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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys had a few silvias and 180's in my time but only recently decided to start a build thread: I purchased my stock standard unregistered 1989 ca18de auto Qs series S13 for $1800 (probably too much), It had been sitting for around 2 years, was in average condition body wise but the underneath was straight and clean, was running rough and the guy i bought it of told me the auto stalled. I picked up the keys went and bought a new battery and it started first shot too the sellers surprise, i drove it home (10 minute drive) with absolutely no problems other than the auto holding gears for too long. Being a P Plater i didn't want to go turbo, My plans were to just chuck a manual box in and some coilers and put it on club rego. The car club i joined was an hours drive from my house, which is were all the problems arose. Because the car had been sitting for so long the petrol was obviously going to be foul, the fuel gage was just above empty so i thought id just top up instead of draining it, After I filled up with petrol and stopped at the next set of lights the revs were dropping and the car would shake as if it was about to stall, from there on overtime i had to stop or slow down the car would stall, so for the rest of the drive id brake with my left foot while accelerating with my right foot trying to keep the car going (was very stressful). Got to the car club they looked over it gave me the paperwork and of i went to Vicroads to pickup my plates. Left the car at my mums house not wanting to drive it because it was stuffed, looked around for a CA18 manual or even bell housing with no luck (I'm very impatient). I found a few sr20de and box combos but no one would separate them, so i was contemplating just doing an sr conversion, but my daily is an n/a s15 and i wanted something different to that. After looking all over the internet I came across a guy who had a smashed r33 gts rb25de manual that had taken a front left hit, it was in a towing yard and had been for 3 weeks, he wanted $1500 for it but ended up giving it to me for the price of the towing and storage fee roughly $800. I had the r33 towed to my mates shop Australian Speed And Custom where it sat up back and we gutted it to a bare shell within the week, I kept what I needed for the rb swap, sold whatever I could then I scraped the rest. Had pretty much brand new HSD coilovers which I traded to Elliot the shop owner who was doing the conversion for his labour. Next was removing the ca and auto, sold that straight away, then put the r33 cross member and steering rack in. Cross member was out by a few mm probably slightly bent from the accident so we slotted the mounting holes and made it fit. I traded the brake setup (4 stud) for a 52 mm r33 rad. Put the RB25DE in and realised the bonnet wouldn't shut, the new radiator also wouldn't fit as it was too high. Did some reading and found that and r32 cross member will sit the engine lower and further back, out came the hammer to massage the tunnel as the bell housing was now touching it, After "massaging: the tunnel the motor and box now fit and the bonnet would shut. Also had Elliot make up a custom gearbox mount. Found a guy on the drift sales page on Facebook who had a Type X and wanted to swap for an s13 front so I jumped all over that and chucked it straight on the guards had a few dents and the brackets holding the bar were missing but a few cable ties later and it all fit up nicely. Next was waiting for the auto elec to come wire it up so the motor had a full service, after the custom loom was done, it was time to test if it all worked.... it didn't, the engine was cranking but it would not start. There was spark, there was fuel in the rail and the injectors were pulsing, but it just wouldn't start. Changed the fuel pump to an r33 pump to see if that was the problem, still not working. Pulled the rail out replaced injectors, but they still weren't squirting. Had the auto elec come back in and check everything, 3 hours later realised the injectors weren't getting a full 12v power so he took power from elsewhere cranked the motor and it started! But the water pump was leaking so ordered a new one. next was getting the clutch to work, put the skyline pedal box in after some customising to make it all fit, only to find that the clutch pedal would foul out on the floor and not pull the master all the way making the pedal not spring back. Tracked down an s13 clutch setup and chucked it in and now its working correctly. Water pump that was purchased doesn't line up correctly so have had to order another one, which hopefully will come tomorrow. Front sway bar hits sump so have purchased a 3 way adjustable whiteline bar that apparently fits, will (update when installed) I purchased som JIC coilovers cheap but have decided not to use them as the rears are not base height adjustable and i want to be able to fiddle around adjusting them to suit the new feel of the car, I also would prefer brand new ones