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Found 124 results

  1. Tuned and OEM parts Used and Brand new Spare parts directly from Japan by post. We can find almost everything for your car https://www.truejdmparts.com/ e-mail: truejdmparts@gmail.com Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki Apexi, HKS, ZeroSports, Cusco, Spoon, Nismo, Blitz, etc.
  2. Spent hours and hours searching for this large poster that came in the fsm's. All links are dead since they're from 2006/2012 etc. Here's a 2019 one I stitched together quite seamlessly (not fully) to make it readable/usable compared to the A4 sections. Would need to cut it back up to be printed if desired though
  3. SR20DET Engine

    SR20DET engine with Gtx 3076R high mount turbo and turbo smart 38mm external wastegate Nismo super copper mix clutch, splitfire coils. This engine was stolen from me and recovered by the police and returned to me four years later so I really don’t have much need for it now. I do know the guy who ended up with it upgraded certain things on it and it was running prior to being removed and sounded healthy. I have paperwork to prove it has a clear title. When it was stolen it had Toda 256 deg cams and adjustable cam gears not sure if they are still in there I haven’t opened up the engine. NOT WILLING TO SEPARATE!!! Only genuine buyers , make an offer worst I can say is no
  4. Hi guys selling some parts SPL rear arms (camber, toe, traction) $700 new good quality beefy arms selling for $400 R32 passenger seat comes with rail that (basically) fits S13 $150 S14 front brakes dual piston $150 SR20 aircon compressor, came off a type-x been sitting a long time but good condition $100 SR20 blacktop stock ECU $50 SR20 stock Injectors on rail $50 Random coil-over springs $offers located in Brisbane 30mins south west please PM me on here if interested cheers gfunk
  5. Just wondering what the idle vacuum is supposed to be on a SR20DET. My car seems to float between -58 and -62 x 100kpa according to both my profec B and Defi gauge. No idea why some days it's -58 and others is more around -60 sometimes finding its way to -62 Cheers
  6. Hey guys, I’m looking at building an sr20det, just wondering what these all are rated to, power wise, rpm, and boost, thanks in advamce, when i do my build ill post it all up, crank conrods pistons stock springs stock valves non solid lifters oil pump head studs main studs
  7. 180sx front bar WTB

    After a front bar for sr 180 let me no what you got Vic only or a cheap one interstate can text pics 0405429728
  8. Looking for a Individual throttle body setup for a S15 SR20DE, Or an adapter plate to suit 4AGE throttle bodies.
  9. Multiple SR20 parts

