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e3 2016

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Quick overview of things they talked about on the E3



Titanfall 2: There will be a single player campaign. The multiplayer will be “deeper than ever”. The game also features 6 new titans. New pilot abilities. Before the launch you’ll be able to play the beta. Will be out on October 28th / 2016. https://www.igdb.com/g/dgn

Madden NFL 17: “Take your team all the way.” The game will have special moves, a fakeout system, ball carrier mechanics, blocking & improved AI. https://www.igdb.com/g/f0n

Mass Effect Andromeda: Worlds with adventure, danger, and the unknown are waiting to be discovered. Everything is new. A new galaxy where you as a human will be the "alien". You will be given more freedom than ever. The game will be powered by frostbite and released in early 2017. https://www.igdb.com/g/5o5

Fifa 17: Will have a story mode called “The Journey”. It follows a character called Alex Hunter and you will be able to follow his path into the English Premier League. Powered by Frostbite. https://www.igdb.com/g/f0j

Fe: EA announced a new program aimed for indie games, called “EA Spotlight”. Their first game is called “Fe”, from the Swedish studio Zoink. It's a game without words, celebrating the beauty of nature. Music is involved as well. https://www.igdb.com/g/f2d

Lots of Star Wars games are in development by various studios: Dice & Motive are making a new Battlefront game together. Visceral Games is making a new action game. Respawn is working on a third person action adventure game.

Battlefield 1: Battlefield 1 is the most dynamic Battlefield ever. No battle is ever the same. It will be a unique take on WW1 and you'll have to adapt to the weather (you’ll have to fight in the heat, in a storm etc). Tank combat will have high energy with lots of brutality. Open beta coming later this summer. https://www.igdb.com/g/e4w



Quake Champions: id Software brings back another another old PC shooter. It's an arena-based (competitive) first person shooter that will work for both beginners, as well as veterans. It will feature a big variety of warriors with various traits, have a very high speed and sharp graphics. There will also be leagues and tournaments. https://www.igdb.com/g/f2i

The Elder Scrolls Legends: Bethesda is making a Heartstone like card game for the PC platform and the iOS. It will also work for the iPad, as well as Android tablets. There’s a single-player campaign, arenas, as well as your choice when it comes to playing against another human or AI.They’re planning a release sometime during 2016. https://www.igdb.com/g/8kw

The Elder Scrolls Online: Will receive a new update, called One Tamriel, that lets the players explore the world more freely. The game will make it’s way to Japan in June! Later this year, Skyrim will come out in HD for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Fallout 4 & Doom will enter the world of VR. Coming to HTC Vive in 2017.

Fallout: The mobile game Fallout Shelter is getting a PC version. They will also update the game, giving you a chance to see new places, fight new enemies and get new characters to your shelter. There’s also an all new combat system. https://www.igdb.com/g/8kv

They’re planning more Fallout 4 DLC, which starts next week as they release the Contraptions Workshop update. This includes conveyor belts, machines and track kits. In July, another update will give you a Vault-Tec Workshop where you can build your own vault. The last release will be Nuka-World. a run down amusement park that the players can visit and explore. https://www.igdb.com/g/7fi

Prey: The IP Prey is getting a new game, but it’s not a remake or a sequel Instead it’s a reimagination. It’s a thriller, set in 2032, and you play a character called Morgan. You will be able to explore large sets of areas, a lot of them being very hostile. https://www.igdb.com/g/f2j

Dishonored 2: Will star a female character called Emily Kaldwin. She got banished from Dunwall and needs to set things straight by uncovering the reasons behind her banishment. It’s set in a place called Carnaca. The player will have a lot of options and pathways through each mission. Emely can transform into a shadow figure, that’s very helpful during stealth. She can also jump between time frames and alter both worlds. Will be out for PC, PS4 & Xbox One on November 11, 2016 (Along with a very limited collector’s edition).


Microsoft Studios


Xbox One S: A white, smaller (40%), slimmer and sleeker version. It'll also support HDR and 4K video and will have a 2TB harddrive. The price will be 299USD.

Project Scorpio: A whole new Xbox console. Stronger & faster than ever. Works really well together with VR.

You will also be able to customize your own Xbox One controller the way you want it.

Play Anywhere: A new features that lets you play on more than one platform. If you buy a game for the Xbox, you will be able to play it for free on your computer. You will also be able to carry over achievements and save files.

Xbox Live: Gets new features like: play music while you game, support of more languages & Cortana. There will also be clubs, a "looking for groups" system & arena tournament.

