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DiRT Rally

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DiRT Rally

Platforms: PC, Playstation 4 and XBOX One

Release date: April 5th, 2016


DiRT Rally Review Roundup


Push Square - Review Score = 9/10

Developed by driving game specialists Codemasters, this entry ditches much of the glamour trappings and novelty tack-ons of recent racing games and gets back to thrilling high speed basics. Get a corner wrong here and there's no "rewind time" function to save you from the vehicle damage and lost seconds – you'll simply slip down the rankings with your stage time in ruins.


Already the rally driving sim of choice for those looking for an authentic, turbo-charged, hair-raising experience on the PC, it's a pleasure to report that this PlayStation 4 port is everything that we could have hoped for. The controls may take a little time to get used to, but they're tight and with practice will become second nature. There are a great range of classic rally cars to acclimatise to, spanning the "60s boxes" which feel very spartan to drive right up to the super-charged current rally champions, each packing unique handling quirks which, in an RPG-like element, can be ironed out the longer that your crew of mechanics have to "learn" the vehicle.



Eurogamer Italy - Review Score = 9/10

Dirt Rally console is basically a perfect porting of the best rally game on the market, and also definitely the best Codemasters effort in




The Games Machine - Review Score = 9/10

DiRT Rally is probably the best rally simulation ever made, and its debut on console strengthens the good driving model developed by Codemasters. The gameplay is incredibly deep, challenging and realistic, the controls are precise and smooth (even with a gamepad), and the game never goes below the 60 frames per second. A truly unique driving experience.



Playstation Lifestyle - Review Score = 8.5/10

As screenshots and videos can attest, DiRT Rally is a beautiful-looking game. If you’re in the cockpit view, you can really only catch glimpses of the outside world that Codemasters has crafted. Take the camera out behind the car for the best view. Included in these virtual landscapes are sweeping vistas, arid prairies, and forests so dense that you easily get lost staring into the abyss of tree trunks. The world around you looks so good, it’s a shame you have to whiz right on by the sights. Or at least, you have to try to whiz right on by.


You see, DiRT Rally is not, by any stretch of the imagination, an easy game. This is a simulator, first and foremost. You’re told as much when the game boots up for the first time, as a matter of fact. There are in-vehicle assists, such as ABS, traction and stability assists, but these only help so much. With tracks that have unpredictable routes which you can only learn by driving through them repeatedly, DiRT Rally does not hold your hand. Having said that, posting times within the podium level was relatively easy during my playthrough, but securing that top spot was a challenge, requiring that I ran through a stage perfectly. DiRT Rally has a learning curve that casual gamers may never be able to overcome, which is unfortunate if anyone was curious enough to try the game out, only to get frustrated in the early stages, not knowing that practice really does help in a game as seriously realistic as this.



VideoGamer - Review Score = 8/10

DiRT Rally is not DiRT 4. You might already know that, and the fact that it isn't called DiRT 4 is a big clue, but if you've just discovered this game exists, I thought I'd give you a little warning. DiRT Rally is a hardcore sim. You're not going to pick this up and feel like a pro after five minutes, sliding around hairpins as if physics forgot to activate properly.


Right off the bat you're presented with a screen of car setup and handling options. Purists will want to go without any of the assists turned on, but I am not one of those people. I opted to turn most of them on to some degree as I'm not going to sit in front of the game with a steering wheel, logging 10 hours a day. Even with these options, such as Traction Control and Stability Control, turned on, DiRT Rally is not an arcade racer. I've warned you again.


Out on a track for the first time (or endless number of times) and the key words are 'losing' and 'control'. The game includes numerous tutorial videos that give an overview of how not to be a terrible rally driver, but as informative as they are it's essentially like showing someone Top Gun and asking them to fly a fighter jet. There are bound to be issues. Telling you about weight distribution is one thing, but applying it when hurtling towards a cliff edge 90 degree bend is something else entirely.


It's fair to say that practice makes competency in DiRT Rally. Whether or not you'll ever be perfect is unknown, but I reckon few will truly master DiRT Rally at its most challenging. Once you've got used to how unforgiving the game is, though, it's very possible to enjoy yourself thanks to a never ending edge of your seat feeling, your car perpetually moments from disaster, dancing on a thin line between excellence and flying out of bounds.

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Im playing it. gamertag is Varvs on xbox.


its unforgiving but i love it.

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