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Found 17 results

  1. Justin's Daily R32

    Hello Chaps, So, new to Hardtuned but figured I'd make a build thread anyways. I've had my 32 gtst for about a year or so still rocking a 20 at 200k kms It's not fast but its mine. I bought it butt ugly now it looks ok but will be forever changing. Currently on random wheels as I'm looking for a new set, Driven more or less every day Looked like this when I got it Bought a bunch of stuff and painted it in my driveway And now it looks like this Engine/Drivetrain: RB20det RB20 turbo at 10psi FMIC, Splitfires, Pod Filter and the usual ABS Delete Heater Delete AC Delete Cut and Shut Plenum HD Clutch 1 Piece Tailshaft LSD Suspension: Coilovers Front Adjustable UCAs Front Adjustable Caster Arms Front and Rear Swaybars GTR Rear Cradle Exterior: Gtr N1 Front Bar, Grill, Bonnet with N1 Lip Gtr N1 Headlights Gtr N1 Skirts Gtr 30mm Overfenders Trust Rear Pods Dmax Roof Lip Dmax Boot Lip GKtech Mirrors Interior: Lollipop wheel Sparco Quick Release Sparco Shifter GReddy Turbo Timer Digital Boost Gauge Broadway Mirror GTR Rear Seats
  2. Hi guys, I'm after an sr20 rb20 gearbox combo to fit in my corolla. Cheers
  3. Hey guys new here, Ok done my best to scour this site for all information needed please dont tell me just to 'chuck a sr20det' in it as this is the engine ive decided to stick with since we had most of the stuff available and cheap to do for a project not after huge power (yet, turbo is the long term plan) and i know about the bonnet clearance issue but im sure I can get it to fit. (sitting it low, maybe a custom bonnet mould or foward facing plenum?) So far this is the shopping list: R31 donor car A31 cefiro/R32 crossmember Ford Cortina mounts 'C' stamped gearbox crossmember R32 radiator whitline sway bar tailshaft ?!?!?! diff??? Weld up a bash plate to protect my low sump a good idea? I'm also pretty handy on a welder so I dont mind cutting and welding If thats whats needed to make this project cheaper/easier Is there anything else I'm missing??? Possible to keep A/C? (lol) Thanks in advance I'll make a build thread when i get this project underway
  4. I have for sale a brand new CES Racing twin dump pipe to suit either SR20, CA18, RB20 or RB25 motors. This particular dump pipe I was told is the best twin dump pipe you can get for an internally wastegated turbo SR20 motor. I bought this through Mercury Motorsport but have not fitted it seeing I have sold car. It comes painted in mat black and has been tested to give gains of 20kw. This qas the best dump pipe I could get for my car. Now looking to sell. Check out www.cesracing.com.au for more info. These are usually from $575 new. Price: $425 Pickup only. Can post at buyers expense Location: Carseldine, Brisbane Contact: 0435234580
  5. Crashed RB20 180sx

    Still for sale G'day, I am selling my Nissan 180sx its been my baby since 2003 and now she has to go She has been hit on the RHS rear and RHS rear qtr panel, been told it could be a easy fix if you have the time to put it on a rack/jig. (photos) I have had it in my shed for a while when i was fixing her, but one weekend someone broke in and stole all my tools equipment and car parts that i had taken off the car at the time. so below i will say whats missing. Also note: this car has **NOT** been reported a ride off. Im looking for $1,000 for the lot if no interest then i will be selling it off in parts. Missing parts; x1 Coilover - Manifold - Front pipe - Front Window - Rear Tail Light RHS - Front Bar - LHS QTR panel - Side Skirts - Rear Bar. It has the following; RB20 and gearbox - Coilovers - Sunroof - x4 Lightweight rims(x1 damaged) and x4 brand new tires - Aero designed mirrors - Short shifter (Blitz) - x2 Interior full plastics (had two 180's) If you have any questions or more pics on any of the cars please email me at a_grinham@hotmail.com
  6. Bee*R rev limiter

