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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I have a full set of Rays Engineering Volk Racing Mesh Wheels, Good condition for age, Previously on my AE71... which I no longer have.... Has ok tread on tyres, PHONE 0401 018 844 Located Gold Coast 14x7 +2 & 14x8 -11 4x114.3 stud pattern $900 ono
  2. Ke70 Part Out

    Parting out my suspension seem to be the way to go, all prices are negotiable within reason, I am willing to ship at your expense, all parts have done around 4000km of street driving: AJPS AE86 coil overs- Bilstien dampers, Cusco camber tops, stub axle bracing, 5 kg spring with 3 kg helper. $1250 AJPS Roll Center Adjusters 40mm. $130 AJPS Adjustable Rear Spring Seats. $220 -On Hold AJPS Adjustable Panhard Rod. $140 AJPS Rear Springs 3.5 Kg rate. $200 AJPS Traction Brackets (suit ke70 diff) never used. &180 AJPS 'Drift' Handbrake Button $15 Kelway Adjustable LCAs $350 Kelway Strut Brace $150 Signature Swaybars 22mm Swaybar $200 Bilstien Shortstroke Rear Dampers $375pr Cusco adjustable Caster Rods $600 Cusco Rod Brace $140 Jdm Ae86 Calipers (rebuilt by ACaB) $400 Jdm Ae86 Rotors- drilled/slotted/vented $220 Braided brake lines $120pr Ae86 front Hubs $225pr Ae86 Powersteering Knuckles $150 QFM Pads 85% still there $70 Super Pro Rear trailing arm bush kit (SPF0980K) new, still in packaging $80. 2x available Jdm Ae86 Washer Bottle $60 TwinCam Steering wheel Professionally reupholstered $200 Work Equip 01's 14x7-3 (A Disk) 14x7-6 (O Disk) with 165/60 Nexen tires $1800 Drivers Sliding Rail to suit Side Mounted Velo GP90 $200 All parts are out of my Ke70 and are under 6 months old Located South of Adelaide contact on 0402426324
  3. Ke70-Heaps of Mods

    For Sale: 1983 Ke70 Has a fair few things done so i may miss a few items: AJPS AE86 Front coil overs 5 kg spring, Cusco camber tops, Bilstien damper, stub axle bracing. AJPS 40mm RCAs AE86 power steering knuckles JDM AE86 Calipers, vented/slotted/drilled rotors, QFM pads, Braided lines AJPS Motorsport tie-rods, lock spacer, new rack ends Kelway LCAs-adjustable, rose-jointed and boxed. Cusco adjustable castor rods and brace Kelway strut brace 22mm front sway bar AJPS adjustable pan-hard rod AJPS adjustable rear spring seats 3.5 kg AJPS rear springs Bilstien rear dampers Velo GP90 on a Kelway sliding rail Twin Cam steering wheel Hella fog lamp grill 14x7-3 & 14x7-6 Work Equip 01s 165/60r14 Nexen tyres Still has a 4k in it because i had not made up my mind as to which engine conversion i would like to do, i tried to do a bit of a different build to the standard ke70 look so i wasn't just going to slap a 4age in and be done. The car gets a lot of attention on car cruises and at meets, granted to some it's always just going to be a ke70 but idgaf, it's a great hills car, a bit underpowered if you have more than yourself and a passenger in it haha, but it handles pretty mint. Just under $14,000 spent so far, is registered and clean, shell has a few blemishes here and there, interior is pretty clean, its done 230,000 km and still putts along pretty well. Price is $7,500 which is very reasonable considering the condition and mods, I am open to offers within reason and will consider swaps for most things. Located southern suburbs of Adelaide. Mainly looking to swap for an s13. Contact on 0402426324
  4. AUSTRALIA DRIFT GP SALE, AERO PARTS, LIGHTS AND MORE *We had our parts on afew cars over the weekend, so i thought i would do a special on those items and more.* *Special price for HARDTUNED Network Members* JSAI Aero parts are made in Australia from high quality resin and fibreglass and come finished in a high gloss black gel coat. Well-made aero parts with solid fitment. The pictures below are of parts I have made AND FITTED !!!!! Parts & Prices: Z33 350Z VERTEX FULL KIT $900 *plus shipping AE86 FULL KIT $770 *plus shipping RPS13 VERTEX RIDGE FULL KIT $1299 *plus shipping BNR34 GTR Z-TUNE FULL KIT $990 *plus shipping S15 JDM REAR PODS $220 FOR A PAIR * $28 shipping Australia wide RPS13 ORIGIN STREAMLINE STYLE FULL KIT $880 *plus shipping CT9A EVOLUTION 7 8 9 DAMD STYLE ADD ON FULL KIT $350 *plus shipping RPS13 180SX D-MAX 2-1 LIGHTS $89 *free shipping Australia wide CT9A EVOLUTION 7 8 9 CARBON FIBRE KANSAI STYLE AIRBOX $399 *free shipping Australia wide THIS SALE IS ONLY FOR A LIMITED NUMBER OF PARTS, SO GET IN QUICK BECAUSE ITS FOR SHORT TIME ONLY.... JSAI is located at: 238-258 Captain Cook Drive, Kurnell, NSW. Monday - Friday 9:30am- 4:30pm Saturday- by appointment only. For more info or to order please send us a pm, a text message or email. M: 0405 153 290 Email: josh@jsai.com.au Web: www.jsai.com.au Please note, The fiberglass and carbon fiber manufacturing process is a "hands on" process which often prevents us from taking calls during business hours. For this reason it is best to send us a text, pm or email and we will get back to you ASAP. We make every effort to get back to customers within 24 hours of receiving a message.
  5. Hello everyone in NS land, I have just acquired an S15 SR20DET that I will be mounting in an AE86 drift car. I managed to get the motor at quite a good price as the clutch was dead and I believe the previous owner was having trouble deciding how to go about replacing it. I have had a search though this forum and through a lot of US forums (thanks to google) but wanted to check my understanding with the gurus on here before I bought parts that might not work correctly. So, I intend to put an S15 SR20det in front of a 5MT gearbox. That gearbox will be an S13/14 bellhousing connected to an R32 box (to move the shift position a little further forward in the tunnel), but in essence it will be an S13 5MT. In order for everything to connect properly will I need: - An S13/14 (Solid) Flywheel - An S13/14 puk clutch (ie a clutch plate with springs in it) - An S13/14 starter motor (not 100% sure on this one because shouldn't using the S13/14 bellhousing place the starter ring gear at the right place?) - Place a pilot bearing in the back of the crank (anyone know a part number that will fit?) - Obviously for my setup I will also require custom tailshafts, gearbox crossmembers etc as well. Does anyone else know of anything obvious I am missing? Or does that all sound OK? Thanks in advance! Cheers, -Robbo
  6. F*ck the queen. Problem?