anyway. So when I get my new coilers ill put in the full hard race arm setup I've got and go for a wheel alignment. As this car is going to be a street car I don't want to make it stand out too much so will sit just below legal height and won't go to crazy with camber and toe, but being N/A ill need it to be stiff to get it sideways. I know the car isn't legal for a P plater let alone anyone, but my thoughts are its not turbo and as long as i don't get pulled over by someone who knows the difference between an rb and ca i should be fine. will post up some pics and more info soon i didn't take many as i wasn't going to do a build thread but thought id share it since if you search rb25de s13 all there is is hate about it and people saying its a waste of money.... well this build has cost me around 3k including car, rego, engine, gear box, edu, custom loom, full hard race arms, add roughly 1000-1500 for coilovers and its under 5k for everything. oh and I'm a panel beater so ill be painting it millennium jade free of charge, so to me it seems like a pretty mean streater under 5k and when the time comes for a turbo everything is ready for an RBxxdet to drop straight in
  2. Hey guys, I thought I would re-do my ride thread here - As to be honest - I work a 2nd job so I can start to race - But I don't have the time due to the 2nd job! So its not really a Motorsport build... I've had a few threads and CBF re-typing it all (Check the Motorsport thread for the build) Currently as it sits: THE CAR: 1990 S13 Silvia (Onevia – 180SX front end) Handling: R33GTS-T rear cradle swap. R33 GTS-T brakes – Upgraded BMC Braided brake lines, slotted rotors with EBC pads and race fluid 17 x 9.5 alloy wheels with Federal RSR Semi slicks (Basic entry level tyre) Full replacement arms – Entire Driftworks catalogue + Geomaster knuckles front and rear. Driftworks CS2 coilovers Solid steering bush Full sound deadening strip Battery relocated to boot Rear strut brace Cusco 6 point bolt in cage Sparco Circuit Pro seat Driftworks 4 point harness 2 seat conversion Engine: Running safe and standard for now - 210kw wheels RB25det engine swap RB25 5 speed box (All with McKinney motorsport mounts – Not cut and shut) Haltech platinum pro ECU Racepack IQ3 Digital Dash Spitfire coilpacks Steering / oil cooler Gktech bash plate Gktech cooling panel Greddy FMIC Pod filter Extra sensors – Wideband O2 / Fuel pressure etc Cosmetics: Custom flugplatz blue paint Full body kit Genuine G-Corporation 50mm rear fenders Lexen replacement ¼ glass Fibre glass bonnet S15 Dash swap Quick release Driftworks Nardi wheel Picture dump below! If anyone has any questions about anything – Feel free to ask away! I’ve done 99% of the work myself (Apart from ECU tune etc) EDIT: 27/2/14 Went out last night and bought a diff – 2nd hand NISMO 2-Way. I’ll hopefully have this fitted on the weekend and might go and hit up QR for a Friday night practice.
  3. Hey all, A few of you may know me, but some may not... I'm Jack, I've been into imports for a few years now. When i started looking for my first import i was looking all over for an s13 or onevia. I ended up buying an r32 gtst because i just wanted a car fast and i wanted to start learning how to drift. Been drifting for 3 or so years now and the car got out of hand very quickly. Its sporting a heap of mods, and is a full track car now. I love the car to pieces, however being a track only drift car i have no import to drive on the street anymore. I figured, the whole point of owning a car is to drive it around, but because i no longer have a jap car on the street its pretty depressing i have to drive my commodore ute around. As much as its a good daily, i get zero enjoyment out of it and its not who i am. Sooooo... That has bought me to this new project. I bought this s13 off a mate the other week. it has a large range of mods and i got it at a reasonable price due to it being unregistered. He had owned the car for a few years, but wasnt massively into cars. It came to an abrupt hault when he got defected for too low after just installing brand new bc coilovers... Due to his lack of motivation for the car to be on the road and going overseas and stuff, the car sat in storage for almost a year. So i picked it up the other week, and drove it to my garage where i work on my cars. Below ive posted a current mod list, it has lots of goodies which was almost too much for me, but it will be good in the long run. Current Mods: rebuilt blacktop sr20det garrett t28 ball bearing turbz dr drift daughter board ecu tuned at 198rwkw brand new hks evc6 boost controller with hand new z32 afm front mount intercooler acid dipped to clean the crap out/off it greddy catch can metal intake pipe blitz pod filter metal intake pipe aloy radiator split dump pipe 3" zorst with dump stile muffler so not to loud and discrete oil filter relocation kit with oil cooler front mounted bosch 910 external fuel pump 450hp jap s15 480cc injectors engine brace modified vn thermo fan turbosmart plumbback bov blocked off drive line: BC coils aftermarket