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[NSW] Mostly S13, some S14/S15/R32/Z32

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Located in WOLLONGONG. Prices are firm, for pickup.


Very unlikely to post. Don't have time to do the run around. Won't reply to lowballs.


Repaired jap stainless manifold suit SR20DET $50

Gutted cat $20


S13 Silvia + 180SX


S13 manual tailshaft, non-ABS $50

S13 manual gearbox crossmember $20

S13 4 stud rear hubs $50

S13 rear calipers, passenger side needs seals $20

S13 handbrake cables (both sides + front section) $50

S13 rear LCA $40 each

S13 non-hicas rear knuckle $40 each

S13 5 bolt shaft driver side only $50


S13 stock rear arms (camber, toe, traction) $10 each

S13 dash surround $20

S13 mirrors, silver. $30 each

S13 mirrors, black. $30 each


S13 Silvia washer bottle $20


180SX washer bottle $20

180SX rear bar (white) $50


S13 CA18DET stock flywheel. Needs a machine. $20

S13 CA18DET stock radiator $20


S13 SR20 engine mounts $20 each

S13 SR20 alternator $50


S13 SR20DET rocker cover, powdercoated $100

S13 SR20DET AFM "52F00" $50

S13 SR20DET stock flywheel+clutch (and a dead exedy clutch with good pressure plate) $50

S13 SR20DET stock exhaust manifold with heat shield $50 each

S13 SR20DET ignitor module $50

S13 SR20DET coilpack loom $50

S13 SR20DET coilpacks $30 each


S14 Silvia & 200SX


S14 non-hicas rear knuckles $40 each

S14 rear LCA $40 each

S14 ABS ecu $10


S14 S1 SR20DET ignitor module $50

S14 S1 SR20DET coilpack loom $50

S14 S1 SR20DET coilpacks $30 each


S15 Silvia & 200SX


S15 non-hicas rear knuckles $40 each

S15 rear LCA $40 each

S15 ABS ecu $10


S15 SR20DET ADM manual ECU $50


Z32 300ZX


Z32 300ZX headlights $20 each

Z32 gunmetal alloy bonnet $50

Z32 non-turbo 5 bolt drive shafts $50

Z32 2+2 non-turbo manual tailshaft, good for Z32/RB25 box conversions in silvias $50




RB20/RB26 '22020-05U00' ignitor + coil pack loom $100


RB20DET clutch fan $20

RB20DET engine mounts $20

RB25DET clutch fan $50

RB25DET clutch fan *just the CLUTCH* $20




PAIR of Modia Keiichi Tsuchiya wheels $100



rough condition






repaired manifold.jpg


clutch fans.jpg

rb 20-26 ignitor and loom.jpg

rb20 engine mounts.jpg

RB25 fan clutch.jpg

s13 washer bottle.jpg

s14 airbag module.jpg

s15 ABS ecu.jpg

S15 ADM SR20DET ecu.jpg

180 washer bottle.jpg



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