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Apexi Power Intake Install


Tools Needed


* 14 mm Socket and Ring Spanner

* 10 mm Socket and Ring Spanner

* 8 mm Socket and Ring Spanner


Step 1

Removing Old Air Box


Now this install is a very simple one with all of the bolts and nuts supplied with the kit.


First step is to remove the factory air box, unclip the 4 clips that hold the two section of the air box on then that allows you to get the top section off.


Best to take the hose clamp off from the Air Flow Meter side and then unbolt the air box from that. There is four bolts holding the air box to the Air Flow Meter.


Next remove the bottom half of the standard air box by UN screwing the four bolts in the bottom of the air box.


Blow is a picture of the factory air box and the old location where it has come from.



Step 2

Lay Out Parts



Step 3

Bolt Up AFM


Use the four bolts supplied to bolt up the Air filer to the air flow meter spacer bracket (seen below)


Once you have done this then bolt the AFM bracket to the AFM using the other four bolts supplied


Now place the two brackets that hold the filter in place on the back of the AFM bracket in the location shown in the pictures below. One of them towards the rear of the car (picture on left below)and the other downwards towards the ground(picture on right below).


Next place the hose clamp back on the turbo inlet pipe and tighten the hose and clamp onto the airflow meter


Step 4

Finishing Off

Check all of the bolts for tightness and then turn the car over and give it a bit of a blip. Welcome to the world of induction noise :)


TIP - When cleaning engine bay place a plastic bag over the Pod Filter to prevent water getting into the induction system.


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