insuring still? Or just third party fire and theft? Just not sure if i'd really do more than $3500 in damage unless I wrote it off (which I think is my only risk above $3500 of damage? or am i being naive) Here's the details: Comprehensive: $1970 premium per year, plus a $1400 almost excess (so like $3500 all up if i had an accident that year) Third party fire and theft: $417 JDM 1999 Nissan Silvia Spec R Female, 24 yrs No previous claims etc
  4. Hey everyone, hoping to purchase this Spec R GT s15 soon, only problem, I’m still on my P Plates for 10 months so can’t legally drive it yet. So, when I have the car sitting in my garage for that sort of duration what can I do to look after it? How do I prevent myself from causing damage to the car if it isn’t being driven very often? My main concern is the mechanicals of the car and the fluids in the engine/transmission/diff/turbo/fuel etc. Will these go off over time? Paint care, do i need to worry about it if it’s not getting a wash very often? Can tyres go bad? Electrical/battery damage.. Can my ecu be effected if the battery dies (car has an electronic boost controller too)? Also being a GT it has all the options including leather seats, how do I care for leather that is sitting for a long time? I probably will take it for a drive around the block once a week/fortnight even though I’m not meant to, or have my parents drive it round a bit to get the engine moving but what else can be done to keep the car in mint condition till I can legally enjoy it on the road Also a bit off topic here, insurance? If any of you out there don't drive your car very often, what do you do with your insurance to keep it to a minimum seeing as the car is low risk because it doesnt see the road much? Should i insure it at all and cancel rego so save some bucks? Thanks everyone, all the tips you can offer will be helpful. Cheers.
  5. insurance for imports

    Im sure this question comes up from time to time, not sure if this was linked in already, searched and noticed this hasn't. Anyhow poached this info from http://www.importdri...u/insurance.htm Not sure if its all up to date, but did try with Suncorp so far and they seem to be able to insure my 180SX.
  6. Hey guys, Had my S15 sitting in my garage in pieces for about 3 months n now i'm about to go for my Black licence so i can take it on the street. It all back together not but i wanted to see what you guys reccomend in regards to what insurance company to go for. I've been doing a lil research and not too sure whats the cheaper option e.g. what company and whether i insure it in another persons name and be the 10% driver. All help and advice is welcome. P.S. its it NSW oh yea and it does have several mods e.g. wheels extractors coilovers etc etc
  7. Yo everyone, not sure if this has been asked or created before, but im just wondering the cost of insurance for p platers with a modified car (in my case an s13). Im getting my p's hopefully in February, and apparently insurance is going to cost an arm and a leg even for just basic mods, so whats the cheapest option out there? cheers