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Found 15 results

  1. Spent hours and hours searching for this large poster that came in the fsm's. All links are dead since they're from 2006/2012 etc. Here's a 2019 one I stitched together quite seamlessly (not fully) to make it readable/usable compared to the A4 sections. Would need to cut it back up to be printed if desired though
  2. Wanted CA18DET

    Chasing a CA18det motor, manual gear box, wiring loom and ecu. For swap into a datsun 1200 ute! Located in Melbourne, have cash waiting. Cheers
  3. Hey guys, I recently had to reshell my S13 Silvia and my new shell was originally a CA18de, while my original was SR20de which I've now converted to turbo while reshelling. When I went to start it and after cranking for a bit, I noticed it didn't even sound like it wanted to start at all. So since the fuel pump was priming (although it doesn't anymore which is a mystery to me now since fuses seem good) I figured it wasn't getting spark, so I decided to test to see if it was getting spark but holding a coilpack with a sparkplug in it against a bolt on the engine while cranking the motor. After I saw no spark there I decided to crack the test light out and locate the issue. I started at the coilpack loom and quickly found myself at the ECU and realised it wasn't getting any power, which I then traced to the plugs where the passenger headlight is (which I rewired for the conversion according to what I found on the internet) and wasn't getting power to the ECU there either. I also noticed that the EGI relay is only getting power on 1 pin with the ignition on, where as the other relays in the fuse box get power at 2 pins. Is the EGI relay related to the ECU getting power? If so, where does the relay get it's power from? Or would it just be that I wired those plugs at the passenger headlight incorrectly? I just colour matched the wires as per what I read. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I can't figure this out for the life of me, among other electrical issues such as the cluster backlights not turning on, foglights not working, rear parkers/brakelights and only one headlight working, but those are all the least of my worries at the moment.
  4. Hi guys, I have some parts for sale, pick up preferred in Wellington Point QLD but I can post the smaller items at your cost. All of the Datsun 1200 parts were removed from my 1980 ute. Door trims - the boards are in pretty poor condition - $10 Z32 airflow meter with connector - I removed the screens - SOLD T25 size turbo beanie - unused - SOLD CA18 fuel rail with 3 injectors and FPR - $30 SR20 upper plenum with TB and ACC (items attached to plenum in photos) - SOLD 1200 door pulls - $5 each 1200 window winders - $5 each 1200 brown defrost trims - $5 each 1200 bonnet latches (upper and lower) - $10 each Pipe to connect turbo outlet to TB on CA18 - comes with silicone hose on TB side. It has a tab on the underside to allow a bracket (not supplied) to support it from the front timing cover. A fitting has been welded near the TB side to allow for a connection to the cold start valve. You will require a 2 inch to 2.5 inch 45 degree bend to join from the turbo outlet to the pipe as seen in the photo of the pipe installed on my motor. - $50 (note that I have a T28BB of an S15 installed which may have the turbo outlet pointed in a different direction. 45 degree 35mm silicone bend - $5 70mm to 50mm silicone reducer - $5 Set of used CA18 valves - $25 CA18 valve springs and lifters - not a full set of either items - $10 for everything pictured in box. 8AN couplers - SOLD 6AN oneway valves for fuel pumps - SOLD Turbosmart boost T - old style never used - $35 Splitfire CA18 coils - new and never used in box with instructions and harness - SOLD 1200 ute door glass - both lower support channels included but one has been removed, i would suggest removing the other and treating the surface rust on both before refitting to the glass with silicone or purchasing new rubbers - $50 each side. Feel free to ask any questions. Phone number is 0488 zero seven one 521. Cheers Nathan
  5. Have these up for sale. Not going to be needed for next project. Won't fit my manifold (unfortunately). Turbo is BW S360 .88ar T4 open Wg is genuine tial 44mm Turbo is brand new. WG has about 10mins idle time on it. Turbo $900ono (turbo cost me 900USD + post + taxes) WG 400ono (Cost me $525) chenery.w.j@gmail.com
  6. G'Day internet! So in my S13, I couldn't help but notice that my air conditioning doesn't work! I have a CA in it and the a/c compressor is on but has no belt on the pulley. I found a few lines that lead to the front of the car (just in front of the radiator) and nothing is plugged into them. So the main purpose of this thread is to ask someone who knows heaps about the air cinditioning unit, about the S13's a/c system. I was hoping I could get a diagram of some sort or a list of everything needed in the air con unit. I know I'm already pushing it but if I could get some sort of tutorial on how to assemble it all I would be forever in your debt. - FlameOn
  7. I have for sale a brand new CES Racing twin dump pipe to suit either SR20, CA18, RB20 or RB25 motors. This particular dump pipe I was told is the best twin dump pipe you can get for an internally wastegated turbo SR20 motor. I bought this through Mercury Motorsport but have not fitted it seeing I have sold car. It comes painted in mat black and has been tested to give gains of 20kw. This qas the best dump pipe I could get for my car. Now looking to sell. Check out www.cesracing.com.au for more info. These are usually from $575 new. Price: $425 Pickup only. Can post at buyers expense Location: Carseldine, Brisbane Contact: 0435234580
  8. R & S Chassis Clearance

