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S15 ABS light on and no speedometer

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Right so story goes,


I was driving the car normally for about 20 mins, parked for 2 hours came back and ABS light was on and had no speedo...


now have been doing some digging thru the forums and talking to a few people...


Some background information:


ADM S15 2000 model spec r


high mount turbo if that makes any difference even tho its a fair distance away from ABS unit


I have check all fuses twice (engine bay and kick panel inside car)


Checked diff all sensors connected and undamaged


what other info can you guys give me?


anything i have missed or can do?


any info would be appreciated


regards George

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The diff speed sensor may not look damaged but it's an electrical device that can fail.

If you have checked all fuses then swap the sensor with a known working one and go from there.


Before swapping the sensor you can check the power to and from the sensor with a multimeter)

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