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Kieran O'Connor

Egi Fuel Pump Relay problem HELP!

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So basically my problem is my fuel pump keeps cutting in and out randomly, iv checked my fuse which is all good and iv also swapped my relays so i know the relay isn't the problem either

i can get the car running by bypassing relay number 2 and 5 and my fuel pump stays on but not 2 and 3 which everybody on google says to do and works for them


on my relay number 3 and 5 have a break indicated on the relay which Leeds me to the question of does number 3 need a constant power to transfer power to number 5 when the relay connects that circuit?


Iv checked voltage from the pin sockets on my relay socket

1 - constant 12v with ignition on (ecu power?)

2 - constant 12v with ignition on

3 - nothing with/without ignition on

4 - nothing with/without ignition on (power wire to fuel pump)


all sockets have an earth apart from 3

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