    Multiple SR20 parts - Just cleaned out my brother's garage of spare parts – most are new / never installed It's been years since I've owned one of these cars or sold any car parts so forgive me if I've got anything wrong. Location: Pick up near Ringwood VIC but happy to post at buyers cost. Contact: Greg / shy180@gmail.com or call 0402346032 Items: TuneAgent SR20 top mount manifold – SOLD TuneAgent SR20 low mount manifold NEW $175 --> NOW $155 MagnaFlow 3" catalytic convertors High Flow Metallic Substrate – NEW $175 each (there are 3) NOW $155 MagnaFlow twin tip exhaust – was on a Prelude – estimate 2 years use – SOLD TuneAgent SR20 3" down pipe – NEW $250 NOW $190 TuneAgent SR20 Pillowball Tension Rod x2 – NEW $190/pair NOW $145 TuneAgent SR20 Rear Lower Traction Rods x2 – NEW $180/pair NOW $145 TuneAgent SR20 Adjustable Tension Rod Bar – NEW $150 (there are 3) NOW $125 Offers on everything welcome Let me know if you want more pictures of anything or PM/email with any questions Cheers Greg
  10. Hey Fellas So i need abit of help getting the Ac to work in my s13, Its a 1992 factory digital climate control and i've relocated the engine bay fuse box to behind the glove box. I've also removed the standard ecu and any other unnecessary wires. The car has no motor or compressor in it at the moment so no refrigerant in the system. The only way i can get the AC relay to engage is if i earth the green/yellow wire that used to go to the standard ecu but weather i press the AC button on DCC unit or not the relay is still engaged. So does anyone have a wiring diagram that could assist me? Picture of my car for attention
  11. Having recently done a RB box conversion I am looking at doing a flex tune upgrade on my car in the not too distant future. Currently running a nistune with a set of nismo 740cc injectors and a walbro 460 Turbo setup is a precision HP5130 and I am running un1cams +springs Car is currently making 310hp @ the wheels on a "safe" 98 tune I know everyone is going to tell me to throw out the 740s and go top feed etc, however I was wondering if anyone on here has seen how far the Nismo 740s can be pushed on E85 with a bit of help from a fuel pressure regulator ? Not wanting to go top feed I guess the other option is to go some five O 1200cc side feeds which seem to work ok for the SR20 but are rubbish when it comes to RB engines. I'm thinking that Dose pipe might be the man with the most nistune flex experience who is active on the forums so any input would be appreciated
  12. Hi Guys, I have a couple of IHI Power Enterprise PE1420 Turbocharger major component Re-build/ Overhaul Kit. These kits contain only brand new components and consist of; 2x Caged Ceramic Ball Bearings (better than the OEM bearings) 1x Front oil seal 1x Rear oil seal 1x Cartridge spring 4x new sealing plate bolts I can also supply rebuild bearing kits to suit the Apexi AX53B60, AX53B70, IHI VN14, IHI RX6/RX6D and RHX6, RHF5 series and the complete VF ball bearing series. All parts are back with a 12 month / 100,000km under normal conditions warranty from the manufacturer. $315.00 delivered to your door
  13. So i have bunch of Silvia stuffs. SR20DE And Zenki stuffs These are the stuffs i posted on ebay Fuel rail kit /set/ with injectors and wiring. $120 USD Ecu FK 23710 80F70 Nissan Silvia SR20DE /MT/ ECU $110 USD SR20 lower oil pan assembly OEM $100 USD SR20 Crankshaft bearing cups with 4 extra bearings $120 USD SR20 Camshaft cap set. 10pcs with bolts $120 USD Sr20 MAF SENSOR Mass Air Flow Sensor 22680 52F01 $130 USD window control switches and much more. If you need anything from Zenki or sr20de feel free to contact me Item location:Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Shipping $25 USD worldwide
  14. Doing a Sr20de to sr20det swap soon. Need a few pointers on some things i will need to buy and if there will be any problems that might occur? First of all, would it be easier to when i pull my NA engine out should i take the gearbox with it, or should i just leave it on the chassis and just drop the sr in and bolt it up? Second, am i going to need coils packs to be able to run this car or can i use the spark leads from the distributer? Can i use a T3 turbo from a r33 skyline stock nissan turbo to run this her? (as a low mount) Due to that i don't have enough money for a sr turbo. And my brothers old stocky turbo is gathering dust in a box. Will i need to get her tuned after doing this swap? Due to this will be my daily. Last but not least, can i just run this setup without a bov to make extra zuututuuu? However i will be buying a hks bov when i get some more doe. Atm i have on my shopping list. DET loom, DET Ecu, intercooler (side mount) and piping. Exhaust manifold, dump pipe (welding a r33 dump to fit), turbo oil lines, obviously the SR20DET blacktop out of a 180sx non vct, and possibly the coil packs. Have i got everything? Thanks for reading really need some advice on this, since im doing this swap by myself and a mate.
  15. Pickup from Wollongong. Postage costs extra. "best price" questions get ignored. Clearing out stash of parts. Lots more to add. S13 SR oil pumps $10 each S13 SR cams $10 each S13 SR upper sump pan $10 stock suspension arms $10 each S13 SR intake manifolds $10 each S13 SR fuel rails $10 each S13 stock tail lights $20 S13 tinted tail lights $20 S13 tail light garnish $20 S13 SR set of coilpacks+loom $120 S13 SR ignitor $50 S13 SR20DET "52F00" AFM $50 each S13 SR20DET "62" redtop manual ecu $50 S13 clutch masters $20 S13 SR20 starter motor $50 S14 SR20 alternator $50 turbo snouts $10 each T25/T28 round snouts $20 RB20/RB26 '22020-05U00' ignitor + coil pack loom $100 S13 SR manifolds $10 each S14 SR manifold $10 SR stainless manifold, has had cracks repaired. $50 S13 fuel pump cover/cradle $50 SR engine mounts $20/pair CA18DET flywheel $10 GTR/stagea front control arms $50 stock arms $10 each R33 GTST front knuckles/hubs $20/pair S13 LCA + knuckles (no hubs) $50 S13 swaybars $10 each S13 hicas steering rack (+lines, reservoir, non-hicas pump?) $100 S13 SR crossmember with engine mounts $50 passenger window controls $20 driver window controls - missing buttons. switches work. $10 power window relay $50 180SX front guard indicators $20 180SX indicator stalks $20 "SR" wiper stalks type x? wiper stalk door handle covers triangle mirror covers mirror controls hazard buttons 180SX hatch demister/wiper buttons front demister buttons 180SX popup headlight button dome lights silvia fog light button Token payment for unpriced things
  16. Have a new vct gear to replace old one as engine sounds like a tractor and want to clear a few questions up before i start. 1.Does the engine all need to be in time before i start(not sure as i am only replacing the gear) 2. Can i remove the chain tensior or how do i compress it so i can remove old vct gear 3. What is the torque spec to tighten new Vct gear up too? Thanks!
  17. So...dropping the oil out of a SR i have most oil flowed out well, black used oil...but then when i tilted the motor sideways to really drain it before flipping it (on engine stand) over to remove the sump i found some grey sludge coming out....so i dropped the pan and yeah..shes a bit thick... i have no idea how long the engine was sitting before i got it, there was a little surface rust on the cams that ive cleaned up.... compression seems to be ok, haven't done a proper psi test but feels ok when trying to hand crank. I feel that i need to pull the head off and at very least change the head gasket... crank ect look clean enough, eg no sludge up there... comments??
  18. Tomei Short Shifter up for sale, rare and discontinued item. Includes all installation parts and instructions if required. Includes GKtech Solid shifter bushing. Shortens throw by 30% and makes shifting more precise, quicker and feel more solid. Selling due to upgrading to an RB25DET gearbox. Fitment: S13, S14, S15 (5 speed only) - Both KA & SR, R32 & R31 (GTS), R33 & R34 (GTS25NA), Z31 (VG20, RB20), A31) Price: $250 Location: Melbourne (SE Suburbs)
  19. Anyone used golebys 1000cc injector package for the sr20det. Seem like a good price for everything. The injectors are bosch ev14s, and from what i know bosch are a great brand. Here a link to them: http://www.golebysparts.com.au/parts/view/469/61/nissan-sr20de-and-sr20det/fuel-rails-and-fuel-rail-injector-kits/sr20-s14-s15-bpp-fuel-rail-kit-and-bosch-1000cc-injectors
  20. WTB SR20det flywheel

