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Anyone going to enter a car at the Shannon's Wheels car show this Sunday?


I just read that due to the rain earlier this week it is being moved from the grass in front of old parliament house to the car parks near Treasury. Their website doesn't way anything about where the particular makes will be - anyone know where the Japanese cars are supposed to enter?




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Well I probably be taking my pushbike - my Convertible got Kangarooted last night. Just spent about $15,000 on it last year and if it is written off I will get $5,000. Part of me hopes it is fixed but part of me is sick of the car scene and wants it gone.


Damage is


Bonnet completely mangled, front lights smashed, inter cooler bent, radiator pushed back and bent plus the bit at the front that the bonnet clip and bonnet hold up bar is all bent, cooling fan smashed, cooling cowl smashed, passenger side wing buckled but drivers side looks OK, fuse box pushed back about 2 inches but I don't think any wiring is damaged.


So what V8 are you taking? I might bump into you.

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That sux buddy. How did that happen??

XC GXL, silver with 20" OM simmons. Has a 4" reverse cowl so shouldnt be too hard to miss :)



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Looks nice, hopefully I can find you, as you say the car should stand out.


Basically a bad choice of road for that time of day.


Here are a couple of recent photos of mine followed by some very recent photos.


2015 Feb Silvia 5.jpg


2015 Feb Silvia 4.jpg


2015 Feb Silvia 6.jpg


2015 Feb Silvia 8.jpg


Then a few from this morning :(


Kangaroo 1.jpg


Kangaroo 2.jpg


Kangaroo 3.jpg


Kangaroo 4.jpg

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