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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, Has anyone used ACT NS1-XTSS before? I searched but didn't find any topics, which is weird enough as I thought it was a popular choice. Im thinking of buying it, got an sr20det, around 450hp and 50kg of torque. Im basically after a street friendly clutch which can withstand abuse as well. I dont want funny noises, or too hard pedal. According to ACT this seems to be a good option. Thanks in advance
  2. Hey Guys, I've got a MY06 Liberty STi Tuned, and my clutch recently let go. Can you guys recommend a replacement clutch? Its got a 5 speed 2.0T with 200kw at the wheels Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. Drift tek wheels 17x8+34 17x9+35 staggered set 4x114.3 champagne gold $400 Work emotion XD9 17x8.5+25 17x9.5+28 staggered set 4x114.3 gunmetal $1,400 15x9+3 custom steelies pair only 4x114.3 $150 4x114.3 15mm hubcentric spacers pair blue anodized $70 4x114.3 30mm hubcentric spacers pair blue anodized $80 T25G sr20 red top turbocharger good condition $180 S13 passenger door factory pearl white $50 S13 driver door factory pearl white $50 S13 clutch kit incl flywheel suit sr20 x2 $50 each Z32 vg30dett clutch kit incl flywheel $80 sr20 radiator $25 Sr20 radiator shroud $30 R33 handbrake kit with backing plates, R33 handbrake cables, Z32/R33 rear dual pot calipers & R33 rear brake discs $180 Handbrake and brake kit massive upgrade to s chassis cars! Located Wollongong, can post at buyers expense pm, email: looseendsdrifters@gmail.com, sms or call 0400 285 104 Brad.
  4. $300 XTREME 6 Puck There is still quite abit of meat on it and the clutch still ran strong before removal. Also comes with some other stuff as seen in pictures. Pickups only around western suburbs.
  5. Hey, Thanks in advance for the help. Basically, my clutch just does not want to disengage. it pretty much never goes into neutral position. I drive the car and have to rev match it every time i need to change the gear. Whilst driving if i push the clutch pedal in, it does not rev up or down. it just drives like the clutch is engaged. did a lot of research, not exactly sure what the problem is. - The master cylinder ? -The clutch ? - the transmission ? Clutch its not spongy, still feels solid not spongy There is no leaks as the fluid is still just above "max" Could someone please narrow down the problem? Thank you
  6. Hi, I need to clear some items I have sitting around the house Vertex copy r32 gtst full body kit. Front and sides are drift condition. Hole cut out in side skirt for a side exit exhaust. Front bar requires fibreglassing. Looks to be AH3 red. SOLD R31/VL rb30e gearbox. FS5W71C. I never used it so i dont know the condition of the gears or synchros. They all slot in otherwise. I recommend a new input shaft bearing before use as it feels a little tired. For those that dont know, the rear housing of this box is shorter than the s13 boxes which means it should be good for an ae86/ke sr/ca conversion. Bellhousings are all interchangeable with ca/sr 5 speed. Comes with shifter, all sensors and bearing carrier. $200 sr20 180sx front bar brackets. This allows you to bolt your bumper onto the guards nice and flush. Comes with a random headlight bracket $40 5 puck exedy unsprung clutch and pressure plate suit rb20/25. Still useable. My Verniers are stuffed so i cant accurately measure thickness but it definitely still has a useable amount. $150 R34 gtr nismo oval muffler with a factory butterfly valve. Valve is seized up, needs a good hit of wd40. Overall good cond otherwise. $50 R33/34 manual trans crossmember and mount. Mount not pictured but is sitting in my garage somewhere. Good nick. $40 Set of 18x7 +40 volk te37 copies. 2 are cracked at the lip but still hold air lol. Tyres are shot. $100 Stock s13 front shocks and springs $30 Located in western Sydney, Fairfield area. Will post anything at buyers expense. PM or TXT 04017 555 one two
  7. rb26 clutch plates!

    WTB: 2x 3010C-RS045 RB26 clutch plates to suit Nismo red cover G-max twine plate. proving to be reeeallly hard to find ! where the hell do you get them?
  8. Hey guys, got my car back after having a cushion ceramic hi torque clutch installed on my 94 180sx with a sr20det and now the gear box feels really tight and its hard to get it into gear. This problem is mainly first and reverse, I have adjusted the clutch pedal higher thinking this might fix the issue but after adjusting it higher it felt good for 5mins or so then as the car heated up and gears became sticky and stiff. I needed to force it into first gear when taking off at the lights. Anyone know what this could be? I have ordered a braided clutch line and going to get the clutch bled and swap it over for the braided line on the weekend. do you think this may help?? any help appreciated! Thankyou.
  9. Hey guys, I own a s13 running an rb25det, its a tracker. Now my clutch pedal is sticking a little bit, comes up about 3/4 of the way sometimes. The clutch itself is fine, very aggressive without slippage.. Now i recently bled it and everything was smick for 5 mins before it started sticking again so I guess my slave needs replacing. When I order a new slave do I order one for a s13? Or should I order one for a r33 'cause I have a rb25det? Just don't want to order the wrong thing. Thanks
  10. Hey guys, I own a 2000 Nissan silvia Autech that I purchased a few weeks ago. I'm experiencing a noise when i push the clutch pedal in, it is a thumping / thudding noise that only happens when the car is rolling in first gear and i engage the clutch, It also happens when its rolling in second but it's much less severe than first It doesn't happen in any gear higher than two. Anybody know what the issue is?
  11. I am looking at buying a new clutch and I am looking for suggestions, the current one is on its way out and I want to replace it myself. I have done a few drift days and plan to do more so I want something that will last a while but not blow my gearbox up first drive. I am not chasing a lot of power, I am guessing I have around 160-170 at the wheels. I dont know how long my gearbox will last but I am prepared to change to s14 if it breaks. The car is a 180sx sr20det t28 current clutch is heavy but not sure what kind exactly. It's lasted 18 months plus including 3 drift days and everyday driving. Shimmed diff, pretty much locked fmic fuel pump eboost street main suspension parts
  12. RB25 Fan Clutch

    Is there any advantage / disadvantage to running the GKTech Fan on a SR20DET using the RB25 clutch in place of the SR20 clutch? I know the hole PCD is about half a hole out, however, I would have them slotted to suit.
  13. Sup Ns again. long story short busted the clutch at eastern creek drifts last weekend. tossing up my possible options. car makes 250odd rwkw. and i use 235/40/18 china or 595 feddys its a drift car. I have a z32 gear box its registered and sees the street but not very often. SO twin plate or not ? something like a orc for example is a 1200 dollar option vs say another exceedy single for 550 odd but i really cbf changing clutches all the time with the cheaper option at the same time ive seen more than a few poeple break boxes with a chunky twin plate... and id rather pop a clutch than a box. So im up for opinions and feedback from people who actully drift, and what you use in your set up with sucess. open to brands. but im not going to drop 2500 on say a carbon clutch. k Go. Appreciate the feedback in advance