camber, castor and tie rods arms all pilow mounted tie rod spacers r32 skyline front brakes proffesionaly welded r180 diff with 4'3 ratios plus some others s14 box rear subframe pinapples now soild bushs heavy duty button clutch front and rear strut braces exterior: two tone champaine over grey new rear window seals repaired front window seals new wipper blades jap 17"x8 and 17"x9 rims granador mirrors rare wind deflector new clear front bar indicators new clear corner lamps/indicators j's square headlights interior: new s15 front seats drift shift light nardi steering wheel 3X genuwine greddy oil press, oil temp, water temp white face gauges with sencors hks evc6 control unit sony head unit alpine type s 6" fronts alpine 6x9" rears drift hand brake Plans for the build: The main aim for this build is to make an (almost) legal street car that i can have abit of fun with in the hills(not drifting), go to meets, really nice clean s13 that i am proud to drive around and something that will make me happy whenever i drive it. A lot of people are against street cars now due to our harsh road rules and laws, but this car will only be a weekender. The look i am going for is an oldschool usdm inspired onevia. For those that dont know, it will basically have the roof racks, lowish, balloon tires on 15's, front lip, etc, but i want to keep it simple and old. If any of you are like me, as soon as i had the idea of buying the car in my head i just went crazy(cray cray) and started buying stuff, before i had even put a deposit on the car. hahah The beginning: The first thing i began to to with the car was take off all the parts i didnt want... This consisted of s15 front seats weathershields Weds wheels FMIC BOV POD s13 front end carbon boot I sold the parts and started looking for replacements for them all to suit my style/needs. Parts aquired so far: So i set off looking on Yahoo Japan for wheels first, cos lets be honest wheels make a car and it would be a good start to the build seeing as tho the car currently had poor offset and sized wed's wheels. I found some SSR MKII in 15x7.5+6 and 15x8+13 which i quite liked, so i contacted Jesse streeter and we got the ball rolling. i ended up winning the wheels for abit less than i thought they wre going to go for. Which is always a good thing. So they are on the way over from Japland now. I got a ripper deal on a whole 180 front from a guy up in the hills, who was parting a whole 180 for a track car, he gave me all the panels, lights, fuseboxes, looms, etc which i needed for the conversion. I am still yet to put it on because there are a few things i need to fix first. I got an r32 gtr sway bar off my cousin for the rear to stiffen that up abit. Pignose front bar and ca front lip, both genuine. Apexi turnflow FMIC standard air box R32 gtst front seats Nismo aero skirts for s13 Standard mirrors GK tech radiator overflow bottle GK tech radiator shroud Also currently have a mate over in the us who may "aquire" some californian plates for me... could be a good little touch to the car at the end. i attached some pics of the car as i bought it, and the wheels, new fmic, and what i hope it will turn out like. Parts still needed: Origin roof spoiler jdm square fog lights for inside the front bar Tires for the ssr's Thule Roof racks with a custom wind fairing Change front brakes back to standard sr to clear the wheels. Will keep updating as i go. Hope you enjoy the build as much as i hope to. Jack.
  4. sr20de 1via build thread, streeter.

    my names drew. this car is shit. so is this build. enjoyy. hey guuyths, i recently bought this piece o shit onevia off a mate, i bought it as a shell with no rear brakes and barely any rear suspension, interior wise is had a dash and some janky ass sr seats. i got it forr cheap as my friend guard railed the right hand rear quarter, he thought it was fecccked, my hammer though otherwise.... plans drop a sr20de into it complete interior , carpet, seats, trims coilovers replace bushings, either solid or urethane adjustable arms fix damage paint wheels and a whole-lot-a skids heres a picture of the first day i got it.
  5. RB20 into onevia

    i bought my one via about a year ago and i just did a sent of rings in my engine so i thought i might change it out seeing that my mate is looking to get rid of his RB20 was just wondering what i needed to change it it over and roughly how hard it is to do so
  6. Onevia back yard drift build

    Hy all this is my first drift build and its just a weekender so sorry if i take a bit between posts, but here it is i reasently bought a s13 rolling shell fullly caged from Ivan at TTS performance with a rb26det and heaps of bits. The plan is to have it buit for power cruise at QR in Sept. This is a back yarder but i have access to most panel shop equiptment. The first pic is my photoshop idea of th finished product. Just a pics from when we got it, i have most the front end moked up just got to make some mounts and brakets. the kiit needs a lot of work still and so dus the rad support Plus i plan to tub the Front.