    I have for sale a bee*R rev limiter, it's in vgc brand new never used. I took it out of the box but never got to install it in my car before I sold it, suits all rotary, 4 and 6 cylinder engines. Asking for $150 but I'm negotiable.
  7. Hypergear SS1 turbo

    Got a brand new Hypergear SS1 turbo, originally for my RB20DET but im going to have to part ways with the car soon so no longer required. Bought it brandnew a few weeks ago including Braided oil feed line and adjustable actuator currently set at 14 psi. Just trying to recoupe my money I bought it for. $1100 Neg. Pics here------> http://www.gumtree.c...urbo/1043055323 Cheers, Steve 0439 297 664
  8. 180sx // RB20

    https://i.imgur.com/NYJwdk8.jpgGO TO LAST PAGE --> Current status - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Hey guys, so not too much about me but I've just turned 19, had my R32 Skyline gts-4 rb20det stolen two days after i moved in to a new house.. Still with family, need money for this!) What I always say is there's not much point in using the words 'could' 'should' 'would' or thinking about negatives so I decided to just move on as quickly as I can. I searched for weeks online scouring the QLD for registerable 180sx shells whilst keeping a keen eye for my r32 parts :\ I was selling a van, my brother got it for very cheap and gave it to me to sell out of compassion, will never forget that. In the ad i would take a 180sx shell with cash adjustment, this guy had no cash but offered me the shell, which was lucky he kept it off-market while I got the van sold (4ish weeks) Price of shell $1000 ono (UPDATE 15/4/20: The price was negotiated down to $600, and to date I've easily sold 400-500 of stuff, got another 200 to sell along with parts I will be keeping to use like the one piece drive shaft, r200, half shafts, etc) Sold van $3,500, Bought my brothers Honda Civic EK1 - $2000 Registered (perfect for a daily, fuel, weight, fwd safety in rain, etc) Oh and the best part is he left his stereo in there as he has loads of gear, it's only a 300w amp with 2x 10inch subs but it vibrates the glass, your bones and hair on your body at 90% volume Also if my context of time is a bit confusing in this first post it's because I just started this thread after it all happened about 1 month ago, so I will post "progress" in one or two posts after this then time will be live So I finally dragged my brother and my dad along on the two hour drive, and seen the silhouette of the 180 in the driveway as we arrived, I could feel them internally cringing, smashed windscreen, no driver door or quarter glass, grim reaper bonnet hahaha, and etc. Pretty much looked like this bonnet First thing I did was gurney it off, something retarded happened and I musta slipped my right hand being wet or something and the gun pointed at my left hand tearing off 1/2" squared of skin, stung for whole night and day after baha, next best to the old knuckle bash. Here she is at the yard (Location god damn disclosed, no info for potential thiefs -.-) with all that stripped interior taken out and organised. Was as absolute bitch to get on and especially off the trailer as it was 'rolling' without coilovers, uprights wired to the strut tops and sitting on stockies. Like sitting, the wheel arches onto the tyres haha, very hard to roll even with the low weight Came with some goodies, 2L surge tank I am painting at the very moment so pics in next post, with 044 External Bosch, and apparently a 040 in the tank which I will found out soonish. Came with sard FPR, some good looking stereo gear, Bunch of thick gauge wire inc. power, few rca cables, extra relays for thermo and pump etc, all stock relay boxes/fuses and some kind of loom. This weird Boost controller thing? Seems to be a solenoid but no wires? Couldn't be a tee as no adjustment? If anyone knows lemme know Pignose/CA Front bar with lip (Genuine and came on car) The only front bumper I lovee! Here's all the interior, selling the green keeping red UPDATE: Sold most of it, got boot trims on reserve for a guy to trade for sunroof and RH door which I need My first steps are the get the car stripped so I can prep the shell, have got the crossmember off and jesus it's heavy to shift on your own. Guess the car's weight has to come from somewhere. 1 foot of progress ~ 3 mins 3 metres of progress ~ 25 mins and pooped out Finally in haha, you can probably see in the last photo I was going for the shipping container (my uncles but he lets me use back section) where my parts are but gave up and put into the demountable until I can get a hand or strip it down.
  9. Aero S13, RB20, TD06, XT7'S

