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where it all began - to now

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hey guys.. this is going to be a pretty long post, but should be worth it... it'll take me a few hours to put togher.. cause im at work at the moment... enjoy..


back in february, i had a minor rear ender with an Audi.. sorted that out no probs, but left my 180 in a fairly average state of repair.




this led to the idea to put a 1JZ into the 180.. i toyed with the idea of an RB conversion, but the 1J i picked up, was something i couldn't knock back... also, i wanted something different.

so out came the SR and the engine mount designing started... tho first i needed to sort out some panel beating issues




then i needed a new front end as mine was well and truly farked



tho it wasnt a great fit to start with... so more panel beating on my weekends



once that was sorted.. time to make engine mounts and test fit with the new front end... sorry guys, no pics of the mounts... they r a secret :bandaid:


new_front_and_panels.JPG - new front end and panels

engine_height_with_panels2.JPG - testing engine height with quarter panels



once the engine mounts seemed to be sorted, next thing was the power steering lines. i didnt want to modify anything and luckily the toyota power steering pump is pretty much in the same place as the nissan SR pump, so the reservoir lines met up ok, but i had to make some mods to my engine mounts, to get the lines around them into the steering rack... i then dropped the engine back in (literally too.. dropped the *milkshake* instead of stopping the crane.. bent the fu ck out of all the panel beating i did the week before :angry: ) no biggy, sorted that out and the engine sat nicely over the steering rack and the power steering lines r not interfered with at all... the only issue, which will easily be fixed is the hose from the pump to the steel lines is too long, so needs to be shortened by about 10cm


the radiator was a bit of a problem.. altho i had a fair bit of room between the pulley and where the radiator would sit, i didnt have any room for fans.. so i sourced a radiator from A.R.E and had the boys at Natrad in Phillip whack some 13in fans on front side, so as to have room on the engine side for the air to flow past the engine and not create an air block...

the fans hang over the edge by a little, so Ben (from NATRAD) made some blanks up to stop air flowing thru the over hang.. this over hang was also a problem as now the width of the radiator plus fans is greater than what the original radiator gap is (gap between the head light supports). no problem there.. angle grinder and steel malet persuaded everything to fit and it went in nicely... well, width wise.. vertically tho, it was not sitting in the normal holes underneith.. so i cut the little plastic lugs off, so the bottom tank was flat and welded a bracket on the chassis cross rail, to stop it moving forward and back... A.R.E provided some new saddles, so all movement is now eliminated.



the sump was a big issue.. the 1JZ has 3 sump setups... forward, mid and rear - depending on the car u get the engine from.. soarers r generally mid/rear sumps and supras r front sumps... i had a mid sump, so that sat nicely on the cross member and was totally useless.. i sourced a front sump and changed it all over.. in the meantime, it was a good opportunity to see how the crank looked.



the gear box sits nicely in the trans tunel, altho, it is too short and the shifter needs to be extended so i can reach it. i also had to modify the standard nissan gearbox cross member as it will bolt to the box perfectly, but because the box is shorter, it no longer bolts up to its holes... fixed that with some tubular steel and it bolts up like a standard cross member again..


new tail shaft needs to be made up - single piece should hold the power.


brakes needed work too. spent 2 weekends on this task.. R32GTR's up front and S14 rears. there is no diff in size between the rears, but i needed 5 stud, so it was easier to source 5 stud disks and swap them, then to re drill... well, if u ask james (dusky007) he'd tell u it was a *milkshake* of a job, but its safer than re drilling. i didnt get any pics while doing this job, tho i wish i had as the rear was a pain.. had to undo and take everything off from the diff, as u need to undo 4 bolts on the back of the hub. these were nicely rusted on and needed a rattle gun to get them off.... once sorted, it was time to chuck some wheels on to see if i could roll the car around... r32 gtst wheels were found for the bargain price of nothing, so on they went and "almost" is how they fitted... so chucked some washers over the studs and that spaced them enough.. hell dodgy as the wheels rock like crazy, but it did the job.. will be something i'll sort out later.

as well as GTR brakes up front, i got some braided lines.. got these from Maltech and they fit perfectly and look the piece too.


once engine and box were bolted in, i hooked up the clutch line... i sourced this braided little lovely from Maltech, as the nissan one didnt go close to reaching and interestingly enough, the clutch fork (if u could call it that) is completely internal on the R154 boxs and is on the passenger side. so the cable needed to run across the fire wall and down, rather than straight down from the clutch MC.


with the previous SR engine, i had big issues with fire wall flex and the seems in the engine bay tearing away from themselves, due to torque... given i plan on almost doubling the 200rwkw the SR put out, i figured it would be worth seem welding the entire engine bay and investing in some of the Guard Braces by Zenith



Turbo of choice is a GT35R (700hp)


all up, its taken a good 10 months to do - i got side tracked with some celsiors i imported, but when i got rid of those and the whinging girl friend, i was able to spend more time on it..


here is a list of mods... I’m sure we’ve missed a few but i'll post up as we go



Donor car


1995 180sx


New engine 1jz gte (manual)




