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Zenki stuffs and SR20DE Engine parts for sale

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So i have bunch of Silvia stuffs.



And Zenki stuffs


These are the stuffs i posted on ebay


Fuel rail kit /set/ with injectors and wiring.  $120 USD

Ecu FK 23710 80F70 Nissan Silvia SR20DE /MT/ ECU $110 USD

SR20 lower oil pan assembly OEM  $100 USD

SR20 Crankshaft bearing cups with 4 extra bearings  $120 USD

SR20 Camshaft cap set. 10pcs with bolts $120 USD

Sr20 MAF SENSOR Mass Air Flow Sensor 22680 52F01 $130 USD

window control switches

and much more. If you need anything from Zenki or sr20de feel free to contact me :P


Item location:Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Shipping $25 USD worldwide

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Ebay/gumtree links not allowed as per the forum rules, links deleted. Please post prices/pics/contact details/etc or the advert will be deleted.


Edit: I have added your ebay prices to the advert. Good luck with your sales :)

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