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S13 Square headlight installation guide

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S13 square headlight installation


Are you sick of the bad lighting the projector type headlights put out at night or do you want to have the better (IMHO) look of the square headlights? I wanted both, but I am rather mechanically handicapped. So for those of you out there just like me, this guide I hope will be able to help you out when you want to install your square headlights.


Step 1:




Obviously, start with popping the bonnet. I disconnected the battery before messing with wires in case I shorted the headlights, but isn’t necessary. Remove the grille from between the headlights, then remove the screw holding the indicator to the headlight unit. To remove the indicator, just push it forward, being careful not to snap the plastic ball joint that holds it onto the headlight unit.




Here I removed the indicator “wedge” type bulb & replaced it with the one I got with my Philips Diamond Vision bulbs.


Step 2:


Now you need to remove 2 screws from behind where the indicator is normally positioned in order to be able to remove the headlight unit.




However, before you remove the unit, make sure to unplug the connector that the projector unit is plugged into. It looks exactly like a H4 plug doesn’t it?




The black plug is the H4 plug, used for your low beam.


The other connector is exactly the same as the one for your fog light or low beam on the projector. I used this for high beam & it works when you use high beam on the headlight control arm in the cabin. The fog light wire I left sitting idle to eventually use with aftermarket foglights, which I’ll eventually get around to hooking up.


No rewiring needs to be done, a straight plug & play job which is great if your auto electrical skills are not up to par, like mine!!


Step 3:


Now just place the square headlight into place, hook the plugs up to the bulbs and to install is the exact reverse of removing the projector headlight.

Easy as, even for me!!




Step 4:


Repeat for the other side.


Step 5:


Reinstall your grille and you’re done. Should look something like this when complete.




Difference in bulbs:


Just wanted to show the difference in the H4 & H3C bulbs, which does make a difference to the amount of light produced I believe.




I installed Philips Diamond Vision 4000k H4’s, which I have found to be awesome at night to drive with. They set me back $70.00 at Autobarn. The Philips Crystal Vision bulbs look bluer, but don’t last as long, as well as being more expensive.


The H3C I’m using in my high beams are the stock Nissan bulbs that are rarer than hen’s teeth, as soon as I find a decent aftermarket white light H3C bulb, I’ll be parting ways with the stock ones.




I hope you find this guide to installing the square headlight unit helpful, especially if like me you are not an auto electrician or gifted with your hands. I think the square headlight look better than the projectors & I have found them to be much brighter at night, especially with the bulbs I am using.


As for your old lights, keep them as a back up if the square units get damaged in a drifting accident or sell them to someone else, which is what I am doing with my old projectors.


Any questions drop me a PM.




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