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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I've been looking into silvias for a while now and have done much research. However, one topic I cannot find any answers on are the SR20's transmission codes. So my question is, what are the transmission code for the SR20DET 5 & 6 speed boxes? (Like supras have W58, V160, V161etc) And also, while we are at the topic, are the transmissions different from eachother on for instance an early SR20DET and a SR20DE? And another question, what amount of power can they handle unmodified? Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, I'm after an sr20 rb20 gearbox combo to fit in my corolla. Cheers
  3. Hey, Thanks in advance for the help. Basically, my clutch just does not want to disengage. it pretty much never goes into neutral position. I drive the car and have to rev match it every time i need to change the gear. Whilst driving if i push the clutch pedal in, it does not rev up or down. it just drives like the clutch is engaged. did a lot of research, not exactly sure what the problem is. - The master cylinder ? -The clutch ? - the transmission ? Clutch its not spongy, still feels solid not spongy There is no leaks as the fluid is still just above "max" Could someone please narrow down the problem? Thank you
  4. Hi All I have done a search but to no avail. I have an auto s14a and the transmission packed up the other day. i was wondering if an s15 auto transmission would be a direct swap or will it require much modification? Any help/suggestions would be good. I'm not going down the path of a manual conversion as it would be too costly. i would prefer to just buy a manual s14 (im questioning why i didnt do this in the beginning) Don't want a reco'ed rebuilt auto trans as this will also be too costly so i was thinking of putting in a second hand auto trans. Thanks in advance for the help. Craig

    ok guys i have an issue with my auto trans. PARK=REVERSE REVERSE=NEUTRAL NEUTRAL=DRIVE..... and so on. I have Called Auto Masters and they think it may be something to do with the Selector Cable. Or something of that manner. But couldnt give me a quote on fixing such a problem. anyone know???? Cheers guys
  6. Hi Guys, So i have a 1999 Automatic S14a. While cruising at 80 km/ph, the revs usually sit at around 1.5 - 2K. when the overdrive button is turned off, (depressed) and still cruising at 80, the revs sit around the 4K range. The problem i am now having is that the overdrive button is on (pressed in) and while cruising at 80, the revs will be at around the 4K range, then drop to 1.5-2K then back to 4K. It seems the Over-drive is turning itself off but is not showing on the cluster display. Has anyone else experiences this or know what the problem may be? Thanks in advance.
  7. Ok so I know this has been done to death, and im not asking for another guide, already done a search and found a few good ones. All I need is some more specific opinions. So my sr20de s13 transmission finally died today, something ive more or less expected over the last 2 years. Pretty sure it was the torque converter seal, absolutely dumped its fluid all over the road from the bellhousing and lost all transfer of power from the engine to the wheels. From research ive done it looks like this repair ballparks in the $1300 region. So naturally this resparked the idea of converting to manual for me like just about everyone has seemed to consider at one point or another. My only hesitation is that I was already planning an upgrade in a year or so and didn't really want to spend the money/time if I didnt have to. So my real qurstions are: what do you guys think would be the best option/ price difference? Also curious who our there has a conversion kit spare and how much? Also anyone who can possibly do it for me and costs involved ? (Not afraid or opposed to giving it a go myself but would rather know it was done right if possible) I should add im in vic aswell i spose. Ty!
  8. Hey guys! My gearbox is on the fritz and have been looking at buying one. I would rebuild it but my experience with rebuilding boxes so far has taught me it costs ALOT! Are s15 gearboxes stronger than s14 boxes? I wouldn't mind an extra gear! Also how hard is it to put an s15 box into an s14, What would I need to do? Any advice would be awesome. Thanks!!