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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, I've got a few general questions that have been stressing me out like none other. I have a 2002, ADM 200SX S15. 120,000kms on it. Almost completely stock; dose pipe, exhaust and small boost increase. Problem 1 This one is really stressing me; Any time I put it into any gear, as I initially put it into gear and accelerate; I hear this odd rattling/grinding sound coming from near the front of the car but not as far front as the engine. This sound comes regardless of which gear I put it in and will only last maybe 3 seconds after I have just put it into gear and as soon as I accelerate a little. I have also noticed it lasts a little longer or comes back when I turn left and accelerate? I had the clutch replaced about 6 months ago to an excedy heavy duty, this sound has been coming for about 1-2 months maximum. Problem 2 There is a rattling sound that comes from the engine when I start the car cold. It completely goes away and doesn't come back if I put the car into gear and start moving. It also speeds up if I leave it in neutral and accelerate a little (before putting it in gear). This is been there for at least 6 months now. Any help on these issues would be hugeeeely appreciated, thanks heaps.
  2. Hey Guys Have started to notice a slight knock from under rocker cover mainly at idle but can still here if when I rev the motor. The knock speeds up with the motor. I am a mechanic myself but don't have too much experience with these engines. Im thinking it could be sticky lifters but usually that will go away once oil pressure builds and is usually louder. It is slightly worse when cold but its still there when hot also. Maybe there isn't sufficient lubrication getting to the cams? Is there and electronically controlled oil valve? it doesn't sound likes its to do with vct or chain. Its not that bad but I want to nip it in the bud before something bad happens Any help would be AWESOME!! Cheers!
  3. Hey All Just put a Gktech short shifter in my s14 today and just have a few queries for anyone who has one in their car. The shifter has dramatically increased the gearbox noise into the cabin and it's really loud! Also there is a really annoying rattle coming from the shifter internals under load and when coming off the accelerator, pretty much all the time actually. On the website they stated that " we have made internal modifications to help reduce vibrations associated with short shifters". Has anyone else who has one of these shifters experienced this? Any way I can reduce noise or is it just part of the parcel with having a shifter?? Any advice would be great!!!!
  4. hi guys, im sure many others have asked this question before(i cant find any recent threads on it), but i have a Nissan Silvia S14a (1998) and the VCT ticks and rattles REALLY bad, it sounds like a turbo diesel when i drive it. usually only ticks on idle. ive replaced the solenoid.. but i dont know if its worth the 400-500 dollars on getting a new VCT cam gear, or is it possible to get adjustable cam gears and fit them to the stock cams... (i will make up for the power loss at a later date) otherwise.. what is the most cost efficient way of doing this.. im not too keen on buying second hand VCT gears (because it may be no better than the original) cheers.
  5. I have 2 unusual noises coming from my S15. One is a "ringing" sorta noise coming from the turbo (noise continues for about 15 - 20 seconds after turning off the engine) and one is a "squeak" or "chirp" with every wheel rotation from one rear wheel... This only started when I got new brake pads. I took it back to the guys that installed the pads and they said it was a rock but the noise seems to be getting a bit louder each day. Doesnt matter whether the car is cold, warm or hot for either of the noises. I have heard that it may be the bearings in the turbo and the rear bushes being dry/worn? Any opinions/suggestions? Thanks in advance, Sam.