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GKtech V2 camber arms - S15

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Hi, sorry for the noob question but I've searched everywhere and couldn't find any info on it, so if a thread out there exists already about it, maybe you can point me in the right direction :)


Anyways, I have the V2 camber arms for the S15 and i was just wondering how it all goes together because I'm a bit confused by it all.


is picture A the right way? or picture B? or have I got it all completely wrong? also, I've heard the screw is just for packaging purposes, is this true?








Cheers for any help!

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after finding a picture of Greg Kruse's arms installed on his car, it appears to be set up like this:





is that correct?

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Last pic, c, then add the bolt on the back side of the turnbuckle to lock everything together.

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