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SSR Vienna Courage 18x9.5+22 18x11.5+18

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Greetings and salutations my fellow brethren-whom-spend-way-too-much-money-on-our-vehicular-enthusiasms,


Up for sale is a set of SSR Vienna Courage deep dished rims in Superchrome.


Specs are:

5x114.3 so will fit Evos, 5 stud Silvias, Skylines and Ford XR.

2x 18x95 +22 in normal disk type up front wrapped in Nankangs with reasonable tyres

2x 18x11.5 +18 in hyper dish disk type at rear wrapped in thrashed Dunlops


Info - clearing brakes

These rims narrowly clear S14/S15 brakes all round. For non Brembo skylines you will need 5mm slip-on spacers at the rear as the disks will foul up against the rear calipers although they will only JUST - so machined calipers may just clear. The clearance between rim blades and caliper is surgically small which makes room for maximum dish. Front calipers clear okay, but most likely not with Brembo brakes.


Info - clearing rails/ and guards

Clearing the fronts should be no issue. You'll need to have rolled guards with deleted inner splash guards. On my RPS13, the fronts fouled against one of the seams at the front end due to the large amount of caster, however this can be easily fixed with some massaging. I think this means it'll fit fine on Skylines.


The rears is where it gets interesting. These rims will clear S14 and S15 rear chassis rails fine. However with S13/RPS13 sporting 5 stud conversions, these rims will foul against the rear chassis rails if the car is slammed with camber. I had bottomed out HKS coilovers with -4 degrees camber on the rear and experienced fouling when going over small bumps. To alleviate this, you will need larger spacers on the rear which then of course will mean you will push the wheels further out. I think 25mm spacers would have been more than adequate. This means that although S14/S15 can fit these rims with a moderate amount of flaring, S13/RPS13 will need a fair bit more flare (because of the larger spacers) to fit. Look at photos for reference. I hear that Skylines have less room from hub to rails in the rear versus Skylines. I'm not sure, but if this is true, then you will need bolt on spacers. Ideally, these rims will look the sex on a widebody kit.


Info - price and delivery

$2000 for the set. Quite firm. They're awesome rims so I'm not going to simply give 'em away scabby lowballers. I'll throw in a pair of 5mm slip on spacers to clear skyline rear calipers. Pick up from Wetherill Park by day or Regents Park by night. I'll deliver them if you're willing to do your own research on freight for 4 wheels freighted from Sydney Metro.



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