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HyperGear Turbocharger's Engineering workshop Now Open to public

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A quick announcement I wish to make is my workshop is now opening to public. We will be carrying out all sort of engineering service to every one whom needs any sort of turbocharger related work for very reasonable prices, and for 9 years of turbo related engineering experiences, you will not find better workmanship. So If you wish to build you own dream turbo your own way, here is where you start.


Here are some prices for some basic services. I will keep the list updated.


Individual component balancing for compressor and turbine wheel or Assembly balancing: $100








VSR simulation and corrections, this is ideal for checkup for used and brand new CHRAs.




Turbocharger Compressor profile and machining to suit specific compressor wheel and back plate $150:







Turbine housing profile and machining $150:





Turbocharger Wastgate porting and machining $50



This is a engineering service re-shaping turbocharger back plates to suit different radius and height of given compressor wheel and housings. The cost for this service is $50








This is a compressor wheel re-bore and re-size service. Our tolerance to perform this operation is under half a thou (1/80 of a mm). This service is perticular useful when people wish to mix and match compressor wheels in between different turbocharger manufactures. Ie. GTX Comp to TD06 Turbine.

The cost to re-bore is $50 and cost to re-size is $50 Per phase (Can be taken from top or top and bottom depending on the length of the turbine shaft and bearing housing used.





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This is an billet internal wastegate upgrade made to suit majority of internally gated turbine housings. The cost to carry out this service for NS members is $150 that includes the internal wastegate assembly, engineering service to remove and refit the new disc, plus milling and machining of internal wastegate port.




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