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Found 10 results

  1. WTB S15 200SX

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a S15 200SX. Can be either Spec R or Spec S. Preferably under 120,000 kms. I am located in Sydney. Thanks guys!
  2. Looking to buy a s13 SR20 Crankshaft. Im located in Sydney, so preferably in or around Sydney area as they would cost too much to ship.
  3. hey guys, after some cheap 16 inch stud wheels must be 4x114.3 tyres are a must, legal tread is ideal text me 0411 222 719 The closer to sydney CBD the better cheers
  4. WTB NSW - S13 SR20DET Blown Motor. Not looking to rebuild, just for miscellaneous parts. In particular the coolant hard-lines that run behind the engine and under the plenum/intake. In Sydney only.
  5. (WTB) S15 Silvia (Steering wheel)

    Hi, I'm looking to buy stock steering wheel AUDM/JDM PM me price
  6. Hey guys, So basically trying to get a feel for this, Would people be interested in cheap tyres fitted? Im talking 235/45/17 tyres fitted for $75 including getting rid of your old rubber? Just seeing if theres enough intrest to make it worthwile, any sizes would be available but i would only keep a few common sizes stocked, Let me know if people would be wanting an ongoing supply for drift etc. Cheers guys
  7. more tracks in sydney

    Hi everybody, I very quick background on me. I live in the Sydney area, I don’t drive a jdm car and I’m a noob to drifting. I know the following may sound far fetch but the internet has helped countries overthrow governments and make 20 year olds billionaires, all I want is some more race tracks in Sydney and I think people power is the way to do it! There is many a debate on the drifting scene/culture in Australia and its future, lack of growth, no money etc…. I believe that in Sydney especially, the key to growing this sport is track time and venues which we lack both. The more tracks and track time we have, the more people will see and the more people will do. I know individuals and clubs are working on fixing this and that’s great but what if we think outside the box and keep everyone in the loop there will be more chance in making something happen. Some very valid points have been brought up on the ‘keep drifting fun’ thread. So this is my idea. We identify areas where drifting can take place which is mainly large car parks and public venues. We approach the council and see what is involved in getting approval for a very basic ‘car show’ setup which eventually turns into small drift circuit. Sydney Olympic park has huge baron car parks with no visible public neighbours. We set up a night or day event (does not matter) day may be easier due to noise restrictions. All we need is a vacant car park with temporary barriers and good organisation and we are away. they do it all over the world, why cant we do it here. This event would need to take place at least once a week, which would then create a known hangout, which would then create an identity, which would then create a culture etc etc etc. I am not talking about creating a big sponsored pro event, i am talking about track time, keeping it fun and getting more people into it. WSID has a weekly event for drag racing and that has only expanded the sport. Now I know I just made it sound easy in a simple paragraph and I understand there would be a number of difficulties in creating such an event (insurance, on site ambulance etc) but I don’t believe it would be impossible and at the end of the day we have to start somewhere, so if this thread gets shut down in two posts or something actually amounts from it at least we tried. even if we at least get a weekly event at eastern creek that would be a starting point. What I am asking for in this thread is some constructive criticism and valid point to actually making something like this happen or working on creating something similar, we can identify the hurdles and work on how we fix them. We can then use the resources we have together to make shit happen and get track time! I know all the haters and emo children out there will now be licking their lips waiting to grill me but imagine if it worked….. The main objective here is more track time and a familiar local place to build this sport, if we can create this I believe that it would definitely expand the sport. So where do you think we should start……….
  8. Hi all, I'm a new member from Sydney, I just moved here from South Australia.. I don't currently own a car but I would love to. it's a bit difficult with all the different laws here. I'm looking to buy a cheap Sil80 or 180sx, preferably a Sil80. With or without mods, I'm not too fussed. If anyone has anything that is relevant feel free to let me know I'm fairly new to this sort of thing, but I am very interested in learning.
  9. Just wondering how many 180s there are in sydney cause i do film and i wana do something on a nice built 180 sometime benefit is for me for a short film and you get a free film on it too haha but just wondering cause all i see here is everyones in Victoria were the Sydney people at, only 180s I've seen are ugly fluro colour velside lebo style ones LOL? Where the JDMs at? Post Pics of your Syd ride and let us know about what you got under the restrictions of Gay ass Sydney engine rules.... Thanks
  10. Hello NS. looking to get a few quotes on getting tinting done for my gfs car. already checked the nsw workshops thread but theres nothing regarding tinting. anyone had any experience with good places in Sydney? any recommendations would be appreciated. cheers.