    Located: Central Coast Gosford Postage: Willing at Buyers Expense Prices: Some negotiable Pictures: available via text Contact: Leon, 0404921287 R34 Injectors 340cc Top Feed $150 R34 GTT Coilpacks $150 R34 Standard Camber Arms $20 R34 Standard Triple Gauges $60 CA18 Standard Turbo Manifold $50 2x R33 GTR Turbos in Pieces $50 CA18 Fan Should Upper/Lower $30 CA18 Clutch Fan $50 CA18DET Engine All Bolt Ons $250 CA18DET Loom Excluding 2 plugs $30 HICAS Rack from 89 180sx $30 RB25DET S1 Engine All Bolt Ons no turbo (in pieces) $600 RB25DET S1 Loom $50 RB25 Forward Facing Plenum Standard Throttle Body $250 Unknown Side Mount $10 RB Engine mount adapters to Holden HK $40 Ford Falcon AU Thermo Fans $25 180sx Genuine Plastic CA Front Bar $150 180sx Genuine Plastic CA Rear Bar $50 180sx Genuine Plastic CA Sideskirts $250 S chassis Double Gauge Pillar Mount 52mm $50 Xtrons TD717 Double Din Headunit $50 Kicker ZX200.2 $125 S14 S2 Fuel Pump $40
  9. 1991 nissan silvia s13 " rolling " SHELL ONLY -DOESNT COME WITH ENGINE -LOOM -ECU,BOX,MANUAL conversion parts . White 2 tone with GOLD Electric everything including a HUD window speedo display 160 od kms on the clock sunroof used to have a RB25det in it, still has RB20 X cross member can can supply SR crosmember engine bay is black you will have to bring your own wheels as the wheels pictured are not supplied, a set of stock/aftermarket wheels can come with the car for an extra $200 vehicle is complied and used to be registered few years ago, has been an ongoing slow project, interior is in fairly good condition needs a clean up, body suits respray has some dents and rear bottom corner where bumper attaches has a big dent where surface rust has started, some common rust bubbles around sunroof, going for a cheap, throw your setup in and register or great for a track or donor car $950 make an offer, pickup Southside Brisbane.0433377325
  10. s13 ca18de

    Hi Guys Just bought my first silvia s13 92 model because i want to get into drifting Its got a really straight body, no rust or big dints and is as stock as a rock! its got a ca18de, auto! The motor needs to have the rings replaced, its blowing alot of black smoke Plans are to do a manual swap on it, keep it ca18 non turbo so i can drive it on the street since i am on my p's, coilovers and wheels! that's about all i can think of for now. Will upload more pics sometime throughout the week
  11. hey guys just chasing a ca18 oil pump and gasket asp or if anyone knows where i can get one? thanks Jordy
  12. Hi all, Moved house, had to offload some things to the nature strip, feel free to fondle to your hearts desire: S13 CA18 dB legal exhaust (not stock, but EPA friendly) CA18DET stock turbo-to-cat dump pipe CA18DE exhaust cam (needs some polishing love, supposedly gives power gains if used on intake side; more lift and duration than intake cam) CA18DET clutch throw-out bearing; new in box S13 CA18DET standard radiator; no leaks S13 CA18DET ABS unit; functional but weeping some fluid Ciao!
  13. Hey guys, back with a build thread that will be updated and an account which I wont loose access to..... Anywho... I bought my S13 back in March 2011. She's a 1989 Seafoam Green Two Tone S13 Coupe. I work on a minimum wage (below $13.00) lol so money is hard to come by, but it's the hard working hours of slaving away in some crap pizza shop that has really made me appreciate the little yet tastefull changes I have made over the year and a bit. I tend to look at my car as form > function, I bought the car for its aesthetics and that's how I planned to keep it. Engine mods arnt really a thing im going for until I'm off my p's as I see building up a N/A motor a waste of time, especially on a CA and would rather wait 2 years to drop an RB25DET in Mods Completed: Rota Grid's 17x9 +12 Nissan Aero Side Skirts Nissan Aero Front Bar w grills Clear Indicators Clear Parkers Crystal Tail Lights Roof Wing To do: COILOVERS Nissan Aero pods S14 Kouki Wing Here she is the day I bought her Rattle canned my Aero Bar Ordered some beautiful Rota's in white, which scream "look at me" lol Ran some stretch and did this.... ... Fitted my Aero kit And fitted some Crystals.. So that's what she looks like atm, high as anything, but shes gnna have to sit that way till I can afford some nice coilovers.. Thanks for reading
  14. Hey all. just picked myself up an s13 yesterday been waiting a while for the right one to pop up in my price range and hey presto it happened. The owner was selling it just to get rid of it, and said that it had the head re built a few months ago cost 4g to do. and a 900 dolla exhaust. but was smoking so he changed the turbo to an s14 one or something, and it kept smoking so he said must be somthing else. comp tested it today came up with 170psi 150 60 and 100 across the four haha. so shes getting pulled out in the next few days. just gonna do rings n bearings and put it back in. pretty excited ! came with all spare bits and pieces to so been sorting through them all. spare trim and what not. and a body kit. cleaned the car to, underneath was covered in dirt and shit. engine bay way filthy. slapped in the tein coilovers that came with it after i cleaned them up, took such a hammering to get them to budge to lower them because they looked like they had been sitting in mud for a while and were a bit seized. cleaned inside came up awesome has s15 seats and some different speakers and jvc head unit. carpet is still a bit dirty though and need to clean seats a bit better. only has one tiny crack on the dash to ! after shes all running ill be painting it up probably silver !?? cant wait anyone wana guess what i paid ???? haha just after picking her up. borrowed my uncles trailer and towed it home with the old ef not a problem. pulling all the stuff out of it sorting through this was before i cleaned it up inside still not bad put grill in and sat front bar on
  15. Hey guys, i have what was a CA18DET 180sx that I'm building into a track oriented SR20DET Sileighty, still street legal though. (first time I've done any sort of work on a car) I've been wanting to upgrade the brakes since the CA18 discs are tiny. I went to put some SR20DET discs on for now, but they don't fit in the baffle plate. Do i need to need to keep the baffle plate? Can it just be flattened out a bit to fit the discs? I also tried to remove the plate but I couldn't work out how it was attached and it wouldn't budge from where it was.