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TPS Throttle Position Sensor (SR20) ***Broken Image***

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Throttle position sensor adjustment



(SR20DET: Auto or manual and as far as I know it only applies for S13 and 180SX retop).



This is a guide to correctly adjust your throttle position sensor to the factory settings.

I decided to write this article to help all fellow Nissansilvia.com members, as I have received a lot of help myself.

The throttle position sensor is on the throttle shaft (engine side) on the throttle body. When looking if you are

not sure it is the black plastic box on the side of the throttle body with a 6 pin plug coming off it, as indicated in

the picture. The TPS if set incorrectly can cause rough idle, popping, coughing and even stalling if set incorrectly.



Things you need to know before starting:-



While you have your accessories on, you battery may go flat if you take an hour of so to complete this test.


There isn't too much room between the fan shroud and the piping/engine so you may want to take care doing this adjustment.


If you a re testing the wrong wire you may not get the voltage you need to adjust.


Be careful when sliding the multi-meter wire into the plug to ensure damage is not done to the wire/connection.





Tools needed:-



1) Multi-meter.


2) ¼" (inch) socket wrench (stubby handle). Because working room is limited.


3) 7mm socket to suit.


4) Patience and maybe a light if needed, because this is a fiddly job and there isn't much room.


5) Auto will be a 6 wire in the plug, manual should be 5. But both should use the same wire for the voltage on the TPS.




TPS factory reading is exactly 0.45 volts when the throttle is closed. (without the engine running)

Put your keys in and turn on the accessories on.



Step 1:


You will need to put your keys in and turn it to the on position (i.e. brake, engine lights on just before starting).


One click before starting the engine. But you don't need to start the engine for this proces.



Step 2:


Test you TPS before adjusting to ensure that it needs adjusting. Have your multi-meter and push the red


connection pin into the plug coming from the TPS. You will need to push it into the middle pin in he engine side,


then the black connection to the body so it's earthed or a ¼ panel bolt to ground. Doing this you will get a voltage


reading that should be around 0.45 Volts.



Step 3:


If you need to adjust the TPS, get the 7mm socket and the ¼ socket wrench and reach in to the TPS from


the engine side and loosen but DO NOT remove the bolts. Doing this will allow you to rotate the sensor.


Loosen both bolts until only finger tight not too loose.



Step 4:


Rotate the TPS; till you get 0.45 Volts, it may take a few minutes as it is very sensitive.


Tighten the bolts once it's set and double check the volts and away you go.




That it......I hope it's helped you.



I have been informed that the manual SR has only 3 pins. So it makes it easier to find the middle pin


manual = 3 pin......middle wire to test

auto = 6 pin..........middle wire, enngine side to test......


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not bad but my SR manual had 3 pins not 5.

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well My auto... SR20det.. has 6 pins... as I've seen in the manual engines.... it's the same process but you just check the middle pin.. it's not that hard to change the process.. you still probe your multimeter to the same place, except there are only 3 pins to worry about in an auto there are 6.. easy to remember if you ask me.. same things applies for both types...

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yeah, i did mine last night. for some reason on mine i wouldnt get a voltage reading till i put it to ON instead of Accessories. middle pin with the positive lead and the negative to the throttlebody. for some reason i wouldnt get a reading if the negative was anywhere else. good guide anyway.

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Thanks mate... I hope it's apreciated. Well with the ignition I wanted to say that it needs to be on 1 click before starting the engine.. thanks for the feedback

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sorry it's been a couple of days, I'd ben seaching for a CA18 manual and couldn't find one but I tracked it down and here are the detail as per the workshop manual





this picture only applies to the CA not the SR

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great write up. my sr was an auto but it has been converted from auto to manual and the motor has been changed. so now I have a 3pin tps and a 6pin loom plug. would this help my idle prob as it is running hell rich and my mechanic said the tps switch it the prob.

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