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EOI Mini JCW 2015 swap/trade

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Due to family commitments i want to change into a different car.


I'm interested in swapping my 2015 Mini JCW for a 4 door car.


The Mini was $59000 brand new in February this year when i purchased it.




2015/16 F56 JCW

6 speed sports auto, flappy paddle

2 Ltr turbo 4 cyl

12,000km on the car

3 years of warranty

3 years of servicing included



I would be interested in swapping for a 4 door vehicle it can be around the same value or less than mine, if there is a large gap in each vehicles value then i would accept cash my way.



Some cars i have in mind are;


Audi S3


VW Golf R/GTi


BMW M135i, or other models


Mitsubishi Evo



Happy to hear what offers you have also :)



Genuine inquires only please :)


Car is on the Gold Coast


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