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Found 12 results

  1. So I recently bought a stock Spec S and had a Sr20det out of another S15 swapped into it. It’s been having an issue stalling when warm. (One of many issues). Ex: pulling up to a stop light on flat ground when the cars been running for 20 minutes, I put the clutch down all the way, blip the gas to get the RPMs up and it will stall out before the revs move. Won’t start for a few minutes at most. when slowing to a stop in neutral or with the clutch down it stalls randomly, won’t start for upwards to 5 minutes When the car is warm and I park it for more than 5 minutes, I’ll come back and it will turn over and then stall almost instantly. The previous owner of the engine just happened to have the same mechanic I have. I was informed that they installed a second coolant temp sensor in the dash with a toggle switch, when the car wouldn’t start he would flip to the in dash sensor and it would start. Mechanic said the CAS tested just fine, still don’t know what caused the cam damage. Car at has a straight pipe exhaust and constantly backfired on daily driving, and smelt extremely rich(I know...no CAT) so my though was instantly CAS, perhaps the mechanic didn’t test it properly? Also: found metal in the oil, opened the valve cover and the intake cam was scratched bad. Got Poncam’s being installed now along with a brand new Vct. Z32 MAF Front mount r32 fuel pump Any advice is much appreciated, been throwing so much money at a car I just wanted for a fun daily driver... A52D7969-1BC8-4238-B51C-DB58F36341E9.MOV 968C60A7-DC12-4628-8153-60C7C7A11509.MOV
  2. Hey NS crew, I have upgraded to E85 and now have some parts for sale. Parts are used but in excellent working order. Sard Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator $60 Nismo 4x 555cc injectors with S13 fuel rail $300 Turbosmart manual adjustable boost controller (black) SOLD OEM S13 turbo heatshield $20 OEM S13 Passenger & Driver side mirrors (white) paint is average. $60 for the pair OEM S14 air intake duct $20 OEM S13 electric window amp controller $30 (if your windows aren't working most probably faulty amp/controller is the culprit, this one works 100%) OEM S13 Rear tailight RHS (drivers side) $30 Newcastle area for pick ups. Will post items at extra cost. Cheers Mark 0431 213 504
  3. SR20 new parts

    I have some new SR parts for sale ARP main stud kit (in head stud kit packaging) - $100 Hi-flow aftermarket fuel rail kit - $40 SR20DET genuine rear main seal - $50 Can arrange postage at buyers expense Location: Carseldine, Brisbane QLD Contact: 0435234580
  4. Finished putting the car together tonight ready for tomorrows tune, went to start it but only cranks and doesn't turn over! Couldn't hear fuel pump prime on ignition so checked the fuse in the drivers side foot panel and is good. Then tried seeing if there was any power at the fuel pump plug to rule out dead fuel pump, couldn't get plug off seems to be fused on so spliced into wires with a multimeter, no power through wire.. The only things left i can think of is the relay (located?) or ecu. How would i test these as there's no power getting down to actual pump. Is there anything else i should check? Thanks in advance
  5. Just looking for a quick clarification as to stock S14a injector size, have read various things on different forums. Please only comment if you are 100% sure. Background info: I have a s14a with s15 (440/480cc) injectors currently installed. Want to use the stock s2 ecu for now so need to know if i have to revert back to smaller 370cc injectors if that's what was originally fitted stock from Nissan. Previous setup ran an Apexi Power FC, Z32 AFM and disco potato which i no longer have hence reverting back to stock ecu, stock afm and t28bb.
  6. s14a injectors

    WTB: S14a stock injectors, good condition!
  7. 180sx upgraded fuel system e85

    hey guys due to chasing more power im now selling my stealth e85 fuel system which consists of: 4 x ID2000's with rail powertune billet twin intank bracket twin aeromotive pumps (340lph each) inline filter speedflow fittings and all the braided lines from front to back -10 $2750 the lot Contact Troy on 0403 131 921
  8. Brand new Walbro 255LPH fuel pump. Still in plastic, part number is GSS342K. Includes fitting kit- connector, clamps, terminals, filter strainer, rubber insulator. $135 shipped anywhere in Aus. Send me a PM if interested. Sam
  9. Got a brand new still in plastic genuine walbro 255 in tank fuel pump with fitting kit and strainer for sale. Great upgrade for your stock fuel pump and they are easy to install. $135 shipped nationwide or can arrange to be collected in Perth, WA. Thanks
  10. Been a while since I've written something. This covers some fuel pump conversations I've had with the gang over the lunch table @ Powertune Australia. When pushing 4 cylinders beyond 500kW at the wheels, the true colours of these pumps really do come out. Have a read. http://maximalperfor...fuel-pumps.html
  11. Hey guys, Just seen this article on Adelaide now and thought it would be worth while sharing. If this is accurate its going to lead to much more than just cheap fuel costs. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/trillion-shale-oil-find-surrounding-coober-pedy-can-fuel-australia/story-e6frea83-1226560401043
  12. Hi guys, I have a problem with my S15...When i accelerate, even slightly it will miss/splutter between 2000rpm-3500rpm. Once the revs pick up it seems to go fine, no problem. It idles fine, and doesn't seem to have any problem when cold, however the problem appears and gets worse as the engine warms up. So after the engine gets hot its pretty much undriveable. So in summary, cold (running less than 10-15min), idle and high revs or almost zero accelerator and it is all ok but when hot, low revs and it will misfire. Its fairly stock, just FMIC, pod, 3inch exhaust and split dump. I just put on a brand new AFM as i thought that was the problem but it didnt help at all. 12 month old fuel pump O2 sensor is only 18 month old. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Michael