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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, Sorting through some of the stuff we've accumulated from our trips to Japan. Everything is new unless stated. $3 freight for small items Australia wide - unless you live in woop woop or somewhere really expensive to post to. Pick up available from Brisbane southside (anywhere near Sunnybank to Underwood). Hang Rings - $20ea Jap Learner Signs - Available as a magnet or with a suction cap - $15ea Jap Elderly Driver Signs - Available as a magnet or with a suction cap - $15ea JDM placement: Rare Fabric Learner Signs, only saw these once across 4 trips and manyyy visits to Up Garages and Yellow Hat stores - $35ea Universal LED Windscreen Washers - $5 to move it along S14/R33 Boss Kit (Part number ON-175) - $60 SOLD!! Any questions please PM. Thanks!
  2. Hello, Hope I'm putting this post in the right section. I tried searching for idle issues in the forums, but the ones posted seemed different from mine and was wondering if you guys could help. Thanks in advance... When I start my 97 180sx SR20DE in the morning, it idles perfectly fine while I let it warm up. However during the afternoon or even after "spirited driving" when I am at a stop sign or light and just in neutral, my RPM will drop and then raise again and drop and then raise again. I just changed the spark plugs to iridium NGK hoping that would fix my idling issues, but so far its still there. I also tried unscrewing what I was told was the "AAC valve" (a screw under the plenum) and spraying it with some carb cleaner. It seemed to work for a bit, but later on it comes back. On the way to work I was driving pretty fast and for the first time ever my RPM when in idle dropped dangerously close to shutting my car off. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Zenki S14/ Hit & Run...GONE :(

    CAR HAS BEEN SWAPPED FOR A C35 LAUREL.... hey guys thought id post up a little build up on my S14. bought her back at the start of 08 of Christian [OriginS15], wasnt really a fan of the series one s14's until i seen this one. called him up had a look laid a deposit and within a week car was mine. it was supposed to just be a weekend car as i had a ke55 rolla for daily duties, but that didnt last long as the car was so much fun to drive. kept it as i bought it for about a month or so then just as i started to mod it BAM! got slapped with a defect. got done for too low,boost controller,no. plate was on the side.turbo timer...absolute devo,but my previous car a series 5 rx7 had been regency defected 6 times in a year and half so didnt really care too much so the defect happened on the ns.com drift australia cruise lol, was driving home the night after and just as i pull into the drive way the oil light comes on ,shut it off as soon as i could, had a look underneath..oil everywhere , the turbo return hose had blown off. took me a week to get around to fixing it and when i did start it up white smoke was coming out the exhaust!...blown turbo !! $%#$%# at the time i had a 180sx track car with a RB20 fitted. ended up selling that off to found a major makeover to the sil...bought new wheels.tyres.suspension.braces.all new kit.headlights.tail-lights.blitz ebc etc..basically whole new car lol so yeh car has been sitting in the shed for a bout a year now...getting more and more parts thrown at it everyweek. Nissan 1995 Series 1 200sx Concord Grey Manual SR20DET Black Top Suspension: B.C. Racing Coilovers [spring Rates 8/6] AM Performance Custom Strut Brace TCS Tubular Aluminuim Rear Strut Brace Kazama Castor Rod Brace TUNEAGENT: Adjustable Rear Camber Arms TUNEAGENT:Adjustable Rear Toe Arms TUNEAGENT:Adjustable Rear Traction Rods Unkown Brand Front Castor Rods Tein Tie Rods Ikeya Formula Rack Spacers KTS Front Swaybar SuperPro Front Swaybar End Link Rubbers SuperPro Front Swaybar Rubbers Cusco Rear Swaybar Nolathane Rear Swaybar Rubbers Nolathane Rear Swaybar End Link Rubbers Nolathane Front Swaybar End Link Rubbers SuperPro Front Swaybar Rubbers Custom Made Rear Subframe Risers Rear Subframe Bracing Front Inner Guard Bracing Engine: 232.3 RWKW on 14 psi @ 5500 running on 50/50 mix of E85 and 98 Ultimate JDM S14 T28 Turbo Now sporting a disco potato Tomei Poncams ( 256". 11.5mm) Tomei Rocker Arm Stopper Kit Modded Rocker Cover NisTune ECU FMIC GReddy (Trust) 600X400X76(black 2.5" piping) Metal Intake Pipe 740cc Injectors Dry Cell Battery Cusco Catch Can with Breather Set Up Cold Air Ducting Koyo Twin Core Radiator Nismo Radiator Cap Z32 AFM Greddy Coolant Temp Block HD solid centre clutch 1050kg Walbro 550cc fuel pump AM Performance CoilPack Cover AM Performance 3" Front Pipe AM Performance Centre Pipe AM Performance Twin 4" Tips Rocker cover smoothed over and painted Graphite Black GKTECH Braided Turbo Lines Greddy Air Diversion Plate J Racing Engine Damper Sparco Fluid Covers Body: Navan Aero Front Bar with Integra Type R Lip Navan Aero Side Skirts Navan Aero Grille JDM Series 2 Rear Bar JDM Front Gaurds Flared 15mm DMAX Vented Fibreglass Bonnet Ings +1 Rear Pods Origin Carbon Rooflip Rear Gaurds Pumped 30mm Bomex Mirrors GP Sports Boot Wing JJR Clear Side Indicators Clear Headlight Covers Clear Corner Lights KT Project Clear Bar Indicators TRK-DV Secondary Bonnet Restraint Tinted windows Series 2 Kouki Rear Lights [nissan badge removed] "Vertical Bonnet Mod" Bonnet Spacers SIL-014 No. Plates Drift/Grip Wheels: Work Bersaglio Front: 18x9 -4 Rear: 18x10 +/-0 D1 Spec Blue Wheel Nuts R33 GTR 17x9 +0 (30mm Bolt On Spacers) Front 225/40/18 Federal 595 Evo Rear:235/40/18 Neutons etc Front 215/45/17 Rear 225/40/18 Interior: Bride Ergo 2 Drivers Seat on Custom Rail Bride Ergo 2 Passenger Seat on Bride Rail Bride Glovebox Bride Cenre Console Bride Door Trims Viva Garage SuperMade Style Floormats Sparco 4 point Harness x 2 Sparco Quick Release Hub Cusco 4 Point Half Cage AutoGauge 52mm Gauge Set including: Boost (psi) Oil Temp Oil Pressure Blitz Dual Stage EBC "Skid Rowe"Custom Shift Knob 350mm Deep dish Steering Wheel HKB BossKit Fire Extingusher Stripped Interior Midnight Mods Short Shifter Trust full auto timer. Viper alarm system shock sensor + glass break sensor. DashMat Brakes : QFM A1R Front Pads QFM A1R Rear Pads Motul Brake Fluid cheers guys hope ya like...let me know what ya think =========================================================================== HERE IS A LIST OF SITES THAT THE CAR HAS BEEN FEATURED ON OVER THE COURSE OF THE BUILD RIM TUCK I PUT IN WORK GARAGE DUSTY EXCITING CAR TEAM SPEEDHUNTERS