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Oh god don't look at me like that.


So, I HAVE been pulling out my hair on this one, scrounging every forum and facebook page I can, and trying to find this one particular part.


So the original problem is that my s14's speedo isn't working (s15 blacktop turbo with a s14 box)


I've had the cluster out and had some of the contacts/pcb lines welded and checked over, but sadly it was for nothing and it still not working


(it will jump on ignition, jump around 10-20 at 80kms and around 40 at 120kms, and sometimes randomly on deceleration)


So I was told that it was probably without a doubt the speedo drive


and now this little bastard, I can not find info on it anywhere, or even hear about this problem anywhere



I was hoping someone could please point me in the direction to find it?


thanks for your time :)

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speedo sensor mate, its attached to your gearbox




more than likely just need a new one, should be able to pick it up off any wreck. try nisswreck for starters they have a good supply of nissan parts.


otherwise try chris"s jdm sale page on facebook heaps of import shit there

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Can be. Easiest is to borrow a mates and try that. I'm sure if you get the s14 workshop manual thats floating around online there is a proper way to test it

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Without looking at the wiring schematic for the S14 (only checked out the S13 and S15 ones myself) there are a limited number of few things that could be causing this:


- Speedo sensor

- Cluster gauge

- Failing/damaged wiring loom

- Inductive interference on the line

- Fruity ABS ECU, should the car have one and it be in-line with the speed signal and not parallel

- Failed speedometer corrector, should you be running a different diff ratio or wheel size and one was fitted to correct the gauge's output


It's fairly common for the speed sensor to fail... because 20yo Nissan. Bling's suggestion of grabbing a working one is the best thing, to at least eliminate the obvious. The problem with testing is that you would probably likely need an oscilliscope or a multimeter with pulse capability to do it; a friend and I used a CRO when testing the output of the S13's sensor for use with the S15 cluster. Sticking in a unit that's known to work is definitely the best, then test a known working gauge cluster from the same car to assess the cluster and loom.

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