    so pretty much i transferd alot of parts off my daily s13 as i plan on selling it, figured id just try and keep one build thread for this car and start fresh. I bought the car in july of 2012 with a stock 20 and 25 turbo, slapped in some seats a steering wheel and some arms. drove it 4 times last year and then blew the 25 turbo. Decided i wanted more power and went for the td06. had it tuned at East coast customs and it made 217.5kw at 18psi I drove it for 4 laps before it wouldnt boost Plan is to take it back to ECC and chuck it on the dyno and see whats up with it. Here are the Current Specs Engine/driveline/Brakes: RB20DET Kinugawaga TD0620G VPW Highmount Manifold Tial 38MM External Wastegate Fabulous Fabrications Intake Pipe, Dump Pipe, Screamer Pipe and 3inch Straight Through with a HKS Muffler Fabulous Fabrications Intercooler Piping Koyo Radiator - ( x2 11"inch comex puller fans behind it) Front Mount Intercooler 750cc Bosch Injectors Sard Fuel Reg Z32 afm Nistuned ECU R34 N/A Brakes Z32 5 Stud Rear Hubs JustJap 5 Stud Front Hubs Clutch Industries Button Clutch Rb20 Gearbox Welded 4.3 Ratio R180 Diff Suspension: BC Racing BR Coilovers Steering rack moved 20mm forward(Thanks to Sam) 25mm Extended LCAS(Thanks to Sam) Danny T Modded knuckles S14 Tie Rods and Tie Rod Ends Gktech Castor Arms Gktech Camber Arms Gktech Toe Arms Gktech Cradle Collars Gktech Solid Steering bush Rear Strut brace Wheels and Tires: FRONTS: -Work XT7 17x19+17 REARS: -Work XT7 17x19+17 Interior: Bride Zeta Drivers Seat Bride Brix Passenger seat Cusco Half Cage HKS EVC S Boost Controller HKS Turbo Timer ISC Water Temp , Oil Temp and Oil Pressure Guages Blitz Boost Guage Gktech Handbrake Button Nardi Steering Wheel Trust Grex Gearknob Exterior: Genuine Aero Front bar Zenki 180sx Front Bar lights Aero Chuki Side skirts FRP Aero Pods Dmax Roof Spoiler Gtr Grille J series Headlights This was what my daily looked like Heres some pictures of it when it had the 25 turbo and now with the TD06
  10. hey guys So im doing a black top sr20det swap into my KE70, i'm looking at running an RB20 box( s13 bell housing bolted onto the rb box) instead of the 5/6 speed as it puts the shifter in a better position. But the motor i've got has a dual mass flywheel so it is thicker then the rb20/sr20 flywheel, meaning if i use the s13 bell housing on the rb20 box, the clutch fork will be in the wrong position and wont engage properly. So my question is, can i just bolt an s13 flywheel onto the blacktop sr and use the s13 bell housing, or is it possible to bolt an s15 6 speed bell housing onto a rb20det box? would prefer the first option as i wouldn't have to run the dual mass flywheel and the shifter position would be better. any help is much appreciated guys cheers Ryan
  11. this popped up at the right time at the right price so i jumped on it. bought it with a bhg and a million small coolant leaks. popped in a good rb20, a new fuel pump and sorted some wiring issues and shes great. looked like this upon arrival pulled the motor out, new one in painted some bits currently looks like this after a couple of weeks in my hands so after a few weeks now it has a few bits a pieces, looks good just need a few dents fixed up, find a bonnet to finish my gtr front, east bears and a few more things thanks
  12. r32 Daily Driver

