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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Guys, On my S15, I am hearing a weird noise (Sounds like a quick crunch) whenever i press on the accelerator. This happens on every gear and if i let go of the accelerator and press it again in gear the noise comes back and dissapears after i press the pedal down abit more. I tested this during neutral and there is no sound. i feel like the noise is coming from the driver side engine bay. Has anyone else heard this issue? Over time, it is become more louder. Thanks.
  2. ok so ive got a sr20det in my s15 and its started making a ticking noise that goes faster and slower with engine rpm.. im not sure exactly what it would be because it doesnt happen when the engines cold and starts and stops randomly... has anyone else had this problem before?? the only things i could thik of was the rockers obviously but wouldnt that tick more when its cold because of larger clearances? Or the VVL... any help would be great cheers!!!
  3. I have noticed that when changing gears (s15 6 speed spec r) from 3rd to 4th during day to day driving I sometimes get a slight crunch vibration feeling through the shifter. I took this as me messing up a shift, maybe releasing the clutch too soon or something. But as I have become more confident with the car and enjoying some hard acceleration (freeway on ramp etc..) when travelling at a decent speed and rpms up near the 6k+ range and I go to change from 3rd to 4th I get a very noticeable crunch vibration which can be quite harsh feeling through the shifter in my hand accompanied by an audible crunch noise (not as bad as a dodgy gear change, just a deep sounding crunch/vibration) Shifts perfectly 95% of the time during standard driving. Is it maybe my clutch not coping with the higher revs/speed of the engine/transmission? Syncros? Overfill gearbox maybe? (Castrol Syntrans 75w85 gl4 full synthetic fluid, filled to fill plug spillage level according to manual about 3000km ago) Any help would be great, don't want to inadvertently damage my car. Also getting a vibration in the centre of the dash at high driving rpms. Probably unrelated and due to poor fitting of aftermarket stereo by previous owner but though I would mention. thanks.
  4. I have 2 unusual noises coming from my S15. One is a "ringing" sorta noise coming from the turbo (noise continues for about 15 - 20 seconds after turning off the engine) and one is a "squeak" or "chirp" with every wheel rotation from one rear wheel... This only started when I got new brake pads. I took it back to the guys that installed the pads and they said it was a rock but the noise seems to be getting a bit louder each day. Doesnt matter whether the car is cold, warm or hot for either of the noises. I have heard that it may be the bearings in the turbo and the rear bushes being dry/worn? Any opinions/suggestions? Thanks in advance, Sam.
  5. Hey guys, I've seemed to have abandoned the supra forums that I have grown a home to, to gain your knowledge about the silvia s15's! My sister owns a silvia s15 sr20det spec-s and will be selling it soon after I work out some tweaks and faults. I have seem to have hit a dead end with a 'ticking noise' that is coming from the right side of the motor (facing towards the front of the car, opposite the battery side). It is a constant 'tick tick tick' while sitting on idle, but once revving the car, starts to speed up. I have filmed the sound and have uploaded it on youtube for you guys to see. It actually sounds worse on the video than what it seems to be much appreciated if you guys can shed some wisdom upon the problem im facing! thanks once again! oh and also... i am fixing the boot lid cable that connects to the side of the driver seat, pulling it doesn't seem to open it anymore aha! would love to grab some help on that also. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cclcm_u6ENk&context=C43be9b7ADvjVQa1PpcFPxrA9G4b4e9I_lHl_tKB0itDMp58Fms6E=
  6. Hi, I have a 2001 Nissan 200sx S15 and yesterday when I turned the key to the 'ON' location without starting the car, there was a weird noise coming from the from the inside of the car. The noise is coming from the front dash of the car (around the middle area) near the air vents just above my CD player. Its a tick noise follow by a buzzing noise that is repetitive, I think approximately 4 or 5 ticks then a buzzing noise, and then repeats again. After starting the car or switching it off or on multiple times, it still seems to be there. The noise does not seem to go away, even while driving it is still there. I looked inside the bonnet and the noise is not coming from there, its only something inside behind the dash. Any help would be great. Thanks.