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chris convertible

S13 With NSW Rego but more suited to track for Sale

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Nissan Silvia S13 for Sale.


This car is currently registered in NSW until March 2016, runs fine on E85 and the air-conditioning, sun roof etc. all work perfectly. It was built in Sydney by the previous owner with a lot of modifications such as:


Greddy Rocker Arm Stoppers,

HKS CAM INTAKE 256 dur 11.5mm LIFT


HKS STAGE 2/3 Valve Springs

Fully Serviced Head, New Valve Stem Seals

TOMEI 1.2mm Metal Head Gasket

ARP Head Studs

New OEM Water Pump, Oil Pump and Oil Pickup

All Gaskets replaced with OEM Nissan


Sard Fuel Rail

Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors – Top Feed

Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator

DEFI Fuel Pressure Sensor hooked up to EDFI Display

Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump


Custom Coil Pack Setup

Custom Intake Box


JAP SPEC S15 T28 Ball Bearing Turbo

Tomei Dump Pipe

Blitz Front Pipe

Fujitsubo Legalis R Carback exhaust system


Haltech PS1000 ECU – running E85 making 225rwkw


Koyo 52mm Radiator

Buddycup Radiator Cap,

AU Falcon Thermo fans

Greddy fount mount intercooler


HEL Braided Brake lines

EVO 9 Brembo Caliper and Rotor Setup

EVO7-9 DBA4000 320mm Front Rotors

EVO 7-9 Project Mu HC+ Front

BMC51 Master Cylinder

R33 GTST Rear Brake Setup

DBA4000 297mm Rear Rotors

Drum Handbrake

Customs Handbrake Adapter.


HEL Braided Clutch Line

NPC 350Z 1- Inch Organic Full Face Clutch

NPC Matching Billet Lightweight Flywheel

OEM VLSD Diff with 4.3 Final Drive

GKtech shifter Springs


Work CVR-KAI in Bronze 17x9 + 17 all around

Hankook R3 Front 235R45/17 Rear 255R40/17


Hardrace Rear Sway Bar – Fully Adjustable, including end links and D bushes

Hardrace Front Lower Control Arms

Hardrace Spherical Front Caster Arms

Hardrace Steering rack bushes

Hardrace Inner Tie Rods

Hardrace Spherical Tie Rod ends

Hardrace Front Tension rod support arm

Hardrace engine mounts


Customs Billet Steering column Bush

Front Nismo Factory strut brace

Tien Superstreet Coilovers


Battery located in Boot with Kill switch in Engine bay.

Skunk2 Battery tie down

Optima Yellow Top Battery

Custom Air Diversion Plate


Innovate AFR Gauge centre dash mounted

DEFI Boost Gauge centre dash mounted

DEFI Link Coolant Temp and Fuel Pressure Right Side mounted

Borg Warner EFR Boost Solenoid


JCV Headunit

Rockford forsgate 6.5 inch front speakers

Alpine Type R 6x9 rear speakers

S15 front seats



My son bought this car 5 months ago as he wanted a car to daily drive that he could also take to a track and have fun with. He thought with all those modifications it would be great on a track, however with S15 seats, nice stereo and air conditioning it would also suit daily driving. However we have recently discovered that in its current condition it cannot be road registered here in the ACT without spending a fair bit more on it.


I think the only options for this car is either a daily driver in another state like NSW – as long as you know a garage willing to give you the paper work for rego, or use it as a track car. Unfortunately neither option is really practical for us.


I have driven the car myself a few times and my impressions are as follows.


1, Was hard to start on E85 in Canberra in June and July however is fine once the negative temperatures was over – could be fixed with a tune to suit the local conditions or would probably be OK if is was in a garage overnight.

2, Body and interior not in great condition – not bad compared to some other grey imports I have seen around but I couldn’t advertise it as in good condition, there are scratches, some small dents, some rust around the sunroof and the roof is badly faded. The dash is cracked like 99% of S13's. The car is a Queen Club spec with factory air fresher, mats etc. and the carpet etc. is not in bad condition for a car of its age, I think Nissan used better quality material in these cars over the standard model Silvia’s.

3, The car runs very well once warmed up, is easy to drive in traffic as the engine is nice and flexible, the digital display showing engine temperature, road speed etc. is very useful.

4, The car runs very cool, the engine temperature never exceeds 90 degrees even in Sydney traffic or a spirited drive up a twisty road.

5, The car has on oil or water leaks.