Gears of War 4: Will have campaign & multiplayer. There will also be a co-op mode that’s wave-based. Gears of War 4 also gets a special edition elite controller. Will be released on October 11 / 2016 for Xbox One & Windows 10. https://www.igdb.com/g/8mq

Forza Horizon 3: Open world racer. Play with your friends across PC & Xbox. https://www.igdb.com/g/f2r

ReCore: They showed a first gameplay trailer. The release date was set to September this year. https://www.igdb.com/g/8l7

The Division Underground: A new DLC coming soon. https://www.igdb.com/g/f2s

INSIDE: From the creators of LIMBO. A dark and violent game. https://www.igdb.com/g/5ny

We Happy Few: They showed off a new gameplay trailer. https://www.igdb.com/g/732

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game: This will be a standalone release for console and PC. Based on the popular card game that you can play in the Witcher series. Scheduled for a release in September. https://www.igdb.com/g/f0y

Tekken 7: Comes to Xbox One & will include a whole new story mode. https://www.igdb.com/g/5sa

Dead Rising 4: The zombie game got a teaser. Is Frank West making a return? https://www.igdb.com/g/f29

Scalebound: Scalebound will have a 4 player co-op, each player having their own dragon. There will be massive boss fights with huge beasts and other creatures. The game is scheduled for a 2017 release. https://www.igdb.com/g/5o1

Sea of Thieves: They revealed a gameplay trailer for this online multiplayer pirate game. https://www.igdb.com/g/8ld

State of Decay 2: Launches in 2017 as a part of the new Play Anywhere feature. Focuses a lot on co-op. https://www.igdb.com/g/f2t

Halo Wars 2: Launches February 21st / 2017. https://www.igdb.com/g/8xe



Just Dance 2017: Ubisoft’s next dance game is coming to Nintendo NX. The game will have 40 new tracks as well as the new feature “Just Dance Machine”. It’s a feature that challenges you to dance in various ways. Launches this October on many consoles, including PC for the very first time. https://www.igdb.com/g/f32

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Will have 4 player co-op, with each player doing something different / unique in order for the mission to succeed. Releases March 7th, 2017. https://www.igdb.com/g/8mb

South Park: The Fractured But Hole: Matt Stone and Trey Parker came on stage to talk about their new South Park game. While some elements will be the same as the previous games, some features has been changed and updated as well, like combat system. This time it’s all about super heroes. Comes out on December 6:th, 2016. https://www.igdb.com/g/8m1

The Division: The DLC Underground comes out August 2nd on PS4. Will launch first (in June) for Xbox One and PC as a timed deal. If you’re registered to the Ubisoft Club you’ll get 3 new costumes when Underground is released. These are theme based around Ubisoft’s other big franchises. https://www.igdb.com/g/f2s

The Divison will also release a Survival expansion this September: https://www.igdb.com/g/f33

Eagle Flight: A multiplayer VR game. https://www.igdb.com/g/be5

Star Trek - Bridge Crew: A multiplayer game for VR. Each player gets a task to do and they have to work together to succeed. A game for all the Star Trek fans out there. https://www.igdb.com/g/f27

Grow Up: A follow up to Grow Home. The little red robot Bud returns and this time you’ll need to reach the moon by any means. https://www.igdb.com/g/f34

For Honor: There’s a war going on between the vikings, samurais and knights. We got a glimpse of the single player campaign, and how you could play as the viking. He and his crew kept destroying and killing as much as possible while trying to reach the samurai leader. https://www.igdb.com/g/8m2

Watch Dogs 2: A new trailer was shown - hack everything. https://www.igdb.com/g/f01

STEEP: Ubisoft is releasing a new Snowboard game. It has an open world where you can play on your own or side by side with someone else. You’ll also be able to record and share your stunts. https://www.igdb.com/g/f36



God of War: Kratos is back in a new game, harder than ever. But this is a new type of God of War. https://www.igdb.com/g/f3c

Days Gone: This is a totally new IP. It’s an action / zombie game. We also saw a lot of bike riding. You’ll play a guy who needs to find a reason to live even though confronted with tragedy, loss and desperation. https://www.igdb.com/g/f3d

The Last Guardian: The game gets a release date: October 25th / 2016. https://www.igdb.com/g/39

Horizon: Zero Dawn: They showed off gameplay for this game. It’s very vibrant and has a lot of mechanics that you can play with to take down and trick your enemies. https://www.igdb.com/g/8lw

Detroit: Become Human: Look for information, find various ways to deal with a certain situation. You create your own story in this world of AI among humans. https://www.igdb.com/g/b2y

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard: A new game from the RE franchise was announced. It looks like they’re focusing on horror again. It will work with VR and Playstation Plus members can play the demo right now. https://www.igdb.com/g/f3e

Sony VR: Releases on October 13th / 2016 and the price is 399USD. The system will feature 50+ games.

Batman Arkham VR: The Joker (Mark Hamill) spoke about Batman. Batman Arkham joins the world of VR. Releases on October 13th. https://www.igdb.com/g/f3f

Final Fantasy XV VR experience: Yes, FFXV is coming to the VR. You’ll be able to play as one of Noctis's friends, Prompto. We don’t know yet if the whole game is playable this way though. https://www.igdb.com/g/9z

Crash Bandicoot Remastered: Sony & Activision works together to bring back Crash. They’re remastering Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 and Warped. Death Stranding: A game from Hideo Kojima starring Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead. https://www.igdb.com/g/f3g

Spider-man: Ratchet & Clank developers makes a new Spider-man game, exclusively for Playstation 4. https://www.igdb.com/g/f3h

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