HKS 1.5mm Metal head gasket

HKS cam gears

HKS 264 inlet cam

HKS 272 exhaust cam

HKS oil filter relocator

550cc injectors

custom 3" dump

3.5in cat back



Garrett GT35R turbo

Tial 38mm wastegate

High mount manifold

ARE intercooler

HKS Oil cooler

HKS oil filter relocator

Custom CAI



OS Giken Cross Mission gear set

OS Giken twin plate

custom single piece tail shaft



Microtec LTX 12s

bosch coils


Fuel system

custom fuel lines

Carter Black Pre Pump

Surge tank

Bosch 044 fuel pump



front - R32 GTR 4pot Calipers

front - R32 GTR slotted rotors

Rear - S14

5 stud conversion



Tein HR's

Rear Camber rings

aluminium sub frame bush's



Cusco front strut brace

Rear strut brace

Whiteline custom front heavy duty swaybar

seem welded engine bay

Zenith Guard Bracis



R32 GTR seats

D1 detachable boss kit

Nardi steering wheel

Greddy electric gauges - boost, oil temp, oil press, water temp, exh temp

custom 12 fibre glass sub encloser

JVC cameleon head deck

JVC splits



Standard front guards

C-West vented bonnet

Supermade fixed head light conversion

Full RW kit - from AVI

body kit fitted and car fully painted by Adam @ Image body kits



Custom work

1 piece tail shaft

new bigger fuel lines and swapped to the left side of the car

fuel system

gauge clusters in the dash

shifter needed a small dog leg to bring the shifter back to standard position... trans tunel needed a 50mm hole cut, at the front of the standard shifter gap, to allow the new dog leg to come up.

engine mounts

gearbox mount

radiator supports

oil cooler mounting

intercooler piping

throttle cable

clutch hose

ecu and wiring

radiator header tank

thermo fans



Almost all of the work is home grown and carried out by James (dusky007), Benn (type-X) and myself.



now for some random pics....


engienbay_gearbox.JPG - gearbox and firewall clearance

enginebay8.JPG - random engine bay shot

enginebay9.JPG - random engine bay shot

turbo_and_brake_cylinder_stopper.JPG - turbo and brake master cylinder stopper

turbo.JPG - pretty turbo

car.JPG - more guard bracing


updated pics



Big thanks to James and Benn from Garage Titan.. anone of this would have happened without their efforts.


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Mate its come a long way from pulling the old SR out. Its going to be killer when its all running. Ill need that kitchen sink to wash my dacks in after going for a drive in it :o

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sounds like an awsome machine... will be good to see how it handles. looks good mixing the toyota engine into the nissan body...


very cool indeed dude. looks like a lot of hard work went into this..

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reminds me of Izumida's s14 with a 1J. going to to be off head when its all done. congrats man.


whats the main purpose of this car?

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drag and drift.. im hoping for a 10sec pass.. im not really one for track days (altho they r fun), i prefer sliding... should be a good car to do this with.

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not on the road yet.. will be in a few weeks - if i find a bonnet??!!!!

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Congrats Greg on all the hard work that you put into it. For anyone out there, being a mechanic myself you have no idea how much of a head f**k that this conversion would of been and to do it all at home is a top notch effort :thumbsup:

It's gonna make my sil look so little.........

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that turbo is Huge!!









almost as big as the guys head whose holding it







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I have a bonnet in mind...


ill give you a ring later about it.

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u saying i got a fat head?? :P if u think that is big, imagine how big RX200's T51R SPL is going to be... that will ingest small animals on high boost.... Benn's 35psi is going to make my 21psi look pretty childish :(:)


have u got a bonnet for me simon !!!!!!!

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well u know of my idea for my car.


i reckin we can get a discount if we buy two...

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oh yeah.... i'll get getting mine shortly... just have to pay for my other car and arrange shipping from japan for early next year.


oh oh, what have i got planned next !!!!???? B)

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let me know before you buy yours and ill see if i want the same :)

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I love it :wub:

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that's gonna be a mACHinnnneE.. it already is i spose..


great work man.. lookz fckn awesOme..

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not sure... probably not, cause i have a lot on over the next 4-5 months. but if someone asks, i guess i can put something together....

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That is sex on wheels mate.


Champion job!



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good shit



interesting to see what you run down the quarter and on dyno

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Car had its first dyno run today...


226.6kw at the rear wheels.


This is an initial power run with only 7psi, basically the turbo hasn't even factored into the equation yet.


Boost will be about double that, and we'll see a huge increase in power.


Its hard to describe how this car sounds, its just pure horn.


Here is the dyno sheet aswell as some pictures from yesterday and a video, you'll need quicktime to watch it.











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Holy Crap!


thats frickin cool! and its sounds awesome! didnt sound like it was even revved hard and it was still horn!




:humpleg: i want to see! i want to seeeeee!

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I recognise that noise ;)


f**k me greg...this thing is going to be a f**ken animal...congrats on the power too...hopefully in the next few weeks I can start too see similar results

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