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Black 180sx Stolen in Canberra 22 May 2016

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Hi Guys,


My car was stolen in Canberra last night. I live in Sydney, its a NSW registration, my sister was borrowing it to visit our parents in Canberra this weekend. It was stolen from the car park at Fenner Hall on Northbourne.


Its a black 180sx with

  • Rego CVW28F
  • Gunmetal Grey 17inch work CR KAI wheels.
  • Standard front with aftermarket side skirts and rear bar.
  • It's had a quick spray job so the paint is a bit crappy.
  • There's a dent behind the passenger side door
  • Cannon exhaust
  • Redtop SR20det engine.

Should be pretty easy to spot. Hopefully, one of you guys have seen it around civic. It had an alarm in it but it was playing up lately.


It'll be a shame to see it cut up. I got the car from my parents as a university graduation gift 10 years ago and have kept it all this time.


Please message me if you have any info.




Have a good weekend!



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Did you ever find your car? I noticed on facebook 2 other 180s getting stolen in the last few weeks in Canberra. And since there's only like 8 on carsales for all of australia, that's got to be a very significant percentage of them that get stolen. I reckon if we find out who stole them, they should be fair game for whatever we want to do to them. Stealing a camry is one thing, but stealing someone's car that they pour their life and all their money and hundreds of hours of their time into is something very different. You never get that back with insurance.

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