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R32 R34 S14 GTR parts must go

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r32 GTR intercooler $300post-149953-0-64533700-1458369773_thumb.jpg

r32 GTR stock twin turbos $400post-149953-0-75864600-1458369788_thumb.jpg

r32 GTR twin BOV $70post-149953-0-11654600-1458369797_thumb.jpg


r34 GTR stock twin turbos (minus wastegate actuators and damaged compressor wheels on both) $320post-149953-0-95298500-1458369816_thumb.jpgpost-149953-0-89026500-1458369819_thumb.jpg


s14 standard drivers seat $40post-149953-0-43959400-1458369826_thumb.jpg

s14 5 stud rear hubs $200post-149953-0-15545400-1458369831_thumb.jpg

s14 ABS brake master cylinder $50post-149953-0-14099500-1458369844_thumb.jpg

s14 Rear camber, toe and track arms $80 for the lot or $30 for each set.post-149953-0-77480400-1458369854_thumb.jpg


VDO adjustable fuel sender and gaugepost-149953-0-14626200-1458369868_thumb.jpg

Walbro GSS 342 intank pump approx 1000km oldpost-149953-0-35806300-1458369881_thumb.jpg


Pick up location Parkinson QLD

For more info call 0431284873 or message on here.

Cheers Shannon

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