    Sarp OGs! Music, Take it; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnC8Hm8GxNc I got over building, So f**k the 180sx. She is gone. Time for skids is now. So I bought this little beast; True to my usual nature, I smashed her box the first night. No seriously...I only had 1st and 4th..... And a reco box costs $950. So $950 later we put the new box in. Oh f**k! I forgot to tell you why I bought this thing! 96KW @ the wheels (Dyno sheet is upstairs, I'm too thrashed and it's far too late to go up there) Running on a haltech E8 and some really f**king loud fuel pump and what I assume is supra injectors. Simpile power. So engine is already done, And a new gearbox is already in.
  7. Some styles are in stock and some are made to order, which we usually allow anywhere from a week to 2 weeks depending on how busy we are. AUSTRALIA WIDE, INSURED FREIGHT IS AVAILABLE. 180SX WORKS9 STYLE $770 NOW $600 URAS STYLE $660 NOW $550 S13 SUPERMADE STYLE $770 NOW $600 WORKS9 STYLE $770 NOW $600 BN SPORTS STYLE $660 NOW $600 BN BLISTER $1200 NOW $900 NISMO STYLE BONNET $600 NOW $500 (AVAILABLE IN FRP ONLY, CF PICTURED) S14/A SUPERMADE $770 NOW $700 WORKS9 $770 NOW $700 S15 SUPERMADE $770 NOW $700 GP SPORTS G SONIC EVOLUTION WIDEBODY $2500 NOW $2000 (2 ONLY) BE THE FIRST IN AUSTRALIA WITH THIS KIT!!!! VERTEX LANG STYLE $1200 (FB/SS/RB) INCL. CANARDS & BOOTLIP $1500 MADE TO ORDER VERTEX RIDGE STYLE $2300 MADE TO ORDER R32 GTR VEILSIDE WIDE FENDER KIT $1600 AE86 LEVIN DMAX STYLE $770 NOW $660 DMAX D1 FRONT FENDERS $400 NOW $300 FK 30MM REAR FENDERS $40 NOW $300 ORIGIN STYLE $700 NOW $600