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S15 Parts Clean Out!

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Time to get rid of some parts from an S15 200SX Silvia parts including (LOCATED IN SA, Adelaide):


S15 Front passenger door, in charcoal/Pewrter coulour with trim and all insides including mirror $160


S15 Auto gear box with all the bits to convert from Manual to Auto (not that I expect anyone to want to do that) $200 the lot.


S15 Centre console with the lid/arm rest, $70


S15 Manual Diff $200


S15 rear subframe $120


S15 standard Air box $70


S15 Aircon condenser (damaged) $40


S15 Starter Motor $100


S15 Jack and tools factory $40


S15 set of front Wipers $30


S15 single rim with tyre $40


S15 factory rear strut brace $30


S15 Standard cat back exhaust including the cat, with aftermarket rear muffler $120


Plus a lot of other parts as per the photos http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/valley-view/engine-engine-parts-transmission/nissan-s15-200sx-parts-clean-out-/1103797708

SMS or call for details.



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Is the rear subframe to suit hicas or non-hicas? Location also?

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Hey SXS15, If you don't update post with location it might get removed entirely.


They have strict Classifieds guidelines.


I'm guessing your in SA? Members in SA would probably want to know how far to travel.


Post some pictures of your stuff. It will sell faster.. and well when was the last time you bought some used shit of the internet without seeing it first hahah.


Good luck bud.

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Adelaide, SA, north eastern suburbs, around the corner there somewhere :)


Yes I'm yet to take some pics of everything and update the ad. Thank you for your patience.

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