    Looking for a flywheel from s13/14. Teeth in good nick. Can machine myself if slightly worn. Don't wanna spend too much.
  21. Sr20de urgent help

    Hi found a sweet sr20de for a good price but it's had holes drilled and tapped for turbo. Just want to know if I can just leave it and drop into the car will it still function normally without doing all the turbo shit and leaving it NA. Thanks
  22. Hey so Ive been searching around the web for a while now and cant find the answer. What sparkplugs should i run in my s14a sr20det? All the pages i found on it were from around 2006... Whats the best plug and gap? Im halfway finished the engine rebuild now it has slightly higher compression, stock turbo will be running 12psi for a bit. Until i save some more money for a bigger turbo
  23. Hi guys, I'm after an sr20 rb20 gearbox combo to fit in my corolla. Cheers
  24. Hey guys, I've dug through some old threads but still trying to find a few questions left unanswered: - Does the 8cm version have any backpressure issues above 250rwkw? E.g. what backpressure/boost ratio is commonly found at 20psi+, is it less than 1.5:1? - Is the ramp rate of the 8cm version a lot more savage than the 10cm version? Which one would be faster off the mark? - In track conditions, does the 8cm version hold its own or does it get choked up top/end up with heat issues from being at high rpm.... - In terms of throttle response (e.g. driveability), which version is easier to drive? I drive my car mainly through the mountains and im starting to get regularly involved in track days, so I'm wondering which would be a better match for the car. Everyone seems to be telling me the 8cm coupled with HKS 256 cams is a match made in heaven for the S15, and the 10cm version will be a bit too laggy for a spirited street/track car... If i ended up porting the motor etc, would the 8cm still be a good match? Thanks in advance.
  25. Just wondering if anyone knows what the lowest cca battery or the smallest battery i can use in my series 1 s14 200sx? Cheers.