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Found 6 results

  1. S13 upgrade questions and help needed

    Hey everyoneee, So first off i know nothing about anything to do with cars. I can not jack a car up nor change any kinds of oil, just so everyone knows how bad i am. My dad and brother know how to do the mechanics but i need help with what parts to use, my goal is to just have a gripy as f**k STREET car. The mods already done are, HANDLING: *R32 GT-R rear swaybar *GKTECH Steering rack spacers *Tein HE coilovers *Cusco rose jointed adjustable castor arms (professionally rebuilt when installed for a hefty price) *Work Ryver Independence mesh wheels (17x8 and 17x9) BRAKES: *R32 GTST Front calipers (Alloy 4-pot, unlike 200sx which is steel) *Upgraded and upsized the brake master cylinder *Brand new slotted rotors, 4-stud drilled from blanks (rather than re-drilling 5-stud) DRIVELINE: *Manual transmission (turbo version) installed done at 13x,xxx km *Exedy HD turbo clutch (larger diameter than the N/A clutch) *Redline Lightweight oil used in the gearbox *KAAZ 2-way Limited Slip Differential (using genuine KAAZ diff oil) That's copied and pasted from the cars add when i bought it just so we again are on the same page as to whats already done to it BUT coilovers are hard as f**k and probably have no oil left, leaky break caliper and the tyre was on belts then came off the rim SO it now has Nankang NS-2R's all round. what are some mods that i can do to get it gripping as in what springs are people running is there a better coilover that isn't $1000 swap over rate, what brake rotors and pads should i use, strut braces etc etc i want to learn about this and see what brands will get me the best performance but not pay through the ass. Thanks!!!
  2. R33 GTR Turbos

    Location: Melbourne, VIC PRICE: $800, pick up only. Up for sale are a pair of Garrett R33 GTR turbos recently rebuilt to steel wheels. Only selling due to change of priorities. They are a great and affordable upgrade for stock turbos wanting more boost/power while keeping the lag to a minimum. They are in very good condition, no shaft play at all. Message me for more pictures/detail. Thanks.
  3. Hi Boys/Girls, Thinking of upgrading my rear brakes on my S15. Looking at a budget upgrade, installing the R33 GTS-T rear rotors & discs. I have done research and I know that the S15 & R33 use different handbrake set up, I need to install the R33 hand brake cable in my car. But I just have a few questions: Q) Will the R33 calipers/rotors fit onto my existing S15 rear hubs? Q) Will the R33 calipers/rotors clear my standard S15 rims? Q) I already have braided brake lines on the rear, will these connect to the R33 calipers? Q) Do I need to upgrade my BMC for this upgrade? At the moment I have standard S15 brakes front and rear, only upgrades are slotted rotors on the front, QFM A1RM brakes pads and braided lines. Any info would be appreciated
  4. Hey guys im very new to this site and 4 cylinders in general. Ive been watching the forums as much as possible to work out the best possible "safe" setup for my 200sx s15. Ide REALLY APPRECIATE any thoughts, changes or recommendations that anyone has because there seems to be alot of informative people watching over the forums. have purchased over the last couple months. Apexi Power FC Z32 afm 3" turbo back exhaust Large front mount intercooler Walbro 255L intank fuel pump Custom intake plenum 750cc Bosch Injectors(E85 compatible) big bore high flow top feed fuel rail kit Garrett GT2871R-56T Turbo None of which is installed yet I wanted to do it all at once and tunned. I Just wanted a big difference instead of little up grade here and there. Please leave thoughts/feedback
  5. Hey guys, I have been doing a bit of research but still can't decide on what I am going to change/upgrade cooling wise. I have an N/A SR20DE S13 and have had some overheating problems which led to the engine dying. The engine is currently being fixed but I just want to make sure that it doesn't happen again. I was thinking of getting a bigger aluminium radiator and also and oil cooler kit but I'm not sure is that would be the right option as it's only and N/A engine. I'm just looking for some advice from people who have done any cooling mods to an SR20DE and also the cheapest yet most effective way to do so. Please feel free to comment as I want to gather all the information I can Thanks, Curtis.
  6. Hey guys, i have what was a CA18DET 180sx that I'm building into a track oriented SR20DET Sileighty, still street legal though. (first time I've done any sort of work on a car) I've been wanting to upgrade the brakes since the CA18 discs are tiny. I went to put some SR20DET discs on for now, but they don't fit in the baffle plate. Do i need to need to keep the baffle plate? Can it just be flattened out a bit to fit the discs? I also tried to remove the plate but I couldn't work out how it was attached and it wouldn't budge from where it was.