6, the suspension is very hard and I am not convinced this is car OK on the street as it is.

7, Stereo and air-conditioning work fine, the stereo is Bluetooth and works fine hands free with my sons mobile phone,

8, The EVO brakes are amazing – this thing will stop and the brakes have a great feel to them.

9, I don’t think the 225rwkw is an exaggeration – this car can certainly move.

10, I don’t really want my son having a car this fast as his daily driver so glad he wants to get rid of it.


Based on what we were told this car owed the previous owner well in excess of $30,000 and owes us $15,000, however now he has agreed he really wants a car that is less modified we just want it sold before the rego runs out in March next year, so if you are interested in a highly modified Silvia to use for track, parts, or potentially the street with some work please make an offer, we would like it gone and will accept anything that seems reasonable.


I have been meaning to take photos the last few weekends but just seem to keep getting busy, if anyone is interested I can take some photos.


For more info contact me on 0450 933 882 or Robert on 0413 665 641




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Can appreciate that there are a lot of mods/upgrades but the price seems steep.

Good luck with the sale.

Pics including the bad areas would help sale IMO

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Sorry, I thought i mentioned it but now re-reading it I didn't. What I thought I wrote was get about half his money back so a reasonable offer around $7500.


I agree, I think he paid too much for the car in the first place.


I will try get some pics over Christmas and good idea to emphasize the bad spots so people know what they are looking at.

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Also food for thought would be stipulate SR or CA???, manual or auto?? whats the colour of the car????


Quote "3, The car runs very well once warmed up, is easy to drive in traffic as the engine is nice and flexible, the digital display showing engine temperature, road speed etc. is very useful." reads to me it is CA, but at the same time with Quote "OEM VLSD Diff with 4.3 Final Drive" indicate's it is an auto...............................



It is fantastic you have listed the mods, BUT there is no real true description of the car let alone the paint colour???

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The list of mods is from the add of the previous owner when my son bought it in May, I don't really know what all of them mean as I try hard to keep my convertible close to stock but appreciate that 99% of Silvia owners love to modify their cars.


To answer your questions, the car is a Q club spec that I think was a special edition in 1993 so the body is from an auto and possibly that is where the diff came. However as the car is now it is a SR20 Red top with a manual gearbox and is black in colour. No rear spoiler, the boot lock is from a CA so the car is a strange mix of parts however does feel very solid.


The display I was referring that shows the speed digitally is the DEFI Link Display.


The previous owner told me he built up a fast track car that a friend crashed so they bought a stock Q spec and then built this car from that and all the bits from the car he had before. He works at a place called JDM Yard in Smithfield as a Mechanic building Honda engines but has owned a few Silvia's himself and built them up over the years, he seemed to have access to lots of aftermarket parts as well as the knowledge to build a car. His reason for selling is that he is getting married and needs the cash, he seemed genuinely sad to see the car go.


I will try take some photos tonight, I just tried now but my camera battery was flat.




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Here are some photos, unfortunately I didn't get home until nearly 9 O'Clock so it was getting dark, plus it had been raining so the car tyres look wet.


I think the rust spot on the roof is pretty clear, the worst other damage to the body is where some previous owner tried to flare the back wheel arches themselves. Unfortunately you cant see it in the photo. I think all they did was put a screw driver under it and try wedge it up and luckily didn't get that far but it does look not nice.


The First three are from a car show in October with the car next to my convertible, at least you can see it in the day light.



Beatury and the Beast 1.jpg


Beauty and the Beast 2.jpg


Beauty and the Beast 3.jpg




Front Wheel.jpg






Inside Front.jpg

Rear Wheel.jpg

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Sorry, I realised the reason you can not see the damage above the wheel is because I attached both front wheels in the above post. Here are both rear wheels.


Driver side wheel, the damage to the arch is worst on this side.

Rear Wheel d.jpg


Rear Wheel p.jpg

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Yes, that is the car. He wanted $13,500 and to keep the plates, he accepted $12,500 from my son and he just sold it for $3500.


I think my son paid much to much for it, but I also think it was worth more than $3500, I just hope the new owner has good luck with it otherwise he is going to have a grumpy wife as she was not keen on him buying it. At least now it is back in NSW and away from the perils of ACT registration, however regardless of what Dave said about it being a perfect daily driver it has been modified too much in my opinion and really is now just a track car, but a very fast one.


Anyone know how to update the title to add sold? I have tried editing the first post etc. but nothing seems to allow me to edit the title.




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