    Got my new daily r32 skyline, standard Rb20det. on my P's, going to get an exemption. keen to start doing a few things to it MOD LIST 3'' turbo back exhaust Front mount intercooler Upgrade radiator Body kit Coil overs Deatchwerks pump + injectors Commordore MSD coil pack setup (done by my brother) Kinugawa bolt on turbo (running 21.75 psi) Front facing plenum Gktech hydro handbrake kit Clear indicators Big stainless gear knob (made it myself) Greddy E-manage ultimate ecu Innovate air/fuel gauge Battery in boot advice and opinions are wanted!
  13. 32 4 door slide car

    So I bought a 32 4 door way above my capabilities of what I should be driving, got it about 2 months ago, nek minnit: Bought it with a knocking bottom end, luckily enough I had an RB20 sitting in a VL that I never got around to Had a wonderfully joyous time pulling the f**ked one and putting the "new" one in Took it to Calder yesterday, never driven the car, never drifted in the wet, thought I'd write it off in the first session but I surprised myself and actually did *alright* Specs: Outside 32 4 door Negro tint Gay bonnet Hacked front bar Keyed Bog falling out of left rear guard flare (hate the flares too) Inside Bride Brix 1.5 (Red) Dildo knob Half cage, terribly fabricated, will be cut out soon enough Battery in boot Mictrotech hand controller f**k all else Engine Dead standard RB20 Garrett 3071R 3" Turbo back GReddy turnflow FMIC GREX oil cooler Wicked ass SAAS catch can Mictrotech LT-10S Siemens 750cc injectors Underneath Zeal coilovers, half rooted Cazman Castor rods, rear Camber and Toe arms Slip-on rack spacers Locked 4.3 Stock RB30E clutch (should be fine...) RB20 gearbox Wheels 33GTR fronts for now, 215/40 N9000's All sorts of 17x9s for the rear Plans are: Track time New cage New clutch and RB25 box that's about it really
  14. RB20 into onevia

    i bought my one via about a year ago and i just did a sent of rings in my engine so i thought i might change it out seeing that my mate is looking to get rid of his RB20 was just wondering what i needed to change it it over and roughly how hard it is to do so
  15. hey all i just completed an rb20 conversion into an s13 because i got the engine and gearbox and everything else nice and cheap, it runs and drives and all but but but.... still having problems with starting the car, takes a few shots, then you have to prod the throttle but once its going its fine. and it smokes kind of grey white not really sure why.... and when i have the idle control valve connected it idles at 3000rpm but when i unplug it the idle goes back down to what sounds to be a normal pace around 1000ish rpm. any help would be mad. ive got all the pcv valves set up like they are meant to be, recently changed cpark plugs, has new oil penrite 10w50 semi synthetic.
  16. after some rb20 polyurethane mounts, pretty sure someone on here made them or could get them in?
  17. Hey all. just picked myself up an s13 yesterday been waiting a while for the right one to pop up in my price range and hey presto it happened. The owner was selling it just to get rid of it, and said that it had the head re built a few months ago cost 4g to do. and a 900 dolla exhaust. but was smoking so he changed the turbo to an s14 one or something, and it kept smoking so he said must be somthing else. comp tested it today came up with 170psi 150 60 and 100 across the four haha. so shes getting pulled out in the next few days. just gonna do rings n bearings and put it back in. pretty excited ! came with all spare bits and pieces to so been sorting through them all. spare trim and what not. and a body kit. cleaned the car to, underneath was covered in dirt and shit. engine bay way filthy. slapped in the tein coilovers that came with it after i cleaned them up, took such a hammering to get them to budge to lower them because they looked like they had been sitting in mud for a while and were a bit seized. cleaned inside came up awesome has s15 seats and some different speakers and jvc head unit. carpet is still a bit dirty though and need to clean seats a bit better. only has one tiny crack on the dash to ! after shes all running ill be painting it up probably silver !?? cant wait anyone wana guess what i paid ???? haha just after picking her up. borrowed my uncles trailer and towed it home with the old ef not a problem. pulling all the stuff out of it sorting through this was before i cleaned it up inside still not bad put grill in and sat front bar on