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RB30 into S13 Silvia Help!

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Hey guys new here, Ok done my best to scour this site for all information needed please dont tell me just to 'chuck a sr20det' in it as this is the engine ive decided to stick with since we had most of the stuff available and cheap to do for a project not after huge power (yet, turbo is the long term plan) and i know about the bonnet clearance issue but im sure I can get it to fit. (sitting it low, maybe a custom bonnet mould or foward facing plenum?)


So far this is the shopping list:


R31 donor car

A31 cefiro/R32 crossmember

Ford Cortina mounts

'C' stamped gearbox crossmember

R32 radiator

whitline sway bar


tailshaft ?!?!?!



Weld up a bash plate to protect my low sump a good idea?




I'm also pretty handy on a welder so I dont mind cutting and welding If thats whats needed to make this project cheaper/easier


Is there anything else I'm missing???


Possible to keep A/C? (lol)


Thanks in advance I'll make a build thread when i get this project underway

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tailshaft: S13 Manual shaft.


Diff: Anyone will bolt up. im running a 4.3 ratio r200

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big clearance issue as you have a clearance issue with the 25 and the 30 is 4cm higher, yet yeah r32 xmemeber, means a 32 or 31 manual box will bolt in with stock s13 tailshaft, c stamped xmember for box, and theres a range of mounts you can you, then a custom whiteline swaybar or a a31 swaybar, r32 radiator fits all good. all bolt in really, just the bonnet is the only real issue you will have

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