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Learning to drift in Adelaide really cheap

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I am a starting drifter, I have a passion, but unfortunately no experience or car, where and when can I go for a really cheap price to learn to drift?


I greatly appreciate any help as I have no idea where to start, even after reading multiple posts that were posted a few years ago, but any meets or schools that were going to be held are well and truly past.



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If you have no experience, no car and no money, it would be more reasonable to describe you as a "dreamer" than a "drifter". What you're looking for exists, but is mutually-exclusive with the term "cheap", and perhaps the term "good" too.


For instance in NSW: https://www.redballo...rience-full-day


Personally, I do not consider $750 to be cheap, and 6 mins of donuts + 15 entries is piss weak; barely qualifies as a Saturday night 2am carpark session imo. However, the price is understandable considering the costs entailed for a business to offer this:


- Track hire

- Various cars, suits and helmets

- Cleaning time/cost of helmets/suits/wheel arches

- Consumables cost (tyres, oil, diff oil, brake fluid, clutches, brake pads, rotors, handbrake cables, suspension bushes)

- Public liability insurance

- Employee wages

- Advertising fees

- Business registration and taxation fees


The alternative is to eliminate the car, clothes and insurance components, however that isn't an option for he who has no automobile, and even then you're still left with the expense of track time, tyres and tuition fees. Ultimately, it sounds like you're hoping to find some philanthropic idiot who will just flop out their keys for a slab of beer, so you can cut sick, total their car and do a runner... never gonna happen dude.


The place to start is to save your money for a cheap manual RWD car. That's it, simple. The car does not need an LSD, as you can just weld an open diff, and does not need a tonne of power, as you can slide almost anything with more entry speed or harder tyres. Look around and be realistic with regard to your budget. If all the S13s in your area cost $5k and that's all the cash you have, but you find a tired old manual XF Falcon for $500, just buy the Falcon, service it, weld the diff, install a Velo seat, install a dished wheel, then focus on tyres and track time. Seat time improves your skill more than the car ever will.


Once you're at the track in your car, there should be plenty of experienced guys who will be happy to give free advice in their downtime, ride shotgun or drift your car and give you their feedback.

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I think that this is what I might do, I know that a 180sx would be a solid start, and if I get a series 2, it would have a pre installed LSD and be pumping out just over 200hp. that should be enough to be able to use a little clutch kick and with factory sway bars maybe some feint drifting, as long as the rear axle holds up. I have seen some for sale around the place going for around $3k.

even if I found one with poor body work or maybe a little beat up, it doesn't have to be a piece of beauty, it is only something to learn in, but it will save the cost of buying a LSD


Thankyou for the advice, I was thinking about buying my own car in a while, but I just wanted to get out there and learn, and worry about getting something later but it appears to be cheaper in the long run to buy my own car.

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