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Found 1 result

  1. So I get into this discussion from time to time with fellow petrol heads and the general public alike. Is Holden and Ford Australian? Well if watch V8 super cars or any form of Advertising from the manufacturers they would have you believe that they are as Australian as didgeridoos and Koalas. But the fact remain nothing could be further from the truth in my opinion. You see both US brands spend millions each year trying to convince people that buying a Ford or Holden is buying Australian. Well not really. A part from both manufacturers being started by American companies (General Motors and Ford US) almost their entire range of cars is Foreign made for example - Cruze (with the exception of the hatchback), Barina, Colorado, Focus, Mondeo. And before people bring up the Utes, Territory or the old Monaro they are all just modified Commodores and Falcons. Ok I might give exception to the Territory. Now yes before I get flamed I know Holden existed before GM bought them back in the early 1900s. This is probably why we have Holden and not Chev or Pontiac. But the fact remains the company only made lawn mowers and farming equipment before GM bought them. It was GM that turned it into a car manufacturer. Ok so both were founded by US companies, both companies remain US owned so profits head back the US and the Vast amount of the Ford and Holden range are made overseas. In fact the only cars that Holden or Ford make that are Australian are the Commodore and Falcon. Well kind of, We all know that apart from the V6 Ecotech all the commodore engines are in fact American including HSV motors, not to mention their gear box and diff are American. At least the Fords are Australian made well most of the Falcon anyway. Now there is one other car manufacturer that has a really similar story. Owned by a foreign company but has a Australian division, makes cars in Australia but only one and the rest of their range is made overseas, and that is Toyota. They make the Aurion here and like Holden and Ford assemble a couple of other foreign made cars in their Australian plants. So do you consider Toyota Australian? True blue Aussie? Unlikely. But if are still all caught up in the fancy Holden and Ford Marketing and still believe they are Australian then you really have to consider than Toyota is Australian because they share pretty much the exact same story as Holden and Ford. So in conclusion can Holden and Ford be considered Australian if - - They were founded by foreign companies - They are owned by foreign companies - Profits therefore go overseas to their owners - The vast amount of their range is made overseas - Even the cars made in Australia use a lot overseas made parts - Toyota shares the same story and you probably don't consider them Australian. So what are your feelings? Am I dead wrong? Are Holden and Ford in fact true blue Aussie? Do you agree and am I missing something?