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DR600 Suzuki DAKAR 1988

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Gremlins that is all.

Barn find mint condition everything standard

Repaired muffler

Cleaned carby checked jets needle diafram


Float level 23-24mm pretty sure I checked it right held it upside down measured.


Problem. fresh plugs starts runs (like a bag of shit) can ride if you bang on the throttle. On idle for a few min stalls. If you shoved c4 up a horses ares it couldn't kick the *milkshake* over. It fouls the plugs dry and black. Clean them bang starts first go.


It seems if you turn the fuel off on idle it revs up as it leans out.


Mixture screw makes no difference 1 turn 1.5 turn 4 turn same shit



After I fix that I must find why the battery is not charging hopefully rectifier but it may be the stator I have a sneaking susspission if the stator is ratshit maby weak spark or maby ive had 2 many beers witch would explane my spelling but I'm pretty good so spelling has nothing to do with how annoyed I am


Beyond blue had no idea any help would be grate

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