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Brand New Stainless Steel & Heat Coated CES Dump and Front

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Hey Mangs,

A year ago, I bought a brand new CES dump + front combo. However mang, big dilemma. I have a couple of exhausts, but that's good, all good mang. But last week I decided I should try that untouched CES dump and front pipe, I had to take my turbo out anyway, so may as well. However, my turbo was now s15 turbo, not s14 which I used to have. CES dump for s14, no good mang.


So now I cannot use the (did I mention untouched?!) CES dump and front combo, very sad mang. I paid $725 for it brand new mang.


But you and me are close, I'll see it to you for $600 mang. It's brand new mang. Still got all the gaskets and bolts in their original packaging mang. Good deal Mang.


It has twin pipes so that wastegate exhaust gasses separate. Because wastgate exhaust gasses pussy, too pussy to meet turbo properly.

Less turbulence la.

Better response la.


Look at these beauty pictures mang.


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