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Found 15 results


    Looking for: R32 gtr wing Set of coilovers Ca front lip Stock back bumper Aero rear pods S15 stock seats Recaro sr3 in black with/without s chassis rails Preferably in Melbourne but would pay for shipping
  2. Hey guys, A couple of quick questions for people who are running the low max seats from Just Jap: 1) How low do they sit compared to factory seats? I need the lowest possible due to being 6"5' and can't fit a helmet while in the factory seats. 2) Are they actually comfortable? And which model would you recommend? 3) Are they compatible with the genuine bride low max rails? Or do the Just Jap ones sit just as low / good quality? Any info would be awesome! Also before people start complaining that I shouldn't get reps, I can't afford the genuine low max Brides and need some new seats soon. Just for skid pan use and need the head room for a helmet
  3. Hey guys, Wondering if it is possible to fit low max rails to stock seats in a s14? I have quite limited head room being 6'5" and in a sunroof model :/ This also makes it impossible for me to fit a helmet for tracks days. So yeah.. curious to see if that is a thing, or if I'll have to make up a custom rail. Thanks in advance!
  4. WTB> Black S15 Rear Seats, Brisbane/Qld

    Waiting to buy Black S15 Rear seats, Located in Brisbane cbd. Willing to travel and pick up. Better condition the better Negotiable on price. Email me on chris_chow-nage@hotmail.com Or text me 0434 2818 74 Thanks
  5. Have for sale heaps of stuff - Located in Geelong 3222, can post. PM me, or send a txt 0466 103 384 Prices as follows - Twin 12" thermo fans, with radiator shroud (bolts onto factory and aftermarket radiators) - $60 R34 gtt radiator - $40 R33 s2 gtst headlights, good condition -$350 for the pair R34 gtt rear seats - $150 R33 front rad support $50 R34 springs $20 R34 front pipe $5 R33 s2 gtst standard air box + filter + intake pipe (rubber) - $30 R33 s2 top secrete fibre glass front bar $200 each (brand new) R34 standard gauges - volts, oil, boost. $50 4 x 180sx standard wheels, excellent tread, $80 R33 s2 gtst standard air flow metre, (good for 230kw) don't waste money on a z32! $50 Walbro 255 fuel pump, will fit S chassis, skylines etc etc. $80 R33 injectors - $30
  6. Hey guys got some S15 parts to get rid of Lots more just ask for what you're after open to offers on all parts All parts off a 2001 ADM s15 with around 102k Km's Located Sydney - will post at buyers expense S15 Complete running gear from Engine-diff will come all as one still in the shell which is half stripped ( can be repaired and registered) S15 complete doors drivers and passanger in yellow s15 ADM rear bar in yellow S15 boot lid with spec s spoiler in yellow S15 floor carpet-90 S15 roof liner- s15 indicator stalk-25 S15 wiper stalk-25 S15 dash ( no airbag)- S15 spare tyre wood- S15 rear brake light- 40 S15 front pillar trim Drivers and passanger side- $30 (PAIR) S15 rear parcel shelf - $55 S15 pair of sun visors - $20 S15 coolant overflow bottle - $30 S15 rear boot brace - $30 S15 steering wheel ( no airbag) - $60 S15 rear seat - $90 S15 stock side mount intercooler - $60 S15 front driver and passenger seatbelt - $??? S15 ADM cluster around 102,000km's - $SOLD S15 cluster surround - $ sold S15 SRI front strut brace - $SOLD S15 rear mirror - $sold S15 front interior light (with bulbs)- $sold S15 scuff plates (pair) (plastic still on metal logo) - $sold S15 ADM analog climate control - $ sold S15 glovebox - sold s15 stockies - Sold Pair of s15 front seats with rails - SOLD
  7. Hey peoples, got some stuff taking up space in the garage I dont need anymore S15 Bootlid, Pewter in colour, no holes, good condition, $100 S15 JDM Drives side Headlight, includes ballast good condition, $250 S15 JDM Passengers side Headlight, includes ballast, has a crack in the lens but works ok, $75 S15 Windscreen Washer bottle, includes neck and pumps, $20 S15 Digital fan control unit, mode button sits a little crooked, $20 S15 Passengers side Door Card, missing plastic trim from handle, $40 Also have assorted interior and boot plastics etc 180sx Weathershields, good condition with clips and fresh double sided tape $50 S13 digital fan control unit, $20 S13 centre dash vent, good condition, $10 S13 Sunroof, not sure how well it works as it came with a shell I bought, $20 S13 Glovebox, $10 Pair of S13 Seats, could use a good clean, fabric a little worn on drivers side bolster, $20 S13 Condenser and compressor, good condition, comes with lines attached, $50 Autotechnica Deep Dish Steering wheel, has a small chunk missing from bottom of wheel, comes with boss kit, $25 Items are located on the Gold Coast Queensland, can post at buyers expense, Have probably got other S13 interior parts, seatbelts, sunvisors, sound/heat pad from under bonnet, etc etc if anyones interested
  8. sold

    For sale: S15 stock seats (a pair) with rails Price and price conditions: non smoker, no rips etc. looking for $300 pickup only : hurstville
  9. Hi, selling a lot of things! -s15 HPI Engine Damper $200 -S15 K&N panel filter $30 [PRICE DROP!!!] -OEM S15 front pipe $30 [PRICE DROP!!!] -Xenon HID, they are blue in colour, and work. Don't know anything else but have went with stock globes so I don't want them anymore. $5 [PRICE DROP!!!] -3A Pod $5 [PRICE DROP!!!] -S15 OEM Sidemount intercooler $20 PM/Comment or SMS 0412969720. The items can be picked up from Chester Hill NSW 2162
  10. Hi, selling a lot of things! -Tan S15 leather seats front and back, with rails $300 O.N.O (can sell individual items) -s15 HPI Engine Damper $200 FIRM -S15 Cusco strut tower bar (ok condition, brought second hand, never installed) $70 FIRM -S15 K&N panel filter $50 -Drift Handles $20 each or $30 for both -OEM S15 front pipe $50 -Genuine S15 Hi-Octane Pod Cover $30 O.N.O -Xenon HID, they are blue in colour, and work. Don't know anything else but have went with stock globes so I don't want them anymore. $10 -3A Pod $10 -EZY lip $10 PM/Comment or SMS 0412969720. The items can be picked up from Chester Hill NSW 2162
  11. Hey guys. my S13 currently has no rear seats, and ive been hunting everywhere for them with no luck. ive been offered a set of 180SX seats for free, and have been told they will fit the S13. can anyone confirm or deny this for me please? if they fit, with i need to make any modifications to be able to bolt them in etc? or does everything line up properly? thanks everyone
  12. New Seats

    Hey guys, Just got offered 2 brand new Evo X Recaro's for a fairly cheap price. I've been looking around getting an idea of what I want, but I'm not in a rush. Has anyone had any experience with them? What are they like compared to stock S14 seats? I've tried searching but, I cant really find much. Thanks, Jake.
  13. Defect Woes

    The back story for people who fancy a read Ok so here's my long winded story of the frustration I've had over the last week. So about a week ago I was driving along a road down at eight mile plains and come up to a RBT, instantly I have one of the cops beckoning me over to the side of the road (I have had this car for a only week at this point btw, and I'm also on L plates as I don't have my manual license yet but on opens.). Straight away the cop asks me to pop my bonnet saying he heard my BOV as I was turning on the road (I had not been accelerating hard by any means, the BOV is quite responsive) and them Him and another officer claim that my BOV isn't plumbed back, which anyone with an IQ of 5 could easily look and see the plumb back pipe going straight to the intake. Anyway the officer tells me it isn't plumb back and me and my mate both tell him it is which seemed to piss him off so we were asked to get out and one of the officers proceeds to rev the tits off my engine to make the BOV go off whilst the other officer has his ear around the passengers foot well trying to hear where the noise is coming from (clearly from the intake which I tried to explain but these guys wouldn't listen). Eventually because they cant find where the noise is coming from they mention something about the DOT looking at it. One of the officers proceeds to look over the car trying to find me something he can actually pin me for, he checks the spare tyre and then looks at my seats (ADR approved drift blade buckets), he says its a major defect not to have a mod plate for aftermarket seats (fair enough) but then says it will need to be checked over by Darra DOT by the 30th and cant be driven. He slaps a big ass yellow sticker in the middle of the windscreen and they pack up and go home leaving us standing on the side of the road. (Whilst this was all happening they let through an evo with a roll cage with no question, a bomby car with tail lights out and a lifted jeep with muddies poking out the guards). So because it has to go to the DOT I have spent the last week making anything they could pick on legal, I have raised it to almost 4wd height, put some legal wheels on it (the other ones were flush when it was lower but when I raised it they poked out a bit.), got the mod plate done (he also did an engineers report for the intercooler hole in the battery tray), got a resonator put on the exhaust to quieten it up a bit, took the HIDs out, replaced the seat belts (frayed drivers side) and a few bits here and there, it has cost me an absolute bucket to have it all done, especially considering it needs to be towed everywhere. I find out the day before I was going to take it in I need to actually make a booking with the Darra inspection station so I call up and they tell me the next free inspection is the 24th.....of August! I ask the person on the phone if there's anyway I can drive it between now and then and he said if I call up the police station who defected me and told them the booking number they can change it on their system and it can be driven. So I call QPS and ask them, the woman on the phone checks with her sergeant and comes back and tells me it cannot be driven until its been inspected and signed off by the DOT. So I'm left with my new car which I have had the joy of driving for a week sitting outside not being able to be driven for two months. Its made my views of QPS and the DOT not too favorable as it seems the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing as they tell me conflicting info. I have been into the police station closest to where I was booked and also Darra DOT to see if there's anything I could do and they both pretty much shrugged their shoulders and didn't want to help out at all. On to my Questions I have seen in the past it was possible to deregister a car and the defect will be cleared and then at a later date register the car again just get a RWC which is much easier than going over the pits and it can be driven again, is this still the case as I really don't want to have to wait till the end of august to drive the car again. Also can people who have been through these inspections before shed some light on things that they could pick up on, the things I'm a bit iffy about are the camber arms on the back, K&N pod filter (though its secured it isn't enclosed but the guy who did the mod plate said you don't need to have them enclosed in QLD), Tee boost controller and one of the tein coilovers needs to be rebuilt as its leaking oil. Also whats the point of the cops saying I need to clear the defect by the end of this month if I cant get a booking until 2 months away?
  14. Hi All, looking for a vic supplier (pref east) for those Drift blade seats (r34 gtr copies), want to get a pair for the 180 some time soon. Cheers in advance