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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys so recently my headlights began to mess up. I resorted to changing the stalk switch and then change the motor. after changing the motor, both headlights went up fine, yet the one with the changed motor wasnt level with the perfectly working pop up light. So after a spirited drive, my car had a new issue which is now hilarious and frustrating as eff. As the title of the thread says; one headlight goes up and the other goes down. this happens when flick the lights on and even the pop up button. Both sides seems to think its off but one is clearly up and the same story when lights are on, one is down. There is also a bit of a clunking noise as the light thats problematic is going down. the course of action i took was to disconnect the mechanism that you can screw the cap to adjust the headlight levels. And then put it back while the lights are in the off position... this did not work. Another course of action i took was removing the relays in the fuse box below the intake. Now... this did not work also. So i am now here asking my dear nissan friends if they know the solution i could try or even to go an auto electrician who are knowledgeable about 180’s. Your help is hugely appreciated! and if someone tells me to buy abflug lights, I honestly would rn. Ball ache af!!! 3B93E1EB-B8C9-472E-9BC1-403A1EF9D5D2.MOV
  2. Headlight Restoration?

    Hey, So I've just noticed my headlights have this sort of cracking or something on the inside of my S15 headlights....Anyone know what this is, why it's happened and if its fixable? I can't remember them being like this but I recently had them restored and now I notice it....The people that restored them assured me it must have been like that before hand, It just wasn't noticeable because they were foggy....I'm not sure though :/ Cheers!
  3. Item: GP sports kit for s14A Description: sprayed in white, great condition just needs a wash Price: $1000 Location: Melbourne, westside Willing to post?: no Contact: pm or 0423 505 674
  4. Hey peoples, got some stuff taking up space in the garage I dont need anymore S15 Bootlid, Pewter in colour, no holes, good condition, $100 S15 JDM Drives side Headlight, includes ballast good condition, $250 S15 JDM Passengers side Headlight, includes ballast, has a crack in the lens but works ok, $75 S15 Windscreen Washer bottle, includes neck and pumps, $20 S15 Digital fan control unit, mode button sits a little crooked, $20 S15 Passengers side Door Card, missing plastic trim from handle, $40 Also have assorted interior and boot plastics etc 180sx Weathershields, good condition with clips and fresh double sided tape $50 S13 digital fan control unit, $20 S13 centre dash vent, good condition, $10 S13 Sunroof, not sure how well it works as it came with a shell I bought, $20 S13 Glovebox, $10 Pair of S13 Seats, could use a good clean, fabric a little worn on drivers side bolster, $20 S13 Condenser and compressor, good condition, comes with lines attached, $50 Autotechnica Deep Dish Steering wheel, has a small chunk missing from bottom of wheel, comes with boss kit, $25 Items are located on the Gold Coast Queensland, can post at buyers expense, Have probably got other S13 interior parts, seatbelts, sunvisors, sound/heat pad from under bonnet, etc etc if anyones interested
  5. Hey guys, Unlikely I'll be able to get much help without readers being able to look at the car but worth a shot asking, will try to be as in depth as possible. So I've recently bought a one-via and ehhh the whole car's a bit "how ya going" to say the least. Anyway the front conversion panel wise was done relatively well but the head light wiring is a bit fooked. Hi beams work. When switching from off to on low beams they take a while to turn on (as do dash lights) when they come on they are extremely dim, the sort of colour of light that is projected when you have a blown fuse. (All fuses are good as are relays in engine bay). If you then flick to hi beams they'll work no worries. When switching from off to on hi beams, hi beams will turn on no worries. Then when flicking from hi beams on to low beams on the low beams will come on in their extremely dim light as described above. If the lights have been on and then are switched off and on to lows, they will come on without a delay but still be their very dim colour. It also appears when doing this, an initial light will turn on and another light (in the globe) fades on. looks like both the hi and low beam filaments are on when just on low beam. To add to that, on the dash the hi beam indication dash light will be partially lit when on low beams. And on fully when on hi beams. So that's pretty much the issue, in brief low beams are super dim not at all suitable for night driving, hi beams work. ----driver's side low beam stopped working today when playing around trying to find parkers Details on car Way too small battery, the car only has a 310 or 330cca battery (will chuck a brother's car battery in to see if it makes a difference). Terminals on battery are looking pretty shit could probably do with replacing. Parkers aren't hooked up if that's an issue (thought I'd mention it incase it causes something) Three wires going into head light - On drivers side there is a plug coming off this group of wires which goes nowhere(labelled PLUG ONE). There is also another smaller plug which goes nowhere (PLUG TWO). Plug to doesn't come straight off these three wires (it might though, but not as obviously as plug one does) On passenger side there is a socket that is very short that comes out of the main headlight loom which turns on for the parker. On drivers in the 'pod' where the indicator and parker sits, there is a seperate line/loom (whatever you want to call it) that runs to the (operating) indicator. There is then the plugs/sockets for the parker however there are two globe holders which run to one plug, can't find the loom/plug that connects to this (therefore no parker). (Labelled Driver's side indicator pod) Driver's side indicator pod PLUG TWO PLUG ONE If anyone can tell me anything that might help please let me know If anyone has the wiring diagrams for a PS13 and a RPS13 that'd be sweet please link me Thanks heaps! -if I've posted this in the wrong area feel free to move it to the correct area (only just started using this forum)
  6. Stagea series 1 & 2 lights all in good to very good condition.Pickups from Mt.Gravatt Brisbane or can dropoff/meetup locally or post them Askng $500 for the lot or will separately.
  7. Hey everyone, i really need some help on finding a supplier to but a Headlight harness for my PS13. ive tried all over the internet but cant find anything. even called nissan and they cant help me. can anyone help!?!?! thanks in advance!
  8. I am after these headlights for my Silvia. I cant find them anywhere. Can anyone help me out?
  9. Kaixen HID

    Got a little question. Whenever i turn on my headlights (they have a kaixen HID kit), it starts off on like green, then it goes to blue, then purple then it eventually goes to white, these changing colours last about 10 seconds before it goes back to white/yellow. First off, what is the reason for this? Second, is there any way to make them stay one of those colours? Cheers guys
  10. Hey ladies & gents finally bit the bullet & put a deposit on a S15 after having to decided between that or a Chaser. I read somewhere that Maquires make a product that's good to clean the headlights, if not does anyone know of the best way to restore them clear/ clean looking? I also wanna get some coilover's asap, I was told BC coilover's would do the job nicely and should be around $1100? aswell with that what else should I be buying to get good camber, and set up, better lock etc? Where and how much? Any help would be much appreciated!
  11. Hi guys On my 91 S13 I having a strange problem with my brake lights all is well when the headlights are off but when. But when I have the headlights on the tail lights will work no problem while the brake is not being used as soon as I press on the brake the passenger side tail lights and brake light go off. So far I have checked to see if one of the two bulbs were causing the problem but even when I have one in only I get the same result and I have had a glance over the fuses and all look not blown but I might not have looked at all the right ones. I am wondering if anyone has suffered the same problem and what they did to fix it Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  12. hey guys just a quick question i recently picked up a pair of s13 square headlights the right side is mint but the left case is broken iv got stock s13 lights can i just replace the housing or do i have to find another square headlight cover to replace it with? -Ben