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Retro Console Store in Osaka Japan

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Back in June we had 2 and a half weeks in Japan


I stumbled across this Retro Gamming store in Nipponbashi Osaka (Den-Den Town). Thought you might enjoy the photos.


If you want a rough price guide, take the last two digits off the end.

2014-06-26 17.31.43.jpg

2014-06-26 17.31.49.jpg

2014-06-26 17.31.52.jpg

2014-06-26 17.31.58.jpg

2014-06-26 17.32.19.jpg

2014-06-26 17.32.37.jpg

2014-06-26 17.32.40.jpg

2014-06-26 17.32.44.jpg

2014-06-26 17.32.54.jpg

2014-06-26 17.33.00.jpg

2014-06-26 17.33.03.jpg

2014-06-26 17.34.19.jpg

2014-06-26 17.34.23.jpg

2014-06-26 17.34.32.jpg

2014-06-26 17.34.35.jpg

2014-06-26 17.38.00.jpg

2014-06-26 17.38.11.jpg

2014-06-26 17.38.20.jpg

2014-06-26 17.51.07.jpg

2014-06-26 18.38.02.jpg

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Talk about a walk through computer game history!! thats awesome :) thanks for sharing

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