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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, regarding this post here: http://hardtuned.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=472481 The fitment is pretty much spot on to what I'm after; He states he's running rota grids with the following; Front: 18x8 +28 (with 10mm spacer) Rear: 18x9 +28 (with 8mm spacer) Now I've read with spacers you take it off the original offset to get the new offset amount? Correct? So it'll become +18 front and +20 rear? Although searching i cannot find wheels in those exact sizes. Closest i've found is "18x8.5 ET20 or 25 or 30" and "18x9.5 ET20 or ET30" Does what i did above work? As in changing the offset and not running the spacers? Also punching those numbers into an offset calculator returns saying I guess the second half of my question is looking at the RimTuck website here, this car with similar offsets at 18x9.5 +30 the rear wheels' outside edge will extend an extra 57m which seems like a crazy amount and wouldn't look like the images he posted. It's 4am and I'm nodding off, I'll edit this to make more sense tomorrow. Cheers.
  2. Hey all, I'm clearing out all of the car parts that I've managed to accumulate over the years.. most of the parts are to suit an S15 (as that's what I bought them for!), but some will obviously be able to be fitted to other make/models. I'll be adding parts as I go along too, so make sure you check back in so you don't miss out on the good stuff! Edit: I'm located in Geelong, Victoria. Brand New! MFX Vertex 'Wide Mouth' FRP Full Kit (Same as the nissansilvia.com promo car) - $450 Bride Gias Low Max style - Gradiation & Carbon Fibre seats x 2 - $950 Comes with genuine Bride rails to suit S15 (So will suit all 'S' chassis I believe?). Braided brake lines (ADR approval stamped on) - S15 - $100 Braided clutch line (ADR Approval stamped on) - S15 - $50 East Coast Customs 3" Blast Pipes - $150
  3. For sale CST hyper zero rims Pair only 5x114.3 18x9.5 +15 very good condtion no rash at all like new. $550 Rota Torque rims set of 4 4x114.3 17x9 +12 Front 17x9.5 +15 Rear very good condtion no rash at all. $700 Koya rims pair only with tyres 5x114.3 18x9 +35 pretty good condtion few marks nothing huge $100 located south of the city
  4. recently purchased 17x9+25 rota grids for my 180sx, everything adjustable, wondering if anyone has any photos of the same rims with a 215/45 or 225/45 tyre? and if so how much camber are you running? as im currently still awaiting their delivery and am way too anxious to see what they look like.
  5. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    hey guys, name is jace i am a big fan of S-chassis and used to own a red s14a which was my first real turbo car, but since then i tried to move on and be respectable with my money and went on to buy a corolla sportivo, didn't last long without a turbo so i sold it to my older brother, 6 months later here i am introducing my new money pit! i like to keep and modify my cars with a clean fairly subtle appearance, not a fan of big chunky bodykits big flares and the likes. this is my 02 ADM spec S GT s15! bought it basically stock with just a full exhaust and coilovers and at the time picked it up for an absolute steal! current mods; motor/fuel/exhaust; standard internals custom no-hole fmic turbotech V2 mbc k&n pod 11psi walboro 255 gktech stainless bell dump gktech stainless midpipe high flow cat custom stainless mandrel bent cat back finished with a fagnaflow cannon suspension/arms; HKS hypermax III coilovers generic camber arms generic toe arms wheels/brakes; ROTA SVN-R 18x9 +20 & 18x10 +20 finished in matte black sporting forceum d850 205/40 and forcuem hexa 225/40 respectively stock brakes/generic pads interior/audio/visual standard leather front seats pioneer headunit 6" 3-way audiolines all round calibre boost gauge in-dash duralumin gear knob various hanging ornaments exterior/body JDM DC2 integra front lip Rolled and pulled/flared 1 1/2" rear guards JDM JJR wind deflectors spec R side skirts deleted gt wing de-badged rear and blacked out front emblem blacked out rear reflectors D-max roof spoiler Nismo S-Tune side and bonnet decals courtesy of racegraphix. trying to stand out amongst the many s15's. that's about all there is, it has come a fair way from when i bought it almost 5 months ago. but there is still much more to do before i can consider it finished "cosmetically". future mods to do are; fit my innovate wideband done! fit a origin boot lip black out or clear side indicators tint windows smoke rear light indicators swaybars front & rear front strut brace nistune possibly ways down the road + various things i can't think of right now. let me know what you think!
  6. Sup guys, Looking at the Rota RBX 17x9 -13 front 17x9.5-19 rear set. pics on the site are hard to judge by. any one can gve me a messrement of how much Dish or "lip" is actualy on these or a photo of them fitted to a car? going for a look that will require dish to suit and really want to get the most from the said or similar offset. cheers!
  7. Hey guys I'm looking to fit some new kicks for my s15 in the next week or two. I'm interested in a set of Rota Grid2r's but not sure if I'll be able to fit them under the arches. My car has +25mm wide fronts and the rear has been pumped and flaired. + I have fully adjustable BC coilovers and rear camber arms. The pics of my car attached are of 18 x 10 (+15 I think) rim on a 265 with no camber. The wheel specs are 19 x 9.5 +15, 19 x 10.5 + 15 Would this setup be feasible with some tweaking/stretch or just too much? Any help is appreciated.