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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, Hope I'm putting this post in the right section. I tried searching for idle issues in the forums, but the ones posted seemed different from mine and was wondering if you guys could help. Thanks in advance... When I start my 97 180sx SR20DE in the morning, it idles perfectly fine while I let it warm up. However during the afternoon or even after "spirited driving" when I am at a stop sign or light and just in neutral, my RPM will drop and then raise again and drop and then raise again. I just changed the spark plugs to iridium NGK hoping that would fix my idling issues, but so far its still there. I also tried unscrewing what I was told was the "AAC valve" (a screw under the plenum) and spraying it with some carb cleaner. It seemed to work for a bit, but later on it comes back. On the way to work I was driving pretty fast and for the first time ever my RPM when in idle dropped dangerously close to shutting my car off. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hello doctor i have a problem... no really as the title suggests im having some issues with my idle (Sr20de s13) Out of the blue one day a week or so ago the idle just went up around the 1800 - 2500 mark and then i discovered the TPS was erratic so now its been replaced and the idle is still around the 1500 mark and the only other thing i can think of could be causing this is the Aircon sensor telling the ECU that it's still connected and turned on. I have checked so far: IACV - cleaned and inspected - later adjusted screw to closed as much as possible AFM - dismantled & cleaned TPS - replaced and adjusted to 0.45v Battery - Replaced with new one just coz checked the dizzy position which is all good Out of the blue one day the idle just went up around the 1800 - 2500 mark and then i discovered the TPS was erratic so now its been replaced and the idle is still around the 1500 mark and the only other thing i can think of could be causing this is the Aircon sensor telling the ECU that it's still connected and turned on or something. If you have any idea where i can locate this sensor or what else i can check to rule out i'm all ears because it's costing me an arm and a leg for fuel
  3. Hey guys, i have a S15, when its idling after it drops down past 1000 rpm, it will sound like a wrx and feel lumpy/shakey , the boost gauge moves up abit and start getting shakey. I have just change the sparks (brcp6es) and oil (Motul 4100 10w40), but also the oil smells like fuel also it only boosts up to 5 psi
  4. car wont idle

    today i was driving my car to maccas, and i thought i would give it a bit, but when i reached the end of the road and i turned left, my car decided to turn off, now when i start the car it wont start, you have to press the acclerator down to start the car, when the car starts it doesnt idle... also when the car starts black smoke comes out of the exhaust and the engine is lumpy and sounds like a lawn mower.... any ideas ? car was running fine... its an autech s15
  5. Hello, My 1991 S13 idles erratically with black smoke and a strong smell of petrol from the exhaust but the car runs fine when cruising at faster speeds. The engine is an SR20DE with 195,000Kms. At idle, the engine speed seems to reduce to the point of almost stalling, then recover by speeding up to around 1000 RPM within a couple of seconds before repeating. What could be the cause and is it easily rectified? Happy Christmas. From, Jess
  6. Carby Help - Stalling

    Hey guys, So as some of you are aware I own one of the most vicious street machines known to man however it currently has problems. If you don't know what vaginal slaying beast I possess, it's the sleeper Daihatsu Charade 1 litre, 3 Cylinder Carby CB-23. The Problem: If I have it in neutral and rev it to buggery and then let go of the throttle, the revs will die and the engine will simply stall instead of sitting at idle. Same thing when driving (so the engine is hot) and shifting down from 2nd to 1st the car will also die (unless you bust out the heel & toe action). Some things it might possibly be: 1. Dizzy - I don't think the dizzy has been maintained or replaced (see points / condenser - etc). 1 II. Timing - I don't think it's had timing redone any time soon. 2. Tune - It's really rough and has flat spots like at 60km/h - 50 or 70 is perfectly fine but it just doesn't like 60. 3. Fuel filter - something could be blocked 4. Jets - see above 5. Air Suction Valve - I don't have one - but apparently they're only for emissions control and shouldn't effect my engine negatively if I don't have it (didn't come with the car - I didn't do a dodgy) 6. A hose between the intake and the airbox is missing - I've got the hose to replace it just need a spacer to fit it onto a smaller lip. 7. Hose between the intake and the head is bent and probably has severely restricted airflow. 8. Choke Valve, when I play with the choke under the dash the revs don't change at all - car still starts fine (in any position - because it doesn't work) and goes but thought this might have something to do with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Mark. P.s. I am waiting for your replies, each and every one of them. P.s.s Picture Related.