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Cobolt Spec_R

Sr20 400hp+ turbo kit

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sr20 95% bolt on (edit dump to suit)


whats included


Manifold - PowerTune (Steam pipe)

turbo - Master power (T04e Brazilian made no china shit .64 rear)

external waste gate (Tial 38mm)

dump (3" stailness)

screamer (stailness)

Intake with hks pod (aluminium 3")

Lines (braided/rubber)

Intercooler pipe to suit greddy style fmic

heat sheild


Price $2100


Power atm 360hp @ 1.2bar with cams and supporting mods (fuel pump issues couldnt boost more)

have made 380 @ 1.5bar with stainless manifold (powertune mani made more power and earlier)

will make 400 with a minimum of 740cc inj on pump fuel and supporting mods around 1.6bar boost

Kit is solid and perfect condition. im just going bigger turbo and v band

willing to post






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