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Laken mitchell

Help !

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Hey my name is laken


I have a 2000 ford courier witch is turbd out ,from intercooler to wase gate ect n have a gt35r turbo in it ... But im wondering i can put a sr20 in it ?? N how much toughly it would cost ? Or is it even worth putting it in ? Because the ute is pretty nuts atm but would love a sr in it ...it currently doesnt have a head gasket cause the previous owner took it out to keep it from over heating ( dick head if u ask me stupid ) but im wondering if u have to have a specific head gasket to put in a turbo engine


( original engine just been turbd , n has top mout n ect )


If someone could help would be very very much appreciated thank you ✌🏽️

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The thread title says a lot. You need help and plenty of it.


What city are you in?


Maybe someone can suggest a tuner that can assist you with the decision making and